Monday 2nd May 2016

Troy and I had a real parenting fail moment this morning – we forgot it was a curriculum day and we took the boys to school! Troy took them and when he pulled up in the carpark there were no other cars and the schoolyard was completely deserted. He said they just kind of sat there in surprise and then Jericho said, “Oh yeah, I forgot it’s meant to be a curriculum day. So Troy drove them back home and they got changed out of their uniforms and went on with a day at home!

I was disgusted with myself for this lapse in attention to their schooling, but I was also mildly amused. And to be honest I think Jericho and Soren enjoyed their day more because it was completely unexpected. It was like a surprise gift of freedom and they were giddy with it. They’re getting along so well at the moment too, it’s like they’re friends and they just got to hang out for an extra long time today. They jumped on the trampoline and played with Yu-gi-oh and Pokemon cards and then watched Jumanji. After lunch I let them have some poker chip time too, so it really was like an awesome day for them!

I talked to Twilight girl today over google hangout. Which was really fun – it’s kind of weird to see her as an actual person and hear that accent and all. But I have to say, this is the second time we’ve done this and both times have been on days where I haven’t washed my hair but have just tied it up into a manky ponytail. Which is ridiculous, because if there’s one thing I have to have clean in my house it’s my hair! I hardly ever go a day without washing it, and now the two times I have seen this person that I vaguely want to impress (that could be a losing battle, but I can hope) it’s been gross. Oh well.

I had to ring the doctors’ surgery again today, since I didn’t hear back from them last week about the liver specialist referral. The receptionist just sounded confused, but eventually I think I managed to make her understand what I was after and she said she’d talk to the doctor about it. If they don’t get back to me this time I’ll just have to make an appointment to deal with it I guess, although the doctor said I didn’t have to.

The garter stitch blanket I’m knitting for donation is coming along well. It’s the kind of knitting that would drive some people mad with its endlessly repeating stitch, but I don’t mind it. It knits up fast, especially with the slippery smooth Addi needles I’m using, and it’s going to use up all the stray ends and half balls of acrylic I’ve got, so that’s good too.

Sunday 1 May 2016

We went to the guinea pig show today and it was adorable! Guinea pigs are so funny and cute, and we saw so many different sizes and colours and hairstyles. All the people there breed and show, so each of them had a table where they put their guinea pigs in their cages and we could walk around and see everything. Some of them were in open cages so we could pet them, and a couple of them encouraged the kids to pick one up and have a snuggle with some. We could watch them all go and line up their guinea pigs on the table for judging too, although I honestly have no idea how anyone judges what look like pretty identical guinea pigs to me!

Several of them had babies for sale, which was excruciating – they were SO cute and all the kids kept giving me begging, puppy dog eyes and I was so tempted. But I’ve told Jericho we’ll get them for his birthday and it’s not his birthday yet, so we came away empty handed. As I said to him though, they have a show once a month so we can buy a hutch and have everything organised so that when we go we’ll be all ready if we see some that we want. Jericho says that if he could choose anything he’d choose an Abyssinian, which is a crazy hair guinea pig, and then a rex, which has thick, woolly fur. But he really doesn’t mind, I think he’ll love whatever he finds.

I took Jericho, Soren, Emma and Emma’s friend Brooke with me to the guinea pig show. Nicholai had football, so Troy had to stay home to drive him to that. We took Brooke home on our way back – she seems like a sweet girl and she and Emma had a good sleepover and were absolutely no trouble. They even went to bed and went to sleep at a (sort of) reasonable hour.

Troy and Nicholai were away at the football when we got back (his team was thoroughly beaten), so the kids and I had lunch and then they spent their poker chips and I had a nap in between answering all their questions. It was cold and rainy today, and really the perfect day to wrap myself in a crocheted blanket and stay inside. Hopefully this means winter is really on the way.


Saturday 30 April 2016

Jericho had his first hockey game of the season today. We had to drive to Frankston for it, which is a bit of a hike from here, but it was a lovely sunny day and it was nice driving along, and then sitting in the shade and knitting a sock and watching him. His team were soundly beaten, but Jericho played well and there was some nice teamwork from his team. Jericho’s the oldest and the biggest kid in the team- in general they skew young for an under 10s team I would say. Still, none of the kids seemed to give up and stop trying, so hopefully their hard work will pay off later in the season with a few wins.

Troy stayed home and did the vacuuming while I drove Jericho to hockey, and I can’t overstate how nice it was to come home to a house that was so much cleaner than I left it.

I had lunch when I got home and then I did some knitting while watching Wife Swap with Jericho. He loves it, and I love watching his hilarious facial expressions as he takes in all the rules and funny set-ups of the families on it.

Nicholai did go to the shopping centre to meet up with his girl. We actually ended up having him catch the bus, so it was a real venture into independence for him. I have to admit that I gritted my teeth a bit at the idea of him just hanging around at the shopping centre- teenagers hanging around tend to be obnoxious to the rest of the world, but in the end I just had to trust him to behave himself. And it was just him and the girl anyway, so not a whole gang. Troy picked him up later in the afternoon and when I asked him he told me that they’d walked around a bit and had something to eat and both bought books in the bookshop. He was happy.

