Project 365: 041-060.

060- February 29. Happy Leap Day!

I know, it’s a cheesy concept and totally cliched but who cares? And I’m 60 days in to this challenge and that’s definitely something to celebrate!

059 – February 28. I took this photo on the way to school this afternoon. It’s what is left of a house that burned down in the Black Saturday bushfires and was never rebuilt. There is something quite sad about the chimneys standing so tall and alone in the paddock now, knowing that it was once part of a house where people lived and raised a family.

058- February 27. Today it rained. A lot.

057- February 26. I was a bit disappointed with today’s photos- made the most basic of mistakes with the camera settings and hardly anything worked out! Admittedly we were visiting and my mind wasn’t really on it, but even so I feel a little foolish right now. This peacock picture is okay though, although he’s moulting and has hardly any of his feathers left so he isn’t exactly as impressive as usually is!

056- Februrary 25. Another outdoors photo for today. I love the light in this one, it was down at the pond where we take the dog walking/swimming in the late afternoon and despite how hot it was it was lovely.

055- February 24. I took this photo at the orchard today, when Jericho and I went to buy some fruit. It’s still hot and feels just as much like summer as ever, but when I looked at this photo and noticed that the leaves are starting to drop and turn brown I realised it’s closer to autumn than I thought.

054- February 23. This is maybe my favourite view on the drive to school. Just coming over the crest and seeing the hill rise up in front of us with the shadows of the trees stretching down the side, and that huge sky up above. Today wasn’t a very good sky day (hazy and flat) but I took the photo anyway. Because of the haze this was actually a really crap photo, but I’ve upped the contrast a lot so it’s okay at least.

053- February 22. Soren went out early this morning and discovered a whole family of snails working their way across the stones. He and Jericho collected them all and we watched them slime their way around on the porch until it was time to leave for school, at which time the little boys picked them all up and deposited them carefully on the grass, which is where they’d all been heading in the first place.

052- February 21. Soren and I took Pedro for a walk down at the pond today, and I took this picture of him coming out of the water. I love the way all the water is running off him and his tongue is hanging out.

051-February 20.

050- February 19th. I took this one on the way home from the park today. It’s (I think) a flower on a grevillea bush and I like the way it looks like a little firework. The colour is a bit off in this picture though, not sure what I did wrong there, in real life the flowers are a deeper pink/red.

049- February 18. This one is such a summer photo, with the kids in the backyard playing in the kiddie pool! I love that it’s such an action shot, with two of them running and Nicholai in the water with his face all scrunched up and the water splashing up everywhere.

048- February 17. The joy of being a baby…they lie in state waiting to be entertained! My sister Benita and her baby Sullivan are visiting at the moment, and I took this photo of all the kids surrounding their cousin. I love the way they are blurs of movement as they compete to entertain him and he is just lying there all wide eyed!

047- February 16. We’ve had a string of uncomfortably hot days, so I was more than pleased to see these grey clouds roll in with a cooler wind this afternoon. I don’t think it’s been this dark at 4pm since last winter.

046- February 15. I’d really love to be a skilled landscape photographer, but so far it’s something I’m quite intimidated by. I can’t get my camera to photograph what my eye sees, and I find it disappointing and somewhat frustrating. Having said all that, here is today’s picture and it’s outside! I stopped on the way home from Karen’s to take it, between roadside ditches, waist high grass that I was scared was full of snakes, and trees blocking views I was actually quite limited with what I could photograph (as in, I don’t like that the shed comes right out from the tree but I couldn’t move to another angle), but this one was my favourite.

045- February 12. First one of our hens went all broody, now I think they’re all heading in to their first moult. We’ve gone from getting three or four eggs a day to getting one or two and there is an unusual amount of feathers floating around the coop, and couple of the chickens are starting to look quite disreputable with their scruffy feathers and bald patches!

044- February 13. Well, today’s episode of ‘Rebecca Interacts With Insects and Arachnids’ (which is what my project 365 threatens to turn into sometimes, I’m sorry if anyone is particularly bug-phobic) is a scary one- a huntsman spider! I had just grabbed the recycling bin to bring it in from the road when out of the corner of my eye I saw something move near the handle. You can bet your bottom dollar that I whipped my hand away quick smart, only to reveal this delightful creature. Eek! Even though it creeps me out I do kind of love this photo for showing her many shiny eyes and hairy legs and fangs!

043- February 12. I didn’t plan to take this picture, I was outside playing and Soren asked me to take a photo of his “beautiful sparkly fingers” so i did. I’ve got mixed feelings about the picture now though- I love his pudgy little boy hands and his joy in his sparkliness, but seeing my hands look so old against his made me feel very strange.

042- February 11. I was so happy that it rained today and I could try and take photos of raindrops on plants. It was harder than I expected, but beautiful when they worked out. I’m sure in the middle of winter I will be so fed up with rain that photos of raindrops of leaves will make me angry, but at least for today it was a lovely new experience.

041- February 10. We got this flat tyre about two minutes from home on the way out for tea tonight. We have such bad luck with tyres! At least we noticed this little disaster quickly and pulled over right beside the wetlands so while Troy changed the tyre I could take the boys out for a walk.

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