Project 365: 181-200.

200- July 18. Winter sky. Halfway through winter, and after a very rainy morning we had some nice sun for a brief while this afternoon.

I can’t believe I’ve done 200 days! Go me!

199- July 17. You can’t see me! Just Soren, being adorable and finding it a huge joke to cover his face while I was taking his photo. He kept peeking out and laughing like a maniac, it was awesome. I love my baby little one.

198- July 16. Back to School. Or, I suppose it should really be titled Rebecca doesn’t clean the car mirrors, sorry about that. Anyway, I liked this one today because it is of what I like both most and least about school days- driving too and from school twice a day! I love the space, I love driving along and singing, I love feeling like I’m going somewhere, but I don’t love the kids fighting about stuff and having to strap Soren in to his carseat multiple times a day and having to put real pants on instead of pyjama pants so I can leave my house.

197 – July 15. Success. Nicholai won the game day medal today- good for him! And that’s mud all over his face- I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen the child this dirty.

196- July 14. Chicken. I kind of love our chickens, and they also kind of terrify me. I don’t think I want to take too many close up photos of them- look at those beady eyes, they’re like the orange fires of hell. They’re kind of psychotic looking.

195 – July 13. A Sad End for Woody. It cracks me up sometimes, the things I see lying around my house. Today it was Woody, brought down by a Civil War Union soldier, a knight, Obi Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker.

194 – July 12. Soft paws. I love cats’ paws, the way they’re quite soft and furry and the way that whenever i touch them they stick out their claws. I also like the way Nemesis has spots on his paws.

193- July 11. Jonquils. These jonquils have popped up in the yard. It’s funny how they look so delicate in close up, but the reality is that I didn’t plant them, they’be been pulled up and trampled on and picked and smashed flat and yet year after year the bulbs just keep on going, giving up more flowers.

192 – July 10. Little monkey. Soren climbing a tree out in the backyard. He’s not too far off the ground here, but I do love the way this photograph catches him in a break in the tree, when he’s unaware that he’s being watched and is just so focused on what he’s doing. I love the strength in his chunky little body when he’s pulling himself up.

191 – July 9. It’s a bird, it’s a plane…I hope it’s a bird. Funny picture of Ootchy Mootchy today. I did something wrong with the colour, he’s not as brown as this picture, he’s a grey tabby but I just loved his wide eyed look. And also all the other photos I took today were rubbish, so this was about the best I could manage!

190- July 8. Frosty morning. Our sunny afternoons and blue skies are bringing with them some freezing cold nights and mornings. Today the whole backyard was covered with a thick frost, so I put on my gumboots and went outside to take some pictures of it. It’s so pretty in close up!

189- July 7. Down at the local. I realised today that I almost never take photos of buildings or other sorts of structures, so here is a photo of our local pub. I actually like it a lot, we used to eat lunch there quite regularly back when Nicