Project 365: 341-360

360 – December 25. Merry Christmas! Is there anything more fun than kids opening up their Santa presents on Christmas morning?

359 – December 24. Santa Claus is coming to town! Soren’s Christmas eve excitement knows no bounds…here he is dancing in his pyjamas around on the front lawn while he was waiting to wave to Santa driving around town in the fire truck!

358- December 23. Look who turned up to our family Christmas party!

357 – December 22. Summer Evening. I wish I could build a house right where I took this photo and live in it, and get to look out at this every single day.

356- December 21. Circle of Friends. School Kris Kringle gift exchange for the kids- it drives me crazy when I have to shop for it, but watching them all open presents together and get so excited and happy about Christmas and the holidays is so lovely.

355- December 20. School Carols Night. I love my kids’ school sometimes- tonight we had their Christmas carols. This is all the kids, dressed up in their Christmas clothes, waiting to go up on ‘stage’ and perform. It’s just so Australian looking- the flag, the tree, the summer light at 7pm at night… Merry Christmas!

354- December 19. More!!!! Nothing subtle about that beak really- feed me!

Yeah, this was our new baby today. Nemesis the cat gave him to us- isn’t he kind? Poor little baby bird should still be in the nest with his mama, but we’re doing what we can for him!

353 – December 18. Explosion. I swore I wouldn’t take any more dandelion photos after the-most-perfect-dandelion-photo-ever (day 202, ha ha ha!) but I didn’t want to pass these ones by. I just thought it was an interesting contrast with the other dandelion photos I’ve taken, since in this one the seeds are all raggedy and half blown away, and the stem is brown and the fence in the background makes it all look dry and dead.

352- School mailbox. Next year our school is going to have about 75 students, which is a long way from the 38 kids that were enrolled when we first went to look at it the year before Nicholai started! Sometimes it feels like we’re getting so big and losing a bit of that small school feel, but then I look at things like this mailbox and yeah, we’re still a country school.

351- December 16. Willy wagtail. I saw this little guy sitting on a fence today and thought he would make a nice photo. I love the bright blue feathers and the waggly little tails and the way they are so bouncy as they hop and fly about.

350- December 15. And that’s why I love him. Troy left me a message on the mirror this morning when he left me sleeping in while he took the kids out. Eleven  years!

349 – December 14. Unfolding. One of the neighbours agapanthus, just starting to bloom.

348 – December 30. Angry Santa. I’m not normally one to criticise other people’s craft efforts….but, yeah. Angry Santa. Believe it or not we won this in a raffle when Nicholai was in kinder, (in fact he won, it was his ticket) in amongst the hamper goods was this thing that Nicholai and Emma were both half terrified by and half fascinated by. I offered to get rid of it and they refused to let me, but ever since then they’ve always insisted on hanging it on the tree, but right around the back and facing the wall so no one has to see him, ha ha ha! We’re actually all kind of fond of Angry Santa now- this year the kids found an Angry Nutcracker decoration and wanted to buy it to keep Angry Santa company, lol.

347 – December 12. Invader. I noticed this tree sneaking its way through our fence today. Not that I don’t like trees and feel that more of them would be a good addition to our yard, I don’t exactly want them invading us from the neighbour’s yard!

346 – December 11. Soren. We took the dog to the pond this morning, and here’s Soren contemplating life by the water. (And I have to confess, although this photo makes it all look pleasant he pretty much whined the entire time we were walking the dog and drove me crazy!)

345 – December 10. 3, 2, 1…take off! I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of taking photos of bees. I got this one just taking off from the lavender bush today, which I thought was pretty awesome.

344 – December 9. Nativity. I wasn’t feeling very inspired today, so here’s a photo of one of my nativity sets. I have seven of them now, and this is the newest one- I received it as a Kris Kringle present last year so this is its first year on display. I think this one is kind of hilariously adorable, which is probably what most of my nativity sets are actually.

343 – December 8. Four. Nicholai, Emma, Soren and Jericho.

342- December 7. The Elf on the Shelf. Meet Arthur Pixel, our family’s ‘elf on the shelf’- one of the North Pole elves, sent to watch over the children’s behaviour and snitch on them to Santa, ha ha ha! Okay, really he’s going to go to Santa and tell them how good my children are…yeah, okay.

(He’s watching them from amongst my rubber duck nativity set- how cute is my little ducky holy family?!)

341 – December 6. Going to School. I drove a different way to school this afternoon, in search of something different for today’s picture. It was a successful deviation from my normal routine really- I got this photo of a nicely reflective dam and conveniently posed bird, AND Soren fell asleep and had a good little nap, so it was a win-win really!

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