Sunday 24 May 2015

A Sunday full of tv and football today. Troy and I managed to squeeze in watching all the episodes we had left of Orange is the New Black, which I really enjoy. Maybe it’s the prison thing, I’m fascinated by prisons. Although it was all disturbingly corrupt this season.

I took Nicholai to his football game. They lost by 130 points or something, and then he came home to a Bulldogs loss too, so it wasn’t the best day Nicholai’s ever had.

I don’t mind going to the football. I watch Nicholai when the ball is at his end (he was a forward today, so that wasn’t really that much to be truthful) and the rest of the time I get to read and write. I take my computer, and without any internet to distract me I get a bit done.

I completely embarrassed myself at the football though. I tripped over a step and crash landed onto this wooden walkway. It was extremely loud and I skinned my shin on one leg and my knee on the other leg and really hurt myself, but I just felt so embarrassed that I jumped up and nearly ran away.

I did a lot of knitting with all that tv watching though. I’m making a little baby set, and I’ve just about finished the cardigan and a hat. I need buttons for the cardigan so I’ll have to go buy some tomorrow. I’m also making a little blanket lovey (mostly because I have yarn left over), but I’ve never made one and don’t really have a pattern so there shall be some improvisation.

Saturday 23 May 2015

Hockey day today. Actually, I felt like a pushy uber-sport mum because Emma’s game started at 9 and so we had to leave home at 7.45. So we drove through the no traffic of early morning while Emma ate her oats in the backseat.

It wasn’t a bad game, although they didn’t win. Emma had a couple of moments of shining skill too, so that was great. She’s mastered the basic skills and she seems to have a good head for the game, but she really lacks confidence. She doesn’t call for the ball even when she’s in the perfect position, and she hesitates sometimes to really get in there, but I think the confidence will come in time. Once she realises her own skill and starts to believe that she can be a valuable team player she’ll be really good.

Jericho’s game was at the same field at 11, so Troy showed up with him and Soren a short time after Emma’s game was finished. Alyssa also showed up at the same time, since we’d arranged to catch up at hockey so she could lend me some stuff for my ‘clothing’ unit in Indonesian. It was really good to catch up, she bought some excellent things for me to use, as well as some tasty bagel crisps to eat and a dvd of Java Heat, a movie starring the ever-delightful Kellan Lutz. So, that’s another shitty Kellan movie I’ll be watching at some point soon, lol. (Why don’t I like someone who makes movies I actually like?)

Jericho’s team didn’t win either, but he played well. Fortunately neither of the children seem to get too bothered by the lack of wins (they’ve both lost all the games), they’re just happy to play and then get lollies at the end.

Once Jericho’s game was over we packed up all our stuff (which is a surprising amount) and then Troy took the kids home while I took Alyssa to her sister’s place. We talked a bit about going to Indonesia together- I think I can make that happen and I am already so wound up just at the thought of it. It will be amazing.

Troy had to go into the office for a few hours this afternoon, so it was just the kids and I at home. I fixed the cushion covers I bought at Ikea. They were too big for the cushions we had (tip- cushions are not any kind of standard size) so I just ran a seam along two sides to make them smaller. I also went through my boxes of fabric and put together a bunch of it for Emma to take to school. The senior girls are making a quilt with the chaplain and have asked for fabric donations- I don’t know if what I had will be of any use but I figure she may as well take it and see.

Now Troy and I are watching more Orange is the New Black, with Soren sound asleep on the floor with Luna curled up asleep against his legs. It’s adorable. He fell asleep while all the kids were watching Kung Fu Panda and I just didn’t really have the heart to wake him up and move the dog.


Friday 22nd May 2015

The children had a curriculum day today, so I had the younger three at home. Nicholai was a little bit miffed about being the only one who had to go to school! Although Emma also felt a little bit ripped off, since today was the testing day for the SEAL program and so she had to spend the morning doing a test anyway!

I took her over this morning, and she was so nervous. As we walked in she just grabbed my hand and held it really tight, and her lip was doing this twitching thing that made me worry she was just about to cry. She was brave though, and went and told the sign in lady her name and took a name tag, and then the two little boys and I said goodbye and she marched off with the rest of the group.

The boys and I then took Luna over to Steve and Jean’s house so she could have her turn with the mobile groomer. Unfortunately they had no power- a balloon had hit the powerlines or something like that, so no dogs could be beautified until that was fixed. We stayed anyway. The boys played on the ipad and the iphone with Steve, and then went and played Lego. I went for a walk outside to look for something photographically inspiring and showed Jean all my Project 365-2015 photos. Then the power came back on and Luna was groomed, being finished just in time for us to go and get Emma, which was all rather convenient.

Poor Luna though- she looks ridiculous. She always does after she has all her cute fluffy fur shaved off! And she was so fluffy this time that it’s a really dramatic change, and it’s kind of hilarious. She was also so totally shivery and pathetic, but at least it justified me knitting her sweaters because she can really use them now. We had the fancy groomer today (the non-fancy groomer is in hospital) so Luna has a pink bow on her collar and smells like lavender.

Emma was happy enough with her test. She said there was a general knowledge one that was okay, a literacy one that was really easy, and a maths one that was quite hard and that she didn’t finish. But she seemed pretty relaxed about it all, so I think she probably did better than she thinks she did. In a couple of weeks I guess we get a letter that will either invite her in for an interview or else say thanks for trying but not this time. Either way is fine with me, honestly. I’m just really proud of Emma for deciding on her own that she wanted to give it a try.