Project 365: 241-260.

260 – September 16. Peekaboo. Saw this little guy out in the garden today. At least he’s been enjoying the damp weather.

259- September 15. Candle. I’m not feeling inspired today, so I just took this photo of my strawberry scented candle melting away on the mantlepiece- it’s quite interesting looking really though.

258 – September 14. My front yard. There are going to be a lot of spring flower photos in this Project 365 I’m afraid- here’s how beautiful our front yard is looking with all these purple bulbs bursting out into bloom.

257 – September 13. Peaceful. Soren and I ventured on a different road to school to school today in search of something interesting to photograph- I thought this little dam was nice.

It does show how photos can lie though- looks like a lovely sunny day, right? However behind my back was the most threatening mass of dark grey clouds that fifteen minutes after I took this photo was dumping an enormous hailstorm down on us as I drove home from school.

256 – September 12. Ruffles. I took this photo at Great Nana’s house today- a whole tree, twice as tall as me, full of these beautiful ruffled looking flowers. I love the way they look like a craft project, made out of tissue paper with the edges dipped in paint.

255 – September 11. How now, brown cow. Well, brown/black cow anyway. Soren wanted to stop and take photos of cows today, and this one seemed happy enough to stand there and pose for us!

254 – 10 September. The bees are back! And now I know it’s springtime.

253- September 9. Sun on earth. Some beautiful sunshine in my yard this afternoon- it’s so bright and glorious.

252- September 8. Cosy. Soren and Ootchy Mootchy cat watching tv and having some snuggles.

251- September 7. Afternoon colours. I couldn’t believe it today, I went out in the car to pick up the kids from school thinking that I hadn’t taken today’s photo yet and I was completely and utterly uninspired…two minutes down the road this rainbow was just filling up the sky. It was like the world itself was offended that I was uninspired and grumpy and was doing its best to show me up!

250 – September 6. Delicate. I love how delicate the petals on these tiny flowers are as they’re unfolding in the sun. I love the way the light shines through them and shows the trace of all those little plant veins.

249- September 5. Adventure. I love Soren’s imaginary world. I love that a field of grass becomes a universe for him, and I love his courage and joy in the exploration of it.

248- September 4. Construction. Yeah, I didn’t know what it was meant to be either. Apparently it’s a home and playground for a tyrannosaurus rex… Good to see Jericho’s keeping himself busy and creative at school!

247 – September 3. Pedro. The dog, chewing on a bone, was my photography subject for the day. The bone is the only way I can get him to stay still really, otherwise he just keeps trying to get right in my face. He’s such a good dog really.

246- September 2. Everything. My beautiful girl- I look at her and I see everything she is and everything she might be in the future, and I want the whole world for her. I don’t know how I got so lucky sometimes, to have been given something so wonderful in my life.

245- September 1. Safe from drowning. Ha ha- this photo made me laugh so much! It’s like a poster for overprotective parenting or something, but really Jericho worked out this set up for himself and was paddling around the pool practically on the surface of the water with all that buoyancy.

244- August 31. Mount Doom. That mountain looks a lot bigger and more menacing surrounded by grey clouds. Clearly today there was an end to the sunny days I’ve been enjoying recently.

243- August 30. Signs of spring. The recent sunny days are bearing results in the garden! Not in MY garden yet, admittedly, but at least some people have flowers already!

242- August 29. Perspective. I took this today when Soren and I were building with the marble run. I was lying on the floor and looking up at him, and occurred to me that in only a few more years my baby little one will have grown enough that I’ll always have to look up at him. It was a strange thought.

241- August 28. If friends were flowers, I’d pick you. Soren going flower picking today. Hard to catch his little hand as he was picking them with great speed and enthusiasm!

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