Friday 8 December 2017

Jericho’s room is all painted green now. It still smells pretty strongly of paint so he’s spending tonight in Soren’s room, but he’ll be back in it tomorrow. It looks good- the beige really was kind of drab and dismal for kids’ rooms, and the colours make it look a lot more cheerful.

We watched Edward Scissorhands tonight. Last time we went to the library Jericho borrowed a book called ‘101 Movies to Watch Before You Grow Up’, and has been going through it. He’s seen lots of the movies on the list (lots of Disney and Pixar ones) and has started making a list of the ones he hasn’t seen but would like to. The Princess Bride was one, and we borrowed that from Benita and watched it last weekend. Edward Scissorhands was another, and so when I saw it at Kmart yesterday for $9 I bought it. The kids really liked it, and I enjoyed watching it again. It’s pretty fun rewatching movies from my childhood with the kids and getting their take on it. I think I’ll have to get Jericho to write down his list and see what else we can find.

Jericho and Soren had a walkathon and a mini-fete at school today and had a great time. They had to walk for two hours, and then the fete was after that. We gave them each ten dollars to spend, which was plenty apparently – as Soren gleefully told me, “It was all dirt cheap!” They bought lemonade and ice cream and cupcakes, and came home with a couple of little Pokemon toys, so it was a good day.

There was a note from school saying that parents were welcome to come and walk with their children during the walkathon and support the mini-fete, but when I thought about it I was kind of startled to realise that both Jericho and Soren are old enough that they would really prefer to just go round with their friends. So I stayed home and painted.

I forgot to write this yesterday, but when I was leaving to take Jericho shopping I told Emma we were going and that she had to look after Soren if he needed anything. Soren had followed me into her room and he said, “You’re my babysitter!” Since he’s been reading the Babysitters Club books I asked him whether she was Kristy, Claudia, Mary Anne or Stacey. Soren shook his head sadly and said, “No, she’s from the Babysitters Agency…she doesn’t pay any attention to her charges.” This totally cracked me up, and then Emma was pretending to be offended and I said, “Shut up Liz Lewis” and she cracked up too. I don’t know, the whole thing was such a funny little joke, and I’m so tickled by Soren reading the BSC anyway, it was lovely.

Also in connection with yesterday Troy has sorted out all the insurance stuff for my stupid parking accident, although we won’t get the van fixed until February because the panel beaters is pretty booked up, what with holidays and all.

And Emma apologised for being such a brat about eating the peas and I apologised for yelling. I said that she’s a big girl and needs to be responsible about taking care of her health by eating properly and she agreed and said she would try, so that was good. She’s such a sweet girl, and she really is getting so mature…was quite a shock to see her behaving like a two year old again!

Nicholai got 100% on his maths exam. He also voluntarily came and sat in Jericho’s room while I was painting and talked to me for about five minutes, which is unusual enough to be worth remarking on.

I’ve found a pair of lizards to buy, after much searching around. I’m going to pick them up tomorrow- yay.


Luna has found a new place to curl up- on the Santa sacks under the tree. 


Thursday 7 December 2017

I hit another car in the Stocklands’ carpark today. Scraped their back corner and my front corner- I feel like such shit. There was a teen girl in the car at the time, who probably thought I was some kind of crazy person as I knocked on the window, no doubt looking wild eyed and horrified, but fortunately the owner of the car returned almost right away. Anyway, she was understanding about it and it will all get worked out, but it’s just another episode of me being a disgrace.

It’s things like this that make me never want to leave my house.

I had Jericho with me, since we were going shopping to buy a birthday gift for a party that he has been invited to on Sunday. Last time I hit another car I also had Jericho with me, so perhaps he is a curse. Anyway, he wanted to buy one of those pop vinyl figures for his friend and we managed to find the exact one he was after so that part of the trip was a success.

And then at tea Emma refused to eat any peas and I yelled at her, which I do feel bad about, but at the same time….you are fourteen, not three! After everything else today, the last thing I felt like I could deal with was a teenager behaving a toddler.


Wednesday 6 December 2017

I finished Soren’s blue room today, with NO paint left at all – second coat was kind of skimpy in places actually. But it looks lovely. Soren is so happy with it, it was really cute to see him. When we first moved here and he got his own room I think he was not really all that certain that he wanted it to be honest, he quite enjoyed sharing with Jericho and having someone to talk to at night. But he’s got used to it now and being able to choose the colour himself has made him even happier with it.

I’m happy with how it turned out, and also happy that I discovered how much spare space he has on his bookshelf because now I can move a bunch of books from the living room into his room, and have somewhere to put the bag of my books that were returned to me on the weekend! We really don’t have enough bookshelf space. If I choose carefully, perhaps having some different books in his room will encourage Soren to read something new.

