Project 365: 301-320

320 – November 15. Intricate. Isn’t this beautiful? The spider who made it was so tiny too, she was hiding in the barbs on the fence while I took this photo. I love the way webs show up so clearly on the fences on foggy mornings.

319 – November 14. Too much love! Clyde the dog is sometimes just a bit too big and enthusiastic for Soren when he tries to play with him!

318 – November 13. Surprise. This purple flower was the only one I saw at the wetlands this morning. It was just such a random piece of beautiful that would be so easy to overlook…I am glad I had my eyes open to see it today.

317- November 12. Soft paws. I love this photo. I love how soft his paws look, with just the hint of lethal claws. I love how white his paws are against his black fur, and I love the way he has all those black hairs sticking to the bottoms of his paws, like he should have wiped his feet before he climbed up on his catstand to nap!

316 – November 11. The joy of being a boy. Jericho, doing what he does best…living life! Stick in one hand, cookie in the other, jumping off something outside in the sun- does it get better than that?

315- November 10. Party bush. This was a miniature bottlebrush that I saw today. Purple blossoms with little pink bits sticking out- it’s like a little celebration the way all the parts explode out like streamers and fireworks.

314- November 9. Amazing. This moth was on the outside of the senior classroom at school today, and it really was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. It was HUGE, and furry and beautiful and had the chunkiest, fuzziest body. I especially loved his legs, which looked like he was wearing black and orange striped socks!

313- November 8. At the races. I went to the harness racing today, for the first time. It was a bit different to regular races, but still fun. And of course my favourite part was probably seeing all the beautiful horses, like this lovely girl.

312 – November 7. On the road again. Just heading off to get petrol on this drive, but it was lovely to get out of the house and enjoy a bit of quiet space and scenery. I’ve said it before, but I really do love where we live.

310 – November 6. The honour and the glory. It’s Melbourne Cup day today so I should have a picture of a horse or something, but couldn’t get one, so I went with a different kind of sporting trophy…the family footy tipping trophy that gets handed round Troy’s family. Yes, it’s a real trophy with engraving for a family football tipping competition…and yes, I have now won it for TWO years in a row. After Troy won it, so the thing has actually been living in my house for quite some time. Aren’t we lucky?

310 – November 5. This one’s mine. Up close and personal with a bee today, staring at me with his big bee eyes. Good luck collecting your pollen.

309 – November 4. Tiny Warrior. This spider really was pretty tiny (about the size of my fingernail) but once he saw the camera he kept running at me waving his little front legs and fangs all menacingly…it was kind of hilarious actually. Until he jumped and made me scream, anyway!

I love taking photos of spiders. Now I want to go overseas and take photos of exotic spiders in jungles, instead of only brown and grey ones that hang out on my rubbish bins.

308 – 3 November. Ootchy Mootchy. I wasn’t feeling very inspired today, so here’s the Ootchy cat. Who got his name from a dream I had where we had a pet cow called Ootchy Mootchy. The dream was kind of hilarious, and when we got a kitten shortly after it became his name. I’ve just had to learn to live with the embarrassment of telling everyone my cat’s name!

307 – 2 November. Rain. It was a very rainy day this morning, but this row of droplets on a branch was just lovely. Our whole yard was sparkling.

306 – November 1. Birthday Girl. Happy ninth birthday baby girl- love you Emmanuella!

305- October 31. Perfect. I took this photo for the sky, because it’s so big and pretty and wild looking with those streaks of cloud across it. I love that I can see a tiny Soren and Pedro down on the ground too- it was a perfect morning down at the pond.

304- October 30. Obi Wan leads the charge. Soren’s little Star Wars army. These toys, which Troy and I bought on a bit of a whim actually, because I thought they were cute and he likes Star Wars, have been one of the best toy purchases ever. Soren loves them, and they are certainly his go-to toy.

303- 29 October 2012. Contemplation. Soren and I took a drive this afternoon, over the mountain and back down to school. I love seeing how big the world is just in my own backyard.

302 – October 28. Treasure hunt. The kids digging through the old couch cushions and frame for all their long lost toys and junk!

301- October 27. That’s my spot. I’m rather a Sheldon when it comes to my spot on the couch…I always have been, just ask my family what I was like when they tried to sit in it. Here is my spot on the new couch, where I spend all my computer time!

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