Project 365-2015: Day 187

Project 365-2015: Day 187 – Cookie and Friends
Luna found herself a cosy friend to snuggle up with on the heating vent today. Cookie looks a little bit less than impressed though.
(And that Cookie Monster was given to Nicholai for his first birthday, twelve years ago, and still works as well as it ever did. His longevity is astounding, given the treatment he has received!

Monday 6th July 2015

Things I am sick of hearing about – The Ashes, sport, micronations.

Things Nicholai will talk about – The Ashes, sport, micronations.

You can see the problem here.

Soren was up a lot last night, since he didn’t feel well. He had an earache, and then later it was just general misery. He slept on the couch for a little bit, and came into our room a couple of times too. I felt so bad for him, especially when he came in and asked if it was morning yet, and we said no. He burst into tears and sobbed, “What a terrible time! First my ear hurt, and now the night is just going so sloooowly!”

Poor baby. Even this morning he just lay around and then I convinced him to lie down in my bed with me and he fell asleep in about a minute and slept for two hours. His ear is also all crusty, which makes me think that his eardrum ruptured and is now draining outward. But the fluid is clear and he doesn’t have a temperature, so I think he’s doing okay. A good nights sleep tonight should do wonders for him.

Sunday 5th July 2015

Troy and the boys and I are all in the loungeroom watching tv. Emma is off in her room, listening to music on her iphone and reading Twilight. It’s hilariously teenager-ish of her, and I’m wondering if this is the way it’s going to be more and more often.

Emma’s iphone is a very new acquisition for her. During the week Troy’s dad upgraded his phone and gave us his old iphone3. Since Emma’s mp3 player recently died (her mp3 player which was actually her grandma’s old ipod shuffle) we did a factory reset on Steve’s phone, installed itunes and put all her music on that today. It’s not set up to be a usable phone for her, but it will play her music for now and we might get a sim card for it when she needs a phone for high school next year. Anyway, that made her very happy today, she’s missed having her music for a while.

It was a lazy day today. Troy fixed up the phone and Emma put her music on it, we all kind of lounged around and did nothing much. Fortunately we had some sunshine and the trampoline dried off so I could send the children outside to jump on it, since the three younger ones have all been crazy lately. Especially Jericho.

I made a couple of candles. I’m reusing the jars, so today I had to clean out the used ones of the old wick holders and ends of wax, which was much easier than I thought it might be. I love the way making candles makes the whole house smell delicious. It’s a pretty easy process too, and so much cheaper than buying them- I love being able to have a constant supply of scented candles.

I finally finished the little knitted overalls! Emma and I did the dying yesterday, so today I sewed the little rainbow buttons on to them. They’re really cute, in a very hippy-dippy homemade sort of way, so I don’t know…do you like that kind of thing Benny? They’ll look super cute on a roly poly little Ben-and-Cam-baby!

I’m dreading tomorrow. Troy goes back to work and I’m at home with all the children and their craziness. Plus, I have to make phone calls and I hate talking to people on the phone.

Saturday 4th July 2015

The amount of money we spend on my medications is staggering. It takes me twenty minutes to get out all the medication I need for the week and pop it out of the blister packs and organise it in the pill box. I’m like an old person. A very poor old person, who spends all their money on medicine! And I’m taking less now than I was! I realise that it’s impossible, but damn I wish I could just throw the whole lot away and not worry about it ever again. Imagine a life with no medication side effects. Of course, for me a life with no medication side effects is also a life shadowed by suicidal depression, so I suppose the risk/benefit analysis is always going to come down on the side of meds for me.

Today was a Saturday with no hockey, since it’s the school holidays. I was glad for this anyway, and then most of the morning the sky pouring with rain so I was even happier that we got to stay home.

I dyed the knitted overalls, and I think they’re adorable. I’d already dyed the top half yellow and today I dyed the bottom half blue, so there’s a nice blending greenish colour in the middle. I just need to let them dry and then sew on some rainbow buttons and I’m done.

The kids continue to annoy each other as sport and entertainment, which is driving me mad. Nicholai and Jericho are IMPOSSIBLE.

I’m stupidly stressed and mad at myself at the moment, because my vivosmart wristband is starting to crack on the band. This shouldn’t be a problem because I have a warranty for it- except I can’t find it. I’ve looked in the places where it should be, I’ve looked in the places where it could be, and I’m coming up empty. I don’t even really know where else to look, and every time I think about it I have that hideous stressed feeling because there is absolutely nothing I can do about it if I can’t find the receipt and warranty. The band is going to break and I will have wasted a very expensive gift because I can’t organise my life.