I told him to have fun before he left, and when he came home I said I was glad he had a good time. I wanted to tell him so much more though – to be kind to her and true to himself, and that I hope she doesn’t break his heart. But I also wanted to say that she maybe will break his heart, because he’s fourteen and it all matters so much at that age, but that he’ll be okay anyway.

Emma is having a friend from school sleep over tonight. She was dropped off this afternoon and the two of them spend most of the rest of the day outside on the trampoline, jumping and making music videos of themselves on their ipads. I just checked on them and they’re in Emma’s room, lying on her bed and the camp stretcher respectively (right next to each other…her room is small) doing what looked like quizzes on their ipads. I kind of rolled my eyes at the ipad use, but at the same time it made me remember hanging out in my room at uni with Rose’s crate of Dolly magazines and doing all the quizzes in there, so who am I to judge?

Really, I’m glad she’s having a friend over. Her high school friends sound like nice girls, and I want her to feel comfortable having friends over because in a lot of ways I’d rather they were here messing around than somewhere else (like the shopping centre, ha ha ha) messing around. Doing a little driving and putting out an extra plate at dinner isn’t much trouble, and I think it will be good to have at least a passing acquaintance with her friends. The same goes for Nicholai and his friends too – we’ll see how that goes.

Friday 29 April 2016

Omg, Nicholai has a girlfriend! What the what now? How did this happen? Score one for the socially awkward Aspie!

I should probably calm down here. But Nicholai just asked me if he’d be able to go and hang out at the shopping centre for a while tomorrow, and when I asked what he planned to do there he said he was going to hang out with a friend. I asked him who the friend was, and he sheepishly admitted that it was a girl in his class who is “kind of my girlfriend.” Much as I wanted to shriek in excitement and demand details, I kept a very straight face and did not react to this news, just told him that I’d have to talk to Troy about the logistics of getting him to and from the shopping centre. Nicholai went off to bed and I restrained myself from immediately getting on the phone and ringing someone (anyone) in order to discuss this momentous news, and instead came here to write about it in my journal.

It’s just lovely. I know he wanted a girlfriend, so I’m glad it has happened for him. I hope she’s nice. I also wonder if she likes flags.

I don’t know. Nicholai has a girlfriend and Emma has made herself an account on and published a couple of one-shots and talks about her books and characters and ships….who are these grown up children and where did my babies go???

I started a new knitted blanket today, for donation. I decided on a basic garter stitch – just lovely, repetitive, soothing knitting. At least that was the idea, but the first ball of yarn I picked up kept breaking in the middle of rows and it just about drove me mad. But that little irritation was about the worst thing about today, which was generally quite lovely. It did rain all day, but I stayed inside and had a nap which really made me feel a lot better. I did my knitting, got my kids from school and then watched an episode of Wife Swap on youtube with Jericho and Soren. I think Jericho really appreciates our parenting after seeing some of the extremes of discipline and chore-scheduling of some of the parents on there!

Thursday 28 April 2016

Today was such a difficult day. Despite all my planning and best intentions, teaching was utterly miserable. To the point that when I went to the staffroom at recess and while I was talking to another teacher I pretty much said, “I’m the most ineffective teacher that ever taught” and burst into tears. Ugh. It’s so embarrassing, but I honestly couldn’t help myself. Everyone was lovely and supportive, which was good because I was pretty much ready to walk next door and resign. Eventually I managed to pull myself together and then carried on with the rest of my day. Which, since I was apparently in bizarro world, involved the class that is hands down the worst every week and yet they were utterly perfect. It just shows that you never know what is coming up when it comes to teaching.

I felt extra bad because the school is full of student teachers at the moment. They are all bright and enthusiastic and cheerful and I’m sitting at the table in tears because I’m struggling! Still, it’s probably a useful insight for them – you never stop learning or feel like you’ve got it all down as a teacher.

Two people (Troy and Hayley) both kind of suggested that perhaps the 1200 calorie plan I’m on right now is not really that good for me though. I didn’t write about it yesterday, but yesterday ended in a complete disaster – I basically lost my shit when I got home after hockey. I cried while I ate tea, I cried while I watched tv and knitted…I was a mess. Then today I was much the same. So, I don’t know. Hayley said today that when she did light and easy she tried the lower calorie plan and she was just crazy emotional and cranky, so she recommended that I go back to the 1500 that I started with. Troy said last night that he thought maybe it wasn’t enough food, but I was crying too much to even contemplate the idea then. Anyway, I don’t really know either way but I’ve got the 1200 plan this week at least. I’ll see if I adjust or if I keep being an emotional wreck I might try adding in a small snack and see if it makes any difference.

