Tuesday 17 October 2017

Emma is going to Anglesea on camp tomorrow, so we had to take a quick trip to Big W after school to buy her some bathers. It appears the tankini has completely disappeared…why? As it was, Emma decided she wanted a bikini. I have no particular objection, but I was pretty taken aback when she said so! The first one she tried on was pretty but impractical for doing anything other than posing by a pool, so we moved on to something that might actually cover her boobs if she moves. We bought her shortie bottoms, and she does have a rashguard to go over the top if she gets sunburned.

I hope she has fun. She’s pretty excited – not all her friends are going, but it will be a good chance for her to really get to know some of the kids who are going, and probably get to know some totally new kids as well. She’ll be back on Friday, so I’ll have a couple of days of missing her.

I went out to visit Benita this morning, and just hung out for a while. Cam was home and out spraying gorse, and Ben and I stayed inside talking and playing with the kids. Dempsey is talking more every time I see him; he was doing puzzles today and saying the names of some of the animals. He also got stuck under their deck – there was a support beam running over the top of the little gap that he walked through, and he was just standing there crying with his head jammed against it, not realising that all he had to was bend his knees a little and he’d be able to get free. Poor little dude.

I came home at lunchtime so that Troy and I could get some errands run on his break. We went to Officeworks to collect the photo print that’s going on the wall in Troy’s office, and then we went to Bunnings to look for a bamboo blind for the deck and get some paint.

We chose a colour called ‘grey pail’, which is what we painted our Yarra Glen house living room/ kitchen last September. It looked really good there and we hadn’t really had time to get sick of it yet, so I think it will work out here. I’m going to start with the bathrooms, and then figure out where to go from there.


Monday 16 October 2017

Our outdoor table was delivered this morning, and I built it this afternoon. That sounds more impressive than it actually was, since it was in four pieces and required only sixteen bolts and an allen key to put it together, but assembling furniture always makes me feel so capable.

And I love the table! It’s so big – when it was on display in the store it was styled with armchair style cane chairs, and since we chose regular plastic chairs instead there seems to be a lot of extra room down each side. We had a barbecue and ate outside this evening and it was lovely. I think we might buy a bamboo blind to have at the end of the deck so that no one has to sit with the sun in their eyes, but it’s really perfect otherwise. I love our outdoor deck space, especially at the moment with that creeper all hung over with purple flowers.

I do need to get rid of all the packing boxes that are out there though. They’re stacked behind the couch, so they’re not exactly in the way, but there are so many there that the couch is practically halfway along the deck. I’m going to list them on Gumtree – we bought some off there when we were moving, and it was so much cheaper than all the new boxes that we also bought because of having so much damn stuff!

The little boys and I have started farming snails for Sebastian. There is a big clump of (we think) rhubarb in the side yard and I’ve been harvesting them from the underside of those leaves and keeping them in the little plastic animal carrier. We’re going to feed them and raise them until they’re nice and juicy for Sebastian, who loves them.



Sunday 15 October 2017

Today was another gorgeous sunny day. I’m not looking forward to summer heat, but I am really enjoying this spring.

Not so much the hayfever sufferers in the family. Suburban gardens are full of flowers, and then I decided we should go and get hot chips and rolls and have lunch in the gardens which are (unsurprisingly) also full of flowers. We ate lunch and walked by the lake for a little while, and by the time we left Jericho and Soren were both sneezing into tissues and looking like they’d been sobbing. I felt bad for them, but it was still a nice outing. There were entire swan families swimming around, which were so funny and sweet to watch.

Troy took Jericho and Soren to EB Games this morning, so they could spend some time looking around. They’ve decided they want a Nintendo switch, which may mean a very expensive Christmas coming my way. I mean, the last time we bought them a game system was the Wii we bought when Jericho was three, which they no longer make games for. So wanting a new one is hardly unreasonable – I think we might try and see if we can swing it.

The state of our family computers is a bit of a mess too. The kids’ computer is on its last legs – it will work for about fifteen minutes at a time (conveniently one poker chip’s worth of time) but then freezes or glitches, so it’s pretty useless. We could replace that for a fairly reasonable price, but my computer is becoming increasingly finicky, and replacing that would be a different story. I thought mine might be salvageable though – it’s just that the trackpad doesn’t work properly and the keyboard sometimes does some odd things, so I thought maybe someone can open it up and vacuum out all the crumbs and unstick things, and perhaps that would sort it out. But it’s frozen a couple of times recently and I’ve had to restart it, then my usb ports weren’t working, all of which doesn’t really bode well. God, I hope it doesn’t break – I don’t want a new computer!

I finished crocheting my third hanging basket last night, while watching UFC, so I was able to plant them and even hang them today. When we looked there were already hooks in the beam the runs across the deck, so once Troy yanked on them a bit to test that they were strong enough, it was just a matter of hanging them up. At the moment you can barely see the plants in them, but the crochet looks great! I’m not sure how well they’ll stand up to the constant dampness and exposure, but it’s acrylic yarn which is basically plastic anyway, so it should be okay.

I really enjoy weekends at the moment. The kids are all pretty self sufficient, and doing something like go to the gardens for lunch isn’t the expedition that it used to be when they were younger. They good just to hang out with, and they’re able to stay home and do their own thing if Troy and I want to go out for a bit.


The three crocheted baskets. The final round of crochet was crocheted over the wire frame, so they’re not coming off any time soon.


And hanging up! It will look better when the plants grow I think!





