Project 365: 281-300

300- October 26. Ooze and slime. Normally I don’t mind snails, but this one was so slimy and disgusting it was gross! And I was really hoping for a great photo for today’s 300th picture (woohooo!) but instead all I got was this oozing little slime factory that Jericho picked up and put on a rock, ha ha ha. Pretty much indicative of life I think!

299- October 25. Mine! Funny cat photo of Nemesis, playing attack cat with a blade of grass.

298- 24 October. Driving to school. I think I’m quite lucky to have a lovely drive like this to school every day. They’re not very obvious, but there were two pelicans sitting on this dam today which is what prompted me to stop. They’re such funny looking birds.

297- October 23. Flying High. I love this photo of Soren in the swing. I like the perspective, and the way his boots have flown off, and his perfect little round strong legs!

296- October 22. World in miniature. I love the reflections in raindrops.

295- October 21. Balloonatics. You can thank Nicholai for today’s photo title…he was very insistent. I don’t see the lunacy in balloon flights, since I went on one and it was amazing! But this morning on the way to the garage sale we saw FIVE balloons all drifting across the sky…so gorgeous.

294 – October 20. Clowns. Me and my two little boys!

293 – 19 October. Serenity Now! Our now permanent zen rock garden…let’s hope it brings us years of peace and enjoyment in rearranging our rocks and shells, ha ha ha.

292- October 18. Welcome. It’s a very gracious driveway, this road to the orchard…it does end in a somewhat less attractive stony yard with a positive mountain of apple boxes and a giant tin shed, but it’s pretty on the way there!

291- October 17. Does that taste good? Funny, stupid photo of the dog for today…he makes me laugh.

290- October 16. Hey there baby! Saw this adorable dingo puppy at the Sanctuary today…such a cutie! I love his fuzzy fur and his big clumsy paws.

289- October 15. Day’s end. I really have no words for this today.

288- October 14. Butterfly, fly away. We had a couple of these beautiful butterflies feeding amidst buzzing clouds of bees on this bottlebrush out in our backyard. It’s quite an unusual pattern for a backyard butterfly here, so I was quite excited by it! Buzzing bees, beautiful butterflies…a very spring time afternoon!

287- October 13. Arachnid. Found this little beauty hiding behind an outdoor clock at Great Nana’s today- huntsmen are so scary but so cool! I love the rows of shiny eyes and they way they look both spiky and furry soft. I also love this one’s striped legs!

286- October 12. A grey day. Some dismal looking weather this afternoon. A good day for snuggling up under a crocheted blanket watching tv, unfortunately I had too many things to do!

285- October 11. Procrastination. This is what I’m doing tonight- teacher prep for tomorrow. I really suck. Next week I must do this earlier!

284- October 10. Halfway there. How pretty is the pink of these flowers? The blooms are only halfway open, I can see all the other little flowers still curled up tight in the centre, but they’re bright and beautiful out in the garden already.

283- October 9. Concentration. Soren, hard at work on his drawing…I love the way whenever he’s concentrating he pokes his tongue out!

282- October 8. Looks like home. This is the view that I used to look out at from the living room and bedroom windows of the first house Troy and I lived in. (Well almost, I took this at the bottom of the driveway and the house was up the hill a bit). We lived there for close to two years, and I loved being able to look out at all this space…I would love a house with a view again! I loved living here, unfortunately the house was lost in the Black Saturday bushfires and isn’t even there any more.

281 – October 7. With love. Troy made me breakfast in bed this morning. No special reason. But he woke me up with pancakes and juice and flowers on a tray.

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