Monday 20th July 2015

Homework drama this afternoon. Jericho’s teacher has given them the new homework requirements for this term, which he thinks are a monumental obstacle to his lifestyle. Actually they sound like a bit, for someone only in grade three, but they’re also the kind of thing that shouldn’t take that much time once he actually sits down and gets to work. Of course, that is the difficult part, just sitting down and getting on with it…the ‘five minutes a page’ turned into half an hour once Jericho had moaned and cried and whined and sharpened his pencil a thousand times and sobbed about how stupid he was. Poor kiddo. He’s a smart boy and it shouldn’t be really all that difficult, I think he’s just incredibly intimidated by it.

Emma also had homework drama. For maths they had to design a house, and then they were given a budget task and had to furnish the house with a certain amount of money. So basically she’s been spending a delightful time recently shopping online. Today however she realised it’s supposed to be done tomorrow and all the budget shopping she’s done has to be collated somehow, so she’s been doing that. Much less drama than Jericho though, since at least Emma likes this activity.

Soren can be so hilarious. He danced his way into his pyjamas tonight, in a kind of reverse striptease…I laughed so much.

My day was nice. I even went for a walk with Luna, which was very good of me- definitely something I need to do more of.

And here is the sweet crocheted top I made, looking twice as adorable now it’s on the beautiful Miss Skyla!

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