Project 365: 321-340

340 – December 5. Summer Rain. I know I have a bit of a thing for raindrops on leaves and flowers, but I did like this one. I love the way the water droplets are so shiny and sharp and the pink flower petals look so soft and delicate, it’s an interesting contrast.

339- December 4. Sparkly Vampire. Soren was decorating Christmas cards for me today and drew this. I think he’s my boy all right!

338 – December 3. 2012 Ornament. Each year since Nicholai was a baby Troy and I have taken the kid/s in to the city to see the Christmas windows at Myer, post their Santa letters, look at the city decorations and buy one tree ornament. At home we put a tag with the year we bought it on the ornament so that we’ll remember what we bought when and this year (the 11th time we’ve done this!) this sock monkey ornament was the final selection.

337 – December 2. Christmas in the City. Jericho, me and Troy, reflect on our day looking at all the Christmas sights in Melbourne.

336 – December 1. Decorating the tree. The countdown begins!

335 – November 30. Flowers. I picked these at school the other day to have on the table for Troy’s birthday. They drop petals if you so much as look at them, but they are lovely and bright and pretty all the same!

334 – November 29. Goon. How could I go past this picture of goofy Pedro dog today? I love the perspective of this one with my sweet, dopey dog!

333- November 28. Backyard Harvest. The yellow plums have ripened out in the backyard. Pedro spends half his day jumping up on his back legs to try and eat them right off the tree which is kind of funny. Although he’s actually taller on his hind legs than the kids, so he pretty much eats everything they could reach and leaves them out, ha ha ha!

How shiny perfect is this plum though?

332 – November 27. Pedro. Looking like a proper, gun dog retriever here…although really he’s just slopping about in the reeds to cool down on a hot day!

331- November 26. Colourful. This bush out in our front yard is totally covered in these bright pinky/orange flowers- when the sun is out and the flowers are all opened up at midday you can’t even see any green.

And I got peed on by the cat while I was taking this photo. Just in case anyone needs to know!

330- November 25. Jericho. Perhaps I should sell him to the circus?

329 – November 24. Little Bug. Found this little guy out on a tree this afternoon and thought he was quite shiny and cute. Admittedly I was trying to photograph butterflies but they were just way too fast for me, so I was quite pleased with this bug. He was pretty fast too, but at least he was restricted to running and couldn’t fly away.

328 – Not here for this. The kids and I were not the only ones feeling the heat today…Ootchy seemed to be stretching out and trying to cool down in the breeze from the window. I have to say that I do love the way his chin is resting on his paw here!

327 – November 22. 5 weeks to go. Is the scary thought that there are only five more weeks until Christmas easier to take when the news is delivered by two pigs mounted on poles? Also means that there are only SIX more weeks of this Project 365!

326 – November 21. Curly. Some crazy curly blooms from the big tree out the front. They look kind of rusty from a distance, but close up they’re rather lovely and golden.

325 – November 20. Fuzzy koala. Soren and I saw this adorable juvenile koala at the Sanctuary today. He had such fluffy looking pale fur and a bizarrely smiley face, he was just beautiful! He also climbed down on the tree and sat jammed in a fork eating leaves, which was very cute and surprisingly active really.

324- November 19. Sunny morning. A beautiful day on the way to school this morning. I love how green everything is at the moment.

323- November 18. Thinking of Christmas. This bloom just made me think of Christmas decorations- it was so red and feathery and the little seedy bits on the ends are like baubles or something. So pretty! (And so scary to think about how quickly Christmas is approaching and how much I will have to do!)

322 – November 17. Plotting. I think Nemesis looks like he’s sitting here plotting revenge on whoever stole the other half of his moustache.

321- November 16. What???? I don’t even know what this is- it’s a crazy flower that is blooming on the creeper thing that is currently overtaking my back deck. This is not something planted, it just grew up and is now swallowing the garden table and the sandpit, but it’s just come out with these mad looking flowers with their multiple layers and weird petals and general craziness!

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