Saturday 14 October 2017

Troy and I are currently watching The Inbetweeners with Nicholai. I love this show, and he is actually old enough to watch it…what the world is coming to, I really don’t know.

Today was lovely and sunny, and just generally nice. Nicholai headed off to cricket early, then Troy and I went down to a big second hand book sale run by Rotary. It was really crowded and busy (both with books and people) and in only the children’s and teens’ book section Troy and I gathered 25 books. Probably one third of the books were for me, and two thirds for the children. If I’d had a trolley I probably could have gone through the rest of the sale and filled it up, but our arms were full and so we paid our $20 (so cheap!) and left.

Nicholai played his first cricket game for his new club today. It’s so handy playing just on the oval next to the school, he walked up there himself in the morning and walked back home when it was all done. Troy and I went to see how he was going in the middle of it, he’s bowled two overs and his team was batting at the time. He didn’t end up batting himself, but his team won and he was pretty happy with it all overall.

Troy and I went looking for an outdoor table setting in the afternoon. We went to Bunnings first, to have a basis for comparison, and then went to Amart since they were having a sale. We wandered around for quite a while, but made a choice pretty easily in the end. The table is metal but looks like wood, which sounds weird but it actually nice, and it’s really big. Bigger than we need for us, but that means we have room to grow and room to invite guests to eat with us. (Although to be frank, we’re not all that social, so who knows).

I also continued to watch Dance Moms and crochet hanging baskets, so hopefully I’ll finish this one off while watching UFC tonight. I really didn’t like the first one I did, so I decided to think of it as an experiment and chuck it so I can make a new one I’m happy with.

Friday 13 October 2017

Why is my reaction to feeling like a somewhat useless person who contributes nothing to society to sit in my chair all day watching Dance Moms and crocheting hanging plant baskets?

I don’t know – I suppose I finished two baskets? And I like them much better than the first one I did, so tomorrow I’m going to rip that all out and do it again.

Anyway, apart from watching tv I did the housework, then walked the kids home from school and went to the library. We went to the one over at the Wendouree shopping centre, to see what it was like – it’s a lot smaller that the main Ballarat library, obviously, but the kids all found books really easily and they had a vast selection of dvds so I’m sure we’ll go back there. At least it’s free to park at the shopping centre, unlike almost everywhere else here.

I don’t think we have any real plans for the weekend. Troy thought that he might take the little boys to EB Games so they can look (they wanted to go today after the library, but we had to just get tea and leave) and we might go and look for an outdoor table. Amart furniture (which is where we got our couches from) are having a 20% off sale on outdoor furniture, and when you want to buy a table 20% represents quite a lot of money. An outdoor dining setting is the last thing on our list of things we needed for this new house, so it will be good to sort it out.

Thursday 12 October 2017

The kids and I had to go to the supermarket on the way home this afternoon and I said they could choose an individual snack, like they used to get every Friday. (A chocolate bar or Mentos or Tic Tacs or whatever). Jericho said, “That’s one of the things I miss most about Dixons Creek, getting good snacks on a Friday. That and my friends…and I’ve made new friends here, but I can’t make new snacks!”

I spent so much money on school clothes today, even though half of it was second hand. Emma remembered to find out about the second hand uniform shop and texted me at lunch time to say that it was open, so I rushed down there so I could make her try things on before the bell rang. It was a lucky that we were able to do it then, because Lowes (which has the uniforms for the high school) was having a 20% off day so I wanted to get what I could second hand and then get anything else cheaper. At it turned out I was able to get two summer dresses and a school rugby jumper for PE at the second hand shop, all priced roughly around half of new items. The school has only recently introduced shirts with an embroidered logo so they didn’t have any second hand, so I had to go to the shop to get Nicholai three short sleeved shirts. I don’t mind that much buying new for Nicholai, as they will be handed down to Jericho and Soren in time. I also had to buy specific socks for the school (grey with school colours stripe for Nicholai, white with school coloured socks for Emma), and eight pairs of those really added up. I also collected the shorts that I ordered from Target for the primary school boys, so I think they’re all set for summer uniforms.

There were snails everywhere on the walk to school this morning. Sebastian the lizard is fond of them, so Jericho and Soren have decided we should collect them and keep them in a container to be fed to him…this does sound rather gruesome, especially when we found a tiny snail and I said we could call him Junior and raise him, and Sorne said, “Yes, raise him for death!”

Nicholai went go-karting with his LGBT group this afternoon. They’ve been out to eat, they’ve been bowling and played laser tag and now gone go-karting – I quite want to join myself.

Wednesday 11 October 2017

There has been so much rain tonight! It’s been quite cosy inside just listening to it, although it is also a little bit lonely because Troy isn’t here. It’s funny how I had to get used to him being around all the time when he started working from home, and now it feels weird when he’s not here.

It was a pretty quiet day today. I went into school with Soren this morning, so he could take in Sebastian to show his class. It was interesting to see his classroom and the other kids and his teacher. They do a whole singing routine when they’re calling the roll! Soren gave a lovely little talk about his lizard and passed him around so that everyone could touch him and have a close look.

I baked some jam drop biscuits this afternoon. I can cook three trays in the over at a time, and the first batch turned out pretty well. I then filled up another tray and put it in the oven, but I guess the oven was hotter or a single tray cooks quicker, because they got a bit burned. The kids were brutally honest about the burned ones not being that good, but they enjoyed the rest of them and said that I should make them again.