Tuesday 21 February 2017

My children all hate me and think I treat them like idiots. Which…well, when I say to them, “Take every single thing off that table and put it away somewhere else” and then they don’t do it – what am I supposed to do? Of course I’m going to stand there and point out every single book, pen, paper, figurine and bloody pokemon card that they have failed to remove, since the only explanation is that the children can’t see!

Blah, blah, blah. Parenting is hard.

I even tried to be nice, and took Jericho and Soren to the park to catch new Pokemon after school. It was successful in terms of catching pokemon, but only semi-successful in terms of having fun, since Jericho doesn’t seem able to have fun without making things difficult. It is exhausting to be his mother, but I also think it’s got to be pretty fucking difficult to actually be him.

I didn’t wake up in time to take the children to school, so Troy did it instead. However I also didn’t sleep in, since it must have been only about five minutes after they left that Luna jumped up on my bed and woke me up! I honestly don’t even know what that was about- she’s never been allowed on the bed, but apparently she jumped on to it while I was away once, and then today, so who knows what’s going on in her little doggy mind.

I got up and had a bath and then threw her in it once I’d finished, so I suppose she was probably sorry for waking me up then.

Monday 20th February 2017

After having no internet all weekend (kids were thrilled, let me tell you) we now have it back and it’s better. Broadband. It’s finally available here and Troy organised it while I was gone, so it may actually be the end of all my trials with crappy internet. Time will tell.

(But Netflix! We finally have the capability for streaming! And downloading movies from itunes! Of course our finances may not have that capability, but at least there is an option.)

Emma and Nicholai were followed home from the bus stop by a dog today. When they got home it just followed them right on through the door and then bit Luna! What kind of dog does that? Emma put it on a leash and walked it back to the street, where its owner was looking for it. I was on the way home from collecting Jericho and Soren from school when we saw her walking back, so we picked her up and she told us the story. I actually wish I had seen the owner myself- I wouldn’t have gone off at them, but I would have told them that their dog bit ours. It shouldn’t have been out anyway, but if you know your dog is dog-aggressive you should really take extra care. Anyway, Luna was fine, so that was good.

I am back to my usual routine of being an appallingly lazy human being. I don’t know, I know there’s no big secret to motivation beyond me just getting up and doing something, but even though it’s so simple I still seem to have trouble with it.

Although I was working on the crocheted mermaid blanket, so it’s not so much a matter of not doing anything- it’s a matter of not doing the more useful things that I ought to be doing. I’ve crocheted the fin and I’m pretty happy with it, I think it was worth using the pattern for the fancy fin rather than making do with something less nice. It’s the first time I’ve crocheted a blanket in wool- the blanket itself feels a little scratchy, but the wool itself is lovely to work with. I guess it will soften up a bit with washing and usage.

I really need to go and do some more laundry. It never ends, and it seems like every single morning I’m woken up by children coming in to my room to complain that they have no pants/ shorts/ t-shirts/ dresses/ PE gear because they’re all in the wash.

They’ve released second generation pokemon into Pokemon Go. It’s like the game is all new again, and there are new pokemon for the pokedex every time I turn around. I messaged Lee to see if she had updated it and she didn’t even know about it…I felt like I’d given her a present, ha ha ha.

Saturday 18th February 2017

The glow of homecoming has worn off. Today was horrid, all cranky kids and a house full of people who didn’t seem to like each other very much.

We still have no internet, which the children accepted as graciously as you would expect them to. It’s not our things that are at fault though, instead it’s a company issue that is apparently going to negatively affect our internet for a while. We don’t expect to have it back before Monday, and then there are further planned outages. So that is going to make life difficult.

Jericho and Soren are having a campout in the backyard tonight. I have no idea what prompted this, but Jericho asked and there was no reason to say no so Troy set up the tent for them. They’ve come inside twice since they went to bed, but it’s been a little while since the last time so I’ve got my fingers crossed that they’re asleep. At least this campout made Jericho happy- he did not have a good day.

Friday 17th February 2017

I have had no internet all day, which is always an infuriating state of affairs. There is no explanation for this either- we simply have no internet access on any of the computers and tablets in our home. I’m using my phone as a hotspot to access it now, but it’s still frustrating.

It did have a bit of a silver lining in the fact that I spent most of my waking hours watching Roseanne and crocheting, since I couldn’t mess about on the internet. I’ve got half the fin made for the mermaid tail blanket, and it’s pretty! Although I have to say, while I love making things for other people and giving them away, it always adds a little extra panicked second guessing on my part as I make it- is the right colours? The right size? The right wool? Do they even want it anyway?

I did sleep a little bit though. I’ve never been as tired in my life as I was when I got home on Wednesday, and I’m still trying to get over it.

It’s been good to be back home with my family. The little boys are glad to have me back, loved their gifts, have enjoyed looking at my photos and were incredibly impressed with the new pokemon I caught/ evolved in Indonesia. Nicholai seems a little morose though- not because of me coming home (I hope, anyway), but I think the start of school this year has not been enjoyable for him. Emma stayed home from school yesterday to rest and recover, but went today and was happy with how things went when she came home this afternoon.

