Project 365: 361 – 365 + 1

365+1 December 31. I did it! And yes, I didn’t take this photo, because that’s me so Troy took it…but it’s my +1 picture since it’s a leap year, so there you go.

I can’t believe I did it! And I swear I didn’t even cheat, ha ha ha…a photo a day for a year. I’m so glad I took this project on.

365 – December 30. Summer holidays. Soren, who seems to be a fan of the slip’n’slide in the backyard, enjoying his very summer Christmas holiday!

364 – December 29. Story time. Dad reading Jericho and Soren their bed time stories.

363- December 28. Splash! Troy showing the kids how it’s done on the water slide out in the backyard!

362- December 27. Long Road Back. Took this on our drive back to mum and dad’s place today.

361 – December 26. All Over. Packing away the Christmas ornaments- it’s never as much fun as decorating at the start of the season. This is the box I keep all my nativity sets in, and now that I’m getting so many more of them have to share little compartments!

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