I took Jericho to hockey training tonight. He hadn’t wanted to go earlier in the afternoon, but he didn’t really object when the time came and he had a good time once he was there. He really likes asking me questions about when I was little, so I’ve been telling him all the stories I can remember. He likes hearing about stuff that I did with my sisters, what sort of things we played, what we used to fight about, mean things we did, funny stories. We talked about the shop a lot today, which he thought was pretty interesting. It’s so fun to remember things and make him laugh, and hear his thoughts about it all. I kind of really love that he wants to know my stories.

Wednesday 27 April 2016

Today I hate this diet with a passion. I hate the food and I hate not being able to have any treats and I hate that this is the way it has to be. I hate that I am becoming so obsessed with what I eat. Today it feels all too hard and also like a colossal waste of time and money because I don’t even think I believe that it will make any difference in the long run.

Today was okay, apart from my hatred of my diet. I did my planning this morning and that was quite enjoyable – we’re doing some fun things at the moment. I’m doing a holiday topic with the seniors and over yesterday and today I’ve made cards that have a picture and the name of something you would take on holidays on them. Tomorrow we’ll use them and play Pictionary, and then next week we can play that game where you sit in a circle and says “I went on holidays and I took…” and then adds an object, and has to remember the objects of people who went before. The middle grades are doing maps, so we’ll do a map of a town tomorrow. I had planned for Soren’s class to do the action words again, but thinking about it now I’m not sure that will work – I might change it. I could use the animal slideshow I made today for the prep class, and start a topic about animals. The grade 2s have probably done animals before but we can always do them again. The slideshow I made is about some animals that are native to Indonesia, I made it for the preps but it would work for the other class and we could focus the animal topic specifically on Indonesian animals.

I probably should have thought of all this earlier.

I had craft in the afternoon and I worked on another little cardigan for KOGO. This is my third one and the third pattern I’ve tried – I thought I would test them out and see which one I like best. So far I’ve eliminated the cardigan pattern that involved knitting separate pieces and seaming it all together! The other two are both top down, seamless knits and I like them both.

Emma had hockey training this evening, so I took her to that. I continued being an old lady, with my cushion and my knitting – but really, if I’m going to spend several hours a week at hockey I am going to be as comfortable as possible and get something done, damn it!

The season starts this weekend, so hockey will basically take over my life. Training two nights a week, games on Friday night and Saturday morning. And I hate the way hockey games work in that we have to drive all over the city to get to them. Whoever schedules games just puts them on any ground that’s free, so while you have a ‘home’ ground there’s no guarantee that you’ll get to play there. And we’re certainly not being eased into it this weekend either – Emma is playing at Camberwell at 5.50 Friday night and Jericho is playing at Frankston at 11 on Saturday morning. I don’t even know how all this is going to happen, what with driving and work and the other children.

I’ve also promised to take Jericho to a guinea pig show on Sunday. I’ve told him that we’ll get him a guinea pig for his birthday – he’ll be ten and I think that’s old enough to be responsible for it. I know that at ten I was certainly capable of remembering to give my pets food and water and clean bedding without being nagged about it, and Jericho really loves animals. Anyway, I came across an ad for the Victorian Cavy Association and a guinea pig show they were holding on Sunday so I showed Jericho and he was really excited. So we’re going to go and see all the fancy guinea pigs!

Tuesday 26 April 2016

Jericho and Soren went back to school today after their long weekend, but Nicholai and Emma had a curriculum day and so stayed home. They both spent most of the day glued to their ipads/ computers in their rooms, and I barely noticed they were here at all.

I really had a good weekend at Mum and Dad’s. Benita was staying there with Cam and her kids from Monday night, and they arrived in the morning so we’d be able to spend some time together. My kids really like having a chance to play with all their little cousins. Although I was surprised at how much all three of her kids have grown since I last saw them! So we took our time packing up the car and having lunch and talking, and didn’t get going until about 2. The drive home was fine, we stopped for a snack and then for tea, and got home in time to unpack and go to bed.

Poor Soren wasn’t well though. He spent a bit of the morning lying curled up in bed doing nothing and then fell asleep leaning against Troy on the couch. He had a temperature in the car and slept on and off most of the way home. When we stopped for tea he was so tired he couldn’t even stand up long enough for our order to be prepared – he was leaning against me and he just kind of slithered down to the floor, until I picked him up again. I thought he’d be at home today for sure, but after twelve hours sleep in his own bed he was up as perky and cheerful as ever this morning. So I suppose it will just remain a short, mystery illness.

I’ve done some planning and writing today, as well as dealing with all the washing. I honestly don’t know why there was so much – we did laundry while we were at mum and dad’s, but it’s like I came home with bales of the stuff.

I did remember to call the doctor today to ask about the referral to the liver specialist but didn’t hear back – I’ll have to keep on that.

I took my Light and Easy food with me on the weekend and I managed to stick to it pretty well. I had to eat other food while we on the road, but I was very conscious of what I was eating when I did it. I mean I was eating junk, but I only had a small meal and it was enough, so I guess I have been getting accustomed to a healthy portion size. I went right back to it today though. Three weeks down, seven more weeks to go. (More or less, how long I’m on it will depend a bit on how things are going.)