Project 365: 221-240.

240- August 27. Mother daughter bonding time. New ink for Mum and I! Mum is the butterfly, and mine is the bella mira, which means beautiful wonderful.

239- August 26. Troy. Wow, not only do I have a photo of a person, it’s a photo of my husband…here’s my lovely, lovely Troy!

238 – August 25. Nemesis. An evil eyed glare from Nemesis cat…he’s really quite a sweetheart, despite the way he looks like Satan’s minion here.

237 – August 24. Strength and delicacy. Another one of the children’s zen gardening, this time with the addition of some lovely spring blossoms. The white ones came off the neighbour’s tree, and the sweet little purple ones have popped up around the tree in the centre of the grass.

236- August 23. Reading. I don’t usually set my photos up like this, but I was doing it for something else so I made it my photo for today. I like it, I like the old fashioned flowers and the antique book and the vintage look to it.

235- August 22. Little boy and a flood. I took this on my phone today, I think the first phone photo I’ve included in my Project 365. But I didn’t have my camera with me, and Soren and I had such a wonderful time playing in the flood that I had to have some kind of photo. And actually, this isn’t too bad- my phone must be pretty good.

234- August 21. What are you looking at? Saw this little fellow at the Sanctuary today, glaring at us rather belligerently through the glass!

233- August 20. Thinking. I took a slightly different way to school this afternoon so I could drive up on the hill and look at this view for a little while. It’s like I can think bigger thoughts and think more clearly when I’m surrounded by all that silent space, and I love it.

232- August 19. Walking the dog. We decided to ignore the cold grey weather today, and while the others were buying lunch Jericho and I took the dog for a quick run down to the pond…I think they both had a good time!

231- August 18. Girl. Beautiful Emma, on her way to a party.

230- August 17. My day. I had a lovely relaxing afternoon today, tucked up in my crocheted blanket with my e-reader and poptarts and talking on the phone!

229- August 16. Beautiful. I couldn’t go past this photo of Soren for today- my beautiful baby little one enjoying the beautiful outdoors!

228- August 15. Flight. Soren taking to the skies on the swing. I wish he’d hold on!

227- August 14. The fence. I admit this photo was kind of a mistake- I was taking photos of blossoms but it was so windy that I couldn’t do it properly so I basically cracked the sads and took a photo of the fence because at least it wasn’t moving! However once I took it I liked it- it’s actually got quite a lot of interesting textures, and I love that you can see the blue where I let the kids paint the fence with poster paint in squirt bottles (which hasn’t actually washed off in the rain with the ease that I expected, to be honest!).

226- August 13. Zoob. Jericho got this stuff from mum and for his birthday- it’s a construction set called Zoob and I’d never heard of it before but it’s awesome. The kids have got the hang of building stuff with it now and I keep coming across these crazy robotic creations everywhere- this one is Emma’s kangaroo-dinosaur.

225- August 12. Leven. I used to live in this house, for two years while I went to uni. I rented it with my friends Derryn and Rose and when we first went to check it out I thought the house had a name- Leven. It wasn’t until later that I realised that the scrolly iron was actually saying Seven, because the house was number 7! We still referred to the house as Leven the entire time we lived there though. I had such a good time living here. I drove past it today just to see if it was still there and I snapped this photo- the trees are bigger but nothing else much had changed.

224- August 11. First! I’ve taken photos of the buds on this tree in the backyard a couple of times recently for my project 365 (205 and 210) and now here is the next stage- blossoms! There’s literally only about three of them on the tree, I love the way this project has made me so much more aware of what’s happening.

223- August 10. Friends. Emma had a friend over after school today. I love this photo, the way they’re just curled up in a corner of her room looking at books and whispering together…little girls can be such good friends to each other.

222- August 9. Thousand dollar cat. I think you’re probably worth the money, my Ootchy cat.

221- August 8. Rainy day. Very grey and cloudy today, with almost constant rain- I took this out the front in a very brief break in the showers.

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