Friday 13 July 2018

I took the three boys to get their hair cut this morning. Ugh, that’s an experience that’s not fun. None of them actually want to get their hair cut, and none of them can really describe what they actually want their hair to look like either – saying “I don’t want X” is of very limited help really when they’re sitting there in front of someone with scissors! So they all wind up with haircuts they don’t really like and no one is happy. In the end it has to b done – I’m happy for them to choose their own style (in fact I wish they would!) but I don’t want them looking unkempt and neglected and so until they start doing whatever it takes to style it and having an actual positive opinion of what they want, I’m going to keep dragging them to the hairdresser and getting them to neaten it up.

We went to the walk-in haircut place that we’ve used before, but the wait was crazy today. The hair cuts are good though, and it’s cheap. When we were finally done we went to Kmart and bought Nicholai some more t-shirts and went to the supermarket for lunch and dinner things, and by the time we got home the morning was gone.

I’ve finished crocheting the llama head. So far mine looks a bit goofier and more hilarious than the adorable one in the pattern, but I’m hoping it comes together a bit more once it has ears and a neck.

We finished watching The Inbetweeners show with Emma and Nicholai tonight – Emma appreciated her introduction and found it all kind of funny, so it was really fun to watch together.


Thursday 12 July 2018

I took the boys to the Mill Market this morning (Emma stayed home and made more origami- her room is beginning to look like a paper flower garden). Nicholai loves it because it’s full of records and cds, and Jericho and Soren like looking at all the toys. Nicholai bought a cd and Soren bought some YuGiOh cards and Jericho suffered a great deal of angst over the choice but decided to keep his money for another day. We also bought Alby a present for his birthday on Sunday that I hope he will like, so that was good.

I think it’s pretty fun to look at antique and vintage stuff in general, but I admit to being disappointed in the lack of pony books. I suppose I have to realise that it’s now twenty years after Rose and I were constantly hunting them out in the op shops around university, and they’re turning into proper antiques and becoming much harder to come by.

Besides, it was absolutely freezing in there today. It’s a giant uninsulated tin shed, and it was zero last night and probably very little warmer than that when we were looking around in there this morning. When we left it was 8 degrees (according to the car) and it felt like walking into warmth as we left the market shed!

I’ve started crocheting a stuffed llama for Jericho for his birthday. Lee sent me a link to the pattern and it’s the cutest yarn llama I’ve ever seen so I thought it would be a fun thing to surprise him with…kind of regretting it because the pattern stitch is the slowest thing I’ve ever done, and absolutely gobbles up the yarn! His birthday is not until the 29th, but I think I’m going to have to make a concentrated effort to work on this a lot whenever he’s not around so it will get done.

Tuesday 10th July 2018

I swear I want to ban my children from the internet. It can be such a toxic place and they do things that they just shouldn’t and make life so much more difficult. And just when I think that we’ve talked about it so much that all the safety talk must be sinking in, I’m casually informed that Nicholai met up with an internet person last weekend while he was in Melbourne to catch the train home after his football commentating. Which, okay, meeting up with internet people in real life is not something I would have said no to, but the first rule of it is LET SOMEONE KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!!! LET SOMEONE KNOW WHO YOU ARE MEETING AND WHERE YOU ARE MEETING THEM AND WHAT TIME YOU WILL BE DONE!!! I mean, that is basic personal safety 101 of ways to NOT be kidnapped, raped and murdered! And after all I’ve said to them all…why do I bother talking at all, seriously???

I went to the doctor today about my stomach pain. I asked her about the possibility of it being gall bladder related and she seemed to be under the impression that I had had an ultrasound at the hospital that ruled that out, which didn’t happen. Once that was established she wrote me an ultrasound referral and said we’ll wait and see what that says before we start adding in more medicine or looking into scoping my stomach. I called for an appointment, and now have a two and a half week wait for that. The pain is not terrible and I’m not going to be suffering intensely for weeks while we establish what it is or anything, but it’s uncomfortable at best and it hurts at worst and honestly I’m feeling a bit let down by the whole medical system today.

Emma went to the trampoline place with her friend Laura this morning. It was an expensive morning for her ($28 for two hours, plus $2.50 for a pair of specific socks!) but she had a great time.

I dropped her off and then took Jericho to Naomi’s house, and I hung out there talking to Inbal for a while. He stayed there while I went home for lunch, and then I picked him up after my doctor appointment. He and Naomi made some lemon slice and watched Netflix and did computer things, and Naomi played all the video game and tv show theme tunes that she knows on the piano – she’s pretty impressive. Inbal said that Jericho seemed really cheerful and was very chatty and sociable even with her and Leah, so that was good to hear.

Monday 9 July 2018

I seem to have lost most of my knitwear. I lent my fingerless mitts to Emma at the shortest lunch and she seems to have adopted them permanently, and then I gave my scarf to Jericho on Saturday at Werribee Zoo and he’s been wearing it ever since. I don’t really mind, really I just love seeing people wearing what I knit – even if they pinched it from me!

Troy, Nicholai and I are all currently introducing Emma to the hilarity of The Inbetweeners. I just find this show hilarious, even though I also feel like I shouldn’t think it’s as funny as it is! Emma is laughing though, and Nicholai is enjoying it greatly. I think he actually really loves it when he can share something he likes with the others, since they are often not all that interested in his obsessions. Although he’s had some success with getting Jericho to like some music that he does, so it’s not all a lost cause.

We went on a trip to JB hi-fi today, to buy the next season of the Simpsons since we’re watching it as a family, in order, and we’ve just finished season 9. It’s kind of started to get worse, admittedly, but we’re committed to seeing this through I guess. Anyway, going today was excellent timing, because they were having a ‘buy 2 get 1 free’ on tv seasons. Jericho, Soren and Emma also took advantage of the sale and pooled their money to get three seasons of Avatar, the last Airbender, so that will give them something to watch on weekend mornings for a little while.

Sunday 8 July 2018

We went and had tea with Benita and her kids tonight. We just had fish and chips on the loungeroom floor, it was lovely, but it was so funny to just be sitting there in two matching family units. It’s always weird to see them and think that it’s just like what we used to be like when our kids were little, although it’s probably weirder for Benita to look at my kids and see what’s coming when hers are all big and filling up the loungeroom furniture and being greasy and teenager-ish!

We had a pretty relaxed day at home today, apart from our dinner out. We went to Werribee Zoo yesterday, so there’s at least one interesting activity that the kids can write about in their back to school “What I Did on the Holidays” essays.

Friday 6th July 2018

These are really not the greatest school holidays. No one seems like they’re in a good mood, or enjoying anything, and there’s so much angst and misery and drama going on. It’s all going to work out, but it makes it awkward to journal here so that’s why I’m kind of quiet at the moment.