Saturday 25th April 2015

Troy just yelled at Jericho (who is being a total pain in the neck, to be quite honest) and then in the ensuing silence Soren sang the COPS theme very softly, “Bad boy, bad boy, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for you?” It was hilarious.

We’re (trying) to have a family movie night and watch Night at the Museum. However between children arguing and randomly poking each other and occasionally blowing raspberries and a dvd player that just randomly stopped working it’s not the most successful thing ever.

The kids are tired though. We went to Troy’s parents’ house last night for dinner, and for Troy to set up his mum’s new laptop, and we didn’t get home til late. Setting up the laptop took a lot longer than I had actually anticipated, and in the end I drove home with the three younger kids while Troy stayed to finish and borrowed a car to drive home later.

Anzac day today, and a pretty cool and rainy day it was. We went down to the march this morning, and the kids marched through the drizzle with Pop.

They all wore matching t-shirts with the cousins. I think it was Adam’s idea, made with plain t-shirts and iron on transfers. On the front it had one patch that said ‘My family’s centenary of service’ and then another one that said ‘Western Front, Palestine, Tobruk, Kokoda, Borneo, Vietnam, Iraq’. On the back it had six names of people in the family’s history that have gone to war, with the strips of ribbons that they were awarded underneath. There are three privates, a corporal, a Warrant Officer first class and a Lieutenant Commander. It’s actually pretty impressive to think about, and cool that it goes right up to the present day, because Adam’s in the navy.

Not to mention my stint in the school cadets, of course. I wore a uniform, it counts. Ha ha ha!

The service after the march was really long. Because it’s the one hundredth anniversary of the Gallipoli landing it was more elaborate than usual and more people spoke and laid wreaths. At least the rain stopped for that, I guess. The RSL put on a morning tea afterwards, so the kids all ate cake and Anzac biscuits before we came home.

Emma and Soren went shopping with Troy in the afternoon. Emma needed new shin guards for hockey (is that child every going to stop growing?!?!?!?) and Soren had to buy a birthday present for Billy E, since he’s going to his birthday party tomorrow. Billy E is his best friend, and it’s really cute to see how happy they are to see each other every morning. Soren picked out the first two Harry Potter dvds – he knows Billy has read them with his mum but he hasn’t seen them so Soren doesn’t think he has them. Anyway, they bought them from BigW so they have the stickers on them so they can return them if they want to.

So yeah, Soren has a birthday party tomorrow, and Nicholai has football. Haven’t worked out who’s going where yet. Meant to be crappy weather though, so maybe I’ll go to football and just sit in the car and read for a couple of hours.

Although I am not feeling all that kindly towards Nicholai at the moment because he has suddenly become a most obnoxious and belligerent teenager and is arguing with us at every turn! Omg, the drama over him being told he has to have a haircut! (He has completely failed to hold up his end of the growing-hair bargain, which was washing and brushing it…not hard) Then today he was bored and just picking at Jericho and complaining and trying to rile the others up and I told him if he didn’t find something to do, I’d find something for him to do. Guess who wound up cleaning the shower? Guess who also screamed and moaned and wailed and gnashed teeth about it? And guess who is the only person who even uses that shower???

We took Luna with us and she behaved beautifully, but she did end up looking a little bedraggled!

Thursday 23rd April 2015

Well, winter is definitely coming in- I’ve started closing the curtains at night.

I taught today, which went okay. It felt like it took a long time though, because a couple of the classes were doing activities that didn’t require a lot of actual teaching from me- all I really had to do was stroll around keeping them on task.

I also talked to Ellen, which was good. It’s been ages! But it’s nice to hear what she and her family are up to. Although she told me that Jesse’s grade does the same Reading Rainbow thing that Soren has to do, and she is nearly up to 75 nights!!! Soren and I have yet to hit 50 nights of reading- she’s kicking my ass in the Reading Rainbow. (Although Soren and I are on track to get fifty nights of reading in at some point this weekend.)

I had to laugh though, I was telling Troy about this later and how terrible I am at being a reading mother (the Reading Rainbow was the bane of my existence when Jericho was in this class) and he just looked at me and said, “Rebecca, it’s her first kid…how would you have done with the reading rainbow when it was Nicholai?” He has a point- honestly Soren is fourth and it’s lucky he gets any reading time at all sometimes, let alone having me write it all down.

I think I am starting to love knitting cables. It’s very fiddly trying to knit the stitches off the cable needle, but the finished result looks so impressive that it’s worth it. It’s one of those things that looks much more complex than it actually is, so I come across as so much more skilful than I am. I’ve probably knitted about six inches for the dog sweater, so I’ve got a long way to go, but it’s quite a fun thing to knit.

I decided today that I want to chuck out my whole wardrobe and start again. It’s so full of things that I hate but wear because nothing else fits/ things that don’t fit/ things that I can’t throw away because they’re “still good” (thanks for giving me this complex, dad)/ things that I don’t want to throw away because I love them and hope that one day I’ll lose enough weight to fit in to them. I just think it would be simpler to throw everything out and keep only the things that fit me right now and that I feel okay wearing. Which, admittedly, leaves me with about three pairs of pants (that need replacing, the elastic is going because they are all I ever wear) and maybe four t-shirts. And a wedding dress. That’s enough to be getting along with, surely?

The start of my dog sweater. This cable pattern is apparently called a Wexford braid. My twist stitches are a bit dodgy, but the actual cabling part is coming together beautifully.

Wednesday 22nd April 2015

I cleaned my kitchen windows and the screen today. It’s the kind of job I never think of to do, and then I do it and keep staring at the clean glass in wonder and thinking how disgusting I must be to have let it get so filthy that cleaning it makes this big a difference.

But I was feeling a bit disgusting all round really, since one of the children has worms and so I had to go and get some worm medicine so that everyone can be treated. I realise it’s just one of those things that no one talks about but that most people deal with at some point, and that it doesn’t actually mean that we’re all revolting, but even so.

I did some more work in the library this morning. It was good, Jericho’s class came in to do library so I watched that. The more I see of Jericho’s teacher the more I like her- she speaks so well with the children and is just lovely. It’s quite nice to hear all her book recommendations and then listen to the story she reads, ha ha ha.

I rescued some more books from the toss out pile. Not for me, for Lee and her kids. When we were there over Easter she told me that they were reading Babysitters Club Little Sister books, so I found a few and then added some more that I thought they would like. It was great, I could save these books and not be a hoarder myself.

Swimming, hockey and football training this afternoon. Emma and Jericho got their hockey uniforms and were so happy to come home and show me. They looked so cute and sporty! Their first game is on the 2nd of May, and I can’t wait to see them play. Troy says that they’re both doing really well, and both of their coaches have commented to him on how well they’re training and learning. While the truth might be that the kids playing hockey is an expensive pain in the ass, it’s also really good for them and I’m so happy for them to give it a try.