Saturday 17 June 2017

SO MUCH PACKING. So many boxes…why do we have so much stuff???

We’re at Steve and Jean’s house now, and I’m so tired – today was really long day. Troy spent his day out in the shed, and I worked on the house. I stripped all the beds and packed doonas and pillows, and put all the bed linen through the washing machine and dryer. Then it was just a matter of staying in one room until it was packed, throwing stuff in the skip or putting it in the box for donation as necessary.

Nicholai and Emma were asked to pack up their own rooms as much as possible, and they did a pretty good job. Jericho and Soren helped me sort things in their room, and all four of them pulled the trampoline apart and tossed the bits in the skip. They also had to pack bags with the clothes and toys that they’ll need for the time that we’re going to be here at Steve and Jean’s.

I think we got a lot done, although it’s hard to maintain a realistic perspective. It just feels like there’s still so much to do.

I am such a mess though. Everything hurt so much all day, and by the time we quit and came over here I was so done that I just sat in front of the fire and cried. I hate feeling so pathetic.

At least I know we’re getting close to the end. Tomorrow we have to finish packing up, then we’re moving on Monday and after that the pressure is off. I just have to survive until then.

Friday 16 June 2017

Today has been an extremely depressing day of hobbling painfully around trying to pack. I hurt SO MUCH. One of my knees is about twice the size of the other, which is already more swollen than normal. I didn’t notice at the time (too caught up in not dying of agony over my knees and legs I guess) but I wrenched my shoulder in the whole debacle too. Everything hurt so much last night that I couldn’t sleep, so I had to get up and take some panadol and wait for it to kick in before I could even stand to lie down, so I am completely tired and demoralised today.

So all things considered I really didn’t get as much done as I should have today. I packed the little boys’ Lego and armoury, and the stereo and the x-box and a few other random things, but that was about it.

I am also annoyed that the cat carrier and litterbox that I bought off ebay didn’t arrive, even though it was supposed to be here today. Since it now won’t arrive until some time Monday, I will have to go and buy a litter tray since the cats will need to be locked in from about 8.30am Monday morning.

We did get a skip today though, and that’s good. We have some furniture that will be getting tossed, but there is also just a heap of rubbish that’s being unearthed as we pack, and so the skip will take care of all that.

Thursday 15 June 2017

A big day today- we collected our keys and went and played in our new house!

Our plan had been to just collect the keys and then go to our interview/tour at the high school. We left home early though, and so after we’d collected our keys (and the gift basket of wine and lollies) we had a bit of time and so we went for a walk up the street. It was such a beautiful sunny day that Ballarat was definitely showing up nicely, which was great because we were all, “We nearly live here!”

I was so impressed by our visit to the high school today. We met with the principal and he told us all about the school and the programs they offer and how everything is organised. He even tailored what he was talking about to Nicholai and Emma’s interests, based on what I had told him about them when I rang to arrange this meeting. He was so positive about the school, and that has made me feel really confident in this choice. I really appreciated how much time he took to show us around, and get Nicholai and Emmanuella feeling comfortable about starting. He told them exactly what they’ll need to bring, and exactly where to go and who to ask for on the first day, and then made sure on the tour to orient them to those buildings. They have some really good facilities there, and a big range of subjects and electives. I was probably most impressed by their sort of pastoral care program- the school is big but each student has a teacher assigned to be their ‘mentor teacher’ (best way I can think of to describe it) and that’s who they go to if they need anything, and who Troy and I would contact if we had any questions or concerns about our kid. The teachers have about fifty children under their care for this, so it sounds like there’s a lot of oversight. Really, the whole time there just gave me a lot of hope that this is going to be a really good thing for the kids.

Although I did have the most excruciatingly embarrassing moment there, because I fell down some stairs! We were going down a concrete flight of stairs when my ankle basically didn’t hold me up as I stepped down, and so I just went crashing down several steps. I was so mortified as the children all went “ooohhhh!” and the principal turned around and I was just collapsed on the stairs, trying to pretend that I was not in agony. I managed to stagger to my feet ,but I was so embarrassed and in so much pain that I spent the rest of the tour wishing it would end!

I’ve hurt myself though. I managed to skin my knees and shins through two pairs of pants (I was wearing my cargo pants with my Aldi thermal pants underneath) and there are massive bruises under the scrapes. My knees are especially bad- they hurt all the time, and hurt worse when I walk or put any pressure on them (even just the tightness of the thermals when I cross my legs is uncomfortable). So frankly I don’t know what’s worse, the actual injury or my sheer embarrassment.

Once we were finished at the high school we drive straight to our new house, where the (extremely patient) welcoming committee of Benita and Winnie were waiting for us with lunch. We went inside and went through the house, opening up all the drawers and cupboards and arranging imaginary furniture and playing in the backyard, and then we ate lunch and pretty much continued to do that.

