Project 365: 201-220

220- August 7. Happy picture. This photo makes me happy. The flower is lovely (and there’s even a bee on it!) but mostly it makes me happy because I took it while I was on a walk with Soren, where the sun was shining and it wasn’t too cold and there were so many pretty things to see and my baby little one was being his lovable and adorable self and life was good.

219- August 6. Blossoms in the sun. Some plum trees near Soren’s creche are blossoming already, so I had to stop and photograph them today. They’re so pretty, all frilly and pink and fluffy looking. I like this photo too, I wasn’t sure at first, but I like the sunshine and the shadows.

218- July 5th. Kookaburra. We saw this guy sitting on the fence at the football today. He didn’t laugh for us, but he was just as interested in us as we were in him…or at least he was interested in the bags of hot chips we had!

217- August 4th. Going under. Soren at the pool today.

216- August 3. Delightful daffodils. I love daffodils. Troy’s mum plants them all along their driveway, so today I stopped and photographed them. They’re so bright and cheerful and beautiful.

215- August 2. Do you come here often? Goats kind of freak me out. They can be really adorable and hilarious when they’re small, and they do fun things like climb trees and stuff, but they have those maniacal eyes and killer horns and I’m never sure what to think of them.

214- August 1. Welcoming the sun. Warm day today, and the sun seems to have encouraged at least one little bud to open up. Beautiful.

213- July 31. At the pond. It was so lovely to get outside today, after so many days of cold and rain. Soren and I took the dog down to have a play at the pond thsi afternoon, and it was beautiful.

212- July 30. C’mon Aussies! In honour of the Olympics, here is a bit of the Australian green and gold- a blossoming wattle tree from the kids’ school.

211- July 29. Happy sixth birthday Jericho!

210 – July 28. Backyard alien. I could take photos of raindrops every day I think. I try not to, but I probably could! This one made me laugh though, it’s the budding tree in the backyard I photographed the other day, but the water droplets on the bud look like big googly eyes on a little green alien creature.

209- July 27. Brothers. Nicholai and Jericho playing on the Wii together- a rare moment of brotherly cooperation!

208- July 26. Hometime. Took this one this afternoon at the bottom of the school driveway- I always look out at this view as I’m leaving the school and feel glad that we’re on our way home.

207- July 25. Mr Potatohead. The kids are really into these at the moment for some reason…maybe just because they’re hilarious, I don’t know, but every day Soren has been asking to play with his potatoes.

206- July 24. Zen gardening again. The kids have got me doing it now…all their stones and shells that they keep rearranging are on the front porch, and when it’s a sunny morning it’s right where I’ll sit to talk on the phone. So while I talk, I stack their stones and arrange their shells and throw out the old, withered leaves and blooms that the children have added. And then they get home from school and notice what I’ve done, ad immediately go to work adding fresh flowers and leaves.

205- July 23. Promises of spring. This budding branch is on the plum tree in the backyard, offering some tangible evidence that winter is on its way out! Not officially over until the end of August of course, but still, these buds give me hope for some nice sunny days soon.

204- July 22. In the hills. We had to drive 45 minutes for Nicholai’s football today, up in to the hills. It’s like a whole different world up there, with all the huge straight trees and massive ferns, and it’s so pretty. I used to think I’d want to live up there, in one of those unique little hillside cottages, but after the Black Saturday fires I would never feel safe up there now. Which is kind of a pity really, but there you go.

203- July 21. The end of the season. All the other trees are picked bare, there is just this one row of trees on the edge that have no leaves, but are still laden with apples. From a distance it looks quite festive, like Christmas decorations, although once you get closer and see all the apples are rotting and torn apart by birds it does look a little something!

202- July 20. Make a wish. The seeds look like dancing ballerinas.

Okay, normally I’m not that impressed with myself, but I seriously wanted to shriek when I saw this photo. So perfectly beautiful!!! I’m getting skills! Although it was a fluke, and now I’ll never be able to photograph dandelions again because i will never get something so lovely again.

201- July 19. Up, up and away. The balloons were out this morning, I took this from the back porch. I went on a balloon ride back in 2008, and it was amazing. I’d love to go again.

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