I am going to get a pair of blue tongues for my birthday and breed them. I’ve got an outdoor enclosure for them, so it’s just a matter of finding a couple of lizards, but it is proving slightly more difficult than I thought! The problem is that they are quite hard to sex, so finding a confirmed male or female is not really simple. We don’t know what Sebastian is either. So I spent a bit of time today finding pet stores that sell reptiles, and will just have to keep looking.

The kids are all good. Nicholai had exams yesterday and today, but was pretty relaxed about it. He wouldn’t really have any reason to be nervous of course, but it’s nice that he was confident. Emma and Jericho played hockey tonight, for once without there being any carrying on or drama before I took them – thank goodness. I’m so over that. I really want Troy to change his overnight so he’ll be here for training next year, but I’m not all that confident it will happen.


Tuesday 5 December 2017

We just put in the booklists for the children for school next year. It was almost $1400, and this does NOT include the devices (computer/ tablet) that we have to buy for Jericho and Soren. School is so insanely expensive, and we are sending our kids to the ‘free’ option! There will still be fees on top of this at the start of the next year, and then uniforms and excursions and all the bits and pieces through the year…it’s getting astronomical.

I know some of my sisters are looking at private high schools for their kids, so here is a tip- do not underestimate the costs of books and uniform and electronics and excursions that come alongside the fees!

I sometimes wonder, if I had known how useless and unemployed I would end up, if we would have gone ahead with having four kids. I love them and I am glad I didn’t know if it means I wouldn’t have them, but sometimes I feel guilty about short changing them. I feel very guilty about Troy having to carry us all

I painted two walls in Soren’s room today, the wardrobe and the window wall. I love the blue. I mean, I’m glad I made the grown up choice for the lovely, relaxing neutral grey in the majority of the house, but I really do love some strong colour.

I made some pikelets for us to have for lunch/ after school snack/ recess tomorrow, which of course made me think of Grandma. So I was telling the kids about when I was little, and the conversation somehow ended up on childhood nicknames. They thought all the names for my brother and sisters were funny (particularly Leafadator and Lever, lol) and they cracked up about me being called Boris, but they all just about fell out of their chairs with hilarity when I told them that they sometimes called me Robocop.

Soren walked over to his friend’s house this afternoon. It’s funny how weird I felt about it, just letting him go to someone’s house without calling or texting the mum first. But really, this is one of the benefits of moving to suburbia that I hoped we’d get! Nearby friends. And Soren is nearly 9, which seems old enough to walk alone two streets away to a friend’s house. He had fun too- they played on the ipad for a little while and then they played The Game of Life, so I’m glad we let him go.

Monday 4 December 2017

I would like to have interesting things to talk about in my journal, but today really didn’t lend itself to that. Basically I slept in (tired after the party yesterday, I guess) then painted a wall in Soren’s room, did several loads of laundry, put all my nativity sets into the china cabinet (finally!) and that’s about it.

Now Troy is making me a cocktail that involves whisky and bitters and oranges, so we shall see how that goes.



Sunday 3 December 2017

We had my family’s Christmas party today. The weather was bad so we moved from the usual park to Benita and Cam’s house, and although it was different having it inside it worked out very well and everyone had a really good day. There are so many children and it is so very loud though! But there was really no fighting or whining or crying at all, which is pretty astonishing when you think that there were seventeen children there, only three of whom are older than the age of 8. It was lovely seeing everyone, eating good food, getting good presents…just a really nice day.












Saturday 2 December 2017

Troy and I are cracking down on Nicholai and Emma’s tech use, so at around 10 this morning when I realised they were both on their phones I told them to put them up. A few minutes later Nicholai came out and told me that studies have shown that internet addiction bears many similarities to drug and gambling addictions. He then narrowed his eyes and said, “And they say that with all these things, going cold turkey is the worst thing you can do.”

I just broke up laughing and said, “Are you trying to tell me that you’re addicted to your phone and that making you go ‘cold turkey’ by putting it up for a morning is going to do you some damage?”

His response was a sigh so gusty that it just about knocked me over, a snarled, “Never mind!” and then a stomp off into his room. I felt bad for laughing, but…seriously?

I had the scariest moment ever last night. There was a white tail spider on the wall in my bedroom, so I got the fly spray and sprayed it. It fell down the back of the bedside table and lay still with its legs folded, so I assumed that it was dead. I cleaned my teeth and got into bed and started reading, and was just all nice and warm and relaxed when I caught something moving in my peripheral vision – it was the white tailed spider, running straight towards me across the mattress! Since I was lying down reading it was right at eye level, looked much bigger than it actually was, and was utterly terrifying as it came at me for revenge.