Troy is happy I’m home, and I’m so glad to be back with him. I keep thinking about how amazing he is. I mean, I left for two weeks, he paid for it all and did everything he could to help me with it, he stayed home and worked and looked after the boys and didn’t act like it was any big deal. He is truly the most unselfish and supportive person I have ever known.

I went in to school with Jericho and Soren yesterday morning, so they could both show me their classrooms and where they sit and what they’ve been doing. I did feel pretty bad for missing the start of the school year, but I think they forgive me.

I talked to the other teachers too, and I’m going to increase my teaching time this year. The prep/1 class and the 2/3 will still have half an hour, the grade 3/4 will have 45 minutes and I’ll do an hour with the 5/6 class. I think it will work really well having some extra time with the older kids- it will be much better for doing work like translations that need more time, and it will make doing ‘project’ type work (like the brochures and stuff we did last year) a lot easier.

I’ll also be using a different room this year, and it will be purely the Indonesian room. I’ll actually have permanent tables, ha ha ha. So it’s really rather perfect that I bought all those posters while I was over there, because now I have a room for them to decorate.

I will start teaching next week, but instead of regular classes I’m going to do two one-hour presentations on my trip, one for the seniors and one for the juniors. It will mean I’ll have more kids at a time, but it also means that they’ll get to see an hours worth of pictures instead of half, and I won’t have to repeat the same thing four times. So between now and next Thursday I have to go through nearly one and a half thousand photos and put together a collection of things that the kids will find interesting or enjoyable or funny. (Although I do realise that nothing else will compare to the hilarity of me being bitten by a monkey at the monkey forest). Actually, Jericho and Soren are being quite helpful with this, since as we’re looking at the photos together I can just make a mental note of everything that they like and go with that.

There is so much I get out of a trip to Indonesia, but I think one of the best things about this one is how much it has inspired me in regards to teaching and my own learning. I’m really determined to continue doing the good planning and units of work that I did last year, and I am also intent on reading my books and learning as much as I can as well.

Wednesday 15th February 2017

I’m back home.

I haven’t really slept since 5.30am on Monday. Time is beginning to lose all meaning.

There was no drama with our flights last night/ today. I didn’t really get to sleep, and in the resulting delirium of exhaustion Alyssa tormented me with her puppet until I laughed so much I choked and then snorted orange juice and pancakes out of my nose in McDonalds. I swear she’s channelling something when she’s moving that creature.

We reached home about 4.30. I had one of the most satisfying showers of my life, and then had to wait for everyone to be at home so I could hand out gifts. I may not have bought Jericho the puppet I had said I would buy for him, but he loved his ‘No prob-llama’ t-shirt and the Indo Lego sets, and Soren was very happy with that too. Nicholai was a little less enthused about his t-shirt, but he was a bit off generally- a change in routine usually does that to him, and Emma and I getting back was enough to throw him off I guess. And Troy laughed and appreciated the Circle-K branded thongs I bought for him, so really it was a very pleasing result.

It’s nice to be home.

I really love Alyssa for my time in Indonesia though. It was a unique and wonderful way to see it, and she was utterly amazing. We spent two weeks together basically 24/7, and I would not hesitate for one moment to do it again. I am so, so grateful to her.

Tuesday 14th February 2017- Day #15

I’m fifteen hours into my journey back home, sitting on the floor in the departure lounge at Denpasar airport, feeling incredibly grungy and kind of sorry for the people who will have to sit near me on the flight!

We had to leave by 6am this morning to be sure to be at the Yogya airport in time for our flight, so it was a really early start. Traffic was good though and we got there with lots of time, so there was no stress. I said thank you to Alyssa’s mama and bapak and managed to say that I loved meeting Alyssa’s family (in Indonesian) but I felt like I should have said more- they were so absolutely lovely.

Flight from Yogya to Denpasar was quick and easy- it’s only about an hour. And so pretty, I asked to get the window seat this time since Emma had it on the way over so I got to look at it.

After the early start, we’ve had the laziest day imaginable, just loafing about the airport until our flight leaves at 10.30pm or something. We ate a lot of junk, bought more books at the bookshop and then had to rearrange and repack our luggage to fit it all in, watched some Degrassi, played a LOT of Pokemon Go, played on our phones (we’re all playing Word Cookies and Word Cats), played with Alyssa’s puppet (she has some serious puppeteering skills, trust me), played an Indonesian board game thing, and laughed ourselves sick over stupid stuff…we’re all REALLY tired.

I am so ready to be at home.



Monday 13th February 2017- Day 14 #2


Emma at the mushroom restaurant we went to for dinner last night.


Alyssa and Emma applying wax to their batik.


Soaking it in dye.


They have a lot of really great street art here in Yogya, this one is Mt Merapi.


We had to cross this road. I am starting to work out how the traffic works here.


This whole underpass was painted.


A monkey army.


The fancy mall- every single surface was decorated.


This is the side view of the house that I’m staying in. That window at the top right is our room.