Project 365: 261-280

280 – October 6. You break. Finally got to play pool out in my shed this afternoon, yay!

279 – October 5. Unfurling. I found this down in a corner of the yard. I like the way that when you get close up you can see the lines on the petal.

278 – October 4. Nemesis. Completely fluke photo today, I was outside taking photos of other things and just turned around and snapped it of the cat…no effort and it turned out to be so beautifully focussed and just catches the hilarious look in his eyes and his little white moustache and everything! Nemesis is such a nosy cat though, as soon as anyone goes outside he’s all up in your business, trying to find out what’s going on.

277- October 3. T shirt weather. Yes indeed, today was t shirt weather at last! I took this photo at the RACV club while the kids were attending a party there. Troy’s parents are members and it’s not a bad place- lifestyles of the rich and privileged I guess.

276 – October 2. Nice to meet you too. Getting up close and personal with this pretty little cow in the neighbour’s paddock this afternoon! I love the crazy perspective on this one.

275 – October 1. Sick. There’s not much sadder than a sick three year old. It’s just wrong to see them slumped all exhausted on the couch in the middle of the day! I do love the way Soren just looks like he’s face planted and conked out here, with his hands tucked under his body and his legs sprawled out. I’m glad that the only sickness that Soren’s ever really been afflicted with a tummy bugs- they’re nasty at the time but not long lasting fortunately.

274 – September 30. Fields of gold. These canola fields are everywhere on the drive to and from Mum and Dad’s place- it’s bright yellow and just goes on forever.

273 – September 29. Grand Final Day. The kids bursting through the crepe paper banner just like the footy players!

272 – September 28. My Mum’s things. Took a photo of a few of my mum’s bits and pieces on the dresser this afternoon.

271- September 27. Spring Feast. This is one of the native bees- they’re littler and zippier than bumblebees, so I don’t usually photograph them. I think they also don’t have stingers? There seems to be lots of them around mum and dad’s place though, so I got this one today! I love the way he’s in a cloud of blossoms.

270 – September 26. Happy Birthday! Logan’s cupcake birthday cake with My Little Ponies.

269 – September 25. Last morning. I’m going to miss camping!

268- September 24. Love. My kids- beautiful things that they are! This is their idea, to do a crazy face photo and it made me laugh so much, the three little ones making crazy faces and Nicholai, so above it all, looking at his map!

267- September 23. Skink. Troy found this little thing hiding in the woodpile- lucky escape for him being found really, since we all had a look at him and then let him go safe and sound rather than him being thrown on the fire accidentally. He’d lost his tail and he was a tiny skink- he’s sitting on the top of my thumb in this picture, so it’s bigger than life size.

266 – September 22. Camping. Our campsite down the back of Benita and Cam’s place! So excited to be here.

265 – September 21. Jewels. Raindrops on my flowers out in the yard. (Flowers which I now know are irises- thank you Mum!) This is just so pretty.

Also have to note that this is day number 265- only 100 days to go!

264 – September 20. Searching for treasure. The other thing I love about all the blossoms around at the moment is the bees! They’re a really fun thing to practice photographing- I have to watch carefully and focus fast, and when I miss one there’s always another bee coming along in a few moments. I love this picture I got today, the hard focus on the hard, stinger end of the bee and the way the wings are crisp, but the flower is all so soft.

263- September 19. Unfolding. I love these flowers. They’re bulbs, again ones that I didn’t plant and don’t know what they are, but every year I’m happy when some of them grow.

262- September 18. Going to the library. I love the drive to the library. It’s so lovely, and I’m always happy to be going to a place of books! I also love driving like a hoon on the dirt road, although I’m nowhere near as skilled at it as I used to be when I drove this way every day for school!

261 – September 17. A few of my favourite things. My e-reader and some lovely sunshine yellow flowers! I have to say that I was so hesitant about the e-reader, since I’ve always been such a book person, but I do love it. (Not so much this touch screen version- I would always recommend one with a page turn button) It’s so good to have lots of books right with me, and have something small and easy to carry around with me. I also love the bright green cover which makes it easy to find when I inevitably leave it lying around in jumbles of other things!

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