The house is just so big. I still have trouble accepting this concept of a house that is big enough for everyone to have their own room!

I have to say though, a whole day of family togetherness is kind of exhausting. If I have to listen to any more games of kiss/marry/kill I’m going to kill someone myself!

Wednesday 14th June 2017

Settlement went through with no problems today, so we now own a house in Ballarat!

We’re going to pick up the keys tomorrow morning, before we go to our appointment at the high school. Once we’re finished there we will grab something for lunch and call Benita, as she and the little kids are going to be our first visitors (in a house that has absolutely nothing in it). I have packed a shopping bag with toilet paper, soap, plastic cups, a notebook, pen and measuring tape to take with us, so that we can measure a couple of the rooms and decide what furniture goes where, and direct the movers that way on Monday.

Yesterday Soren randomly came up and gave me a hug and said to me cheerfully, “A hug a day keeps the sadness away.”


Tuesday 13 June 2017

I woke up with my hands pretty stiff and sore after doing so much packing yesterday, so I spent most of the morning watching prison documentaries on youtube, which I find oddly soothing.

It was ‘Significant Persons Day’ for the year 8s at the high school today, so after lunch I went up to that. The kids have been doing a cross curriculum project on a significant person in their life, and today was a chance to show it all to their significant person now that it’s put together. They did a presentation where a few kids read out their significant person essay, then they showed a video of drama kids using ‘physical language’ to tell a story about the emotions associated with their significant persons. The the significant persons who were there were invited to go and look at the essays and art projects, and the kids could come and find their person to show them around. (And eat the provided refreshments, must to Emma’s glee!)

Anyway, I was Emma’s significant person and it was lovely to read what she wrote about me and see the ceramic figure she made of me. It’s really kind of quirky and funny- I look a bit like a Simpsons character. She is just such a strong and compassionate person now, and I am so proud.

I packed a little in the afternoon and got so stressed about Jean coming over to talk about when we live there that I took some Ativan. There were no big dramas with this though, basically we were just establishing who will be where for the first couple of days so that we know who has to buy food for which people at what meals.

I’m going to spend my first night at the new house alone! Troy is working that day, so I will go to our house early to shut up the cats and be ready for the movers. Once they’re mostly loaded I will pack the cats and drive to the new house so that I can be ready there to let them in and direct them in unloading the truck. And once it’s done I’ll just be there by myself!

I’m not all that fussed it about actually- I’ll be so tired I won’t have the energy to be scared, and I have sleeping tablets if it’s too hard to settle down. Troy will drive up on Tuesday morning after he’s dropped the kids at school, and I’ll drive back Wednesday morning so I can meet my friends for craft and take Jericho and Emma to hockey training.

It feels like we got a lot packed on the weekend though. Troy sorted through a lot of stuff that needed his attention, which was good- he’s not fast at packing, but he just keeps plodding along.

I finally scored a bookshelf for Soren on ebay that turned out to be rather larger and nicer than I was expecting- frankly I want to take Emma’s desk and this lovely bookshelf and make myself a study!

We sold Emma’s bed on ebay, which I’m really glad about. We didn’t need it anymore, but the idea of just throwing it into the skip seemed obscenely wasteful. We’ll have to organise a time for them to come pick it up. The entertainment unit will see (the auction ends Saturday), and that takes care of the furniture that is still good but that we don’t need.

Sunday 11 June 2017

It feels like it’s just all about packing at the moment. Either I’m packing things into boxes, or organising in order to pack more things into boxes.

Today was pretty productive though. Emma and I filled another box from her room, so there’s really not that much left in there. I packed up Jericho and Soren’s books, and made a start on packing Nicholai’s footy records. I packed the last of the books in the library, and packed a chunk of the scrapbooks. I went through all the old schoolbooks that have been unearthed in Nicholai and Emma’s room and tore out some pages to save in their file boxes, tore out the blank pages for drawing paper, and put the rest in the recycling. Troy packed up all his watches and watch magazines, as well as some things from the wardrobe and the study. Jericho and Soren made a start on packing up their Lego too, which was good- both of them seem to really hate the idea of packing up all their things and always get cranky about it, but they did a good job today.

We also had someone come by to pick up the armchair that we were giving away free- the ad has been up for ages without anyone wanting it, so I had pretty much given up and thought that we’d just have to throw it in the skip, but then this person messaged last night and came this afternoon to collect.

We’re also giving away a futon sofa bed (that we got free from the neighbours a while ago), and we have Emma’s bed and now our entertainment unit listed for sale on ebay. We’re not having any luck with Emma’s bed, but the tv unit already has a bid on it so at least that will sell – it doesn’t really fit in our new house, so we really just need to get rid of it.