Saturday 29 August 2015

It’s been a quiet, wet Saturday here so far. Jericho had a hockey round robin tournament on, so Troy took him to that. They’d left before I woke up and got back around one. Jericho had a good time and said it was fun, his team won two out of the three games he played so that was a pretty good result really.

We’ve spent the afternoon with the children paying all their poker chips for electronics time, and then doing their own thing. Troy put on Top Gun and is watching that while I’m writing this. It’s one of his all-time favourite movies.

We’re going to Brett’s surprise 40th birthday this evening. It’s from 6 to 10 pm (which seems an odd time for people with small children) at Inflatable World. I feel too old and fat to enjoy inflatable things, but the children are pretty excited about it. I’m probably just cranky that I have to go out of an evening, AND that I have to bring a plate of food. Or maybe I’m just cranky for no reason at all.

Yesterday marked a momentous occasion in our family. Troy and I went down to IGA to buy something for tea, and we left all the children at home alone together. We figured with Nicholai being thirteen and Emma being nearly twelve they are old enough to be in charge of the other two for ten minutes while we went five minutes away. I wouldn’t do it for much longer than that, but damn it felt like a crazy kind of freedom! It’s just a tiny first step on the way to a mutual independence for me and the children, and some more couple time for Troy and I.

I’ve decided I don’t want to do my project 365 anymore. At least for the time being, anyway. It feels like a cop-out, but right now I’m not enjoying it, it’s becoming nothing but a chore, and it doesn’t make me happy to do it. While I’ve done a significant amount of days (239) that still leaves a lot left to do and I just can’t bring myself to care about doing it. So it’s at least on hiatus for now, and we’ll see in a week or two if I feel like getting back in to it.

Thursday 27 August 2015

Emma has been getting more teenagerish lately, spending a lot more time with her headphones on doing secret girl business type activities in her room. (I suspect this is mostly reading, writing, drawing and occasionally dancing). She’s still rather lovely and helpful and pleasant out of her room, and I’m happy for her to hang out on her own if that’s what she wants to do.

The only problem with this state of affairs is Jericho. He and Emma have been best buddies for ages, and have always played together a lot, and I think he’s struggling to get used to being without her more. It’s kind of sad actually, when he’s practically begging her to play with him and she’s just saying no as kindly as she can. She’s not being mean, it’s just that she’s getting more in to doing her own thing. And Jericho has never been the best at entertaining himself, so without Emma to do things with and have ideas he’s a bit lost. I think in time he’ll gravitate towards Soren instead, but it’s just in the mean time I’ve got one pretty anxious and upset boy.

I taught today, which was fine except for the rain that made running from classroom to classroom kind of suck. One of the classes I prepared didn’t really work properly because I downloaded a youtube clip and saved it on my usb, but the computer in that classroom wouldn’t read it properly. In the end I had to get up youtube and just watch it directly. Which sounds like it should be simpler, but it’s never fun having to try and find the right thing while the kids all shout at me about watching other things.

My knitting is more enjoyable now that I’m doing a sleeve. The cable pattern is fiddly but I don’t mind doing that, and it’s nice not to have lots of heavy knitting hanging off the needles like there was by the end of the back. I still wouldn’t say that it’s my favourite knitting that I’ve ever done, but it’s not too bad and the end result will be worthwhile.

Tuesday 25th August 2015

I had a quiet day at home today. I did a bit of knitting and cast on for one of the sleeves of my cardigan. I finished doing the back at last, yay! I decided to do a sleeve next because it has a cable pattern in the centre of it and might be more interesting than the endless straight rows of the back.

We got the boys’ Naplan results back yesterday. They were both excellent. Nicholai’s were mostly off the graph, and Jericho had a couple off the graph too, and the rest were pretty much all in the top 20%.

I’m so proud of Jericho, and I really hope he is proud of himself too and can use this to give him a little boost in confidence. He’s so much better at things than he gives himself credit for.

Troy spoke to the garage today, and they know what’s wrong with our car. It’s about an $800 fix, although if the mechanic can get a second hand part that might be less. So we gave him the go-ahead to get on with doing that, and we’ll talk to him in a day or two about when it will be ready to get picked up. Probably Troy and I will drive there together and then drive back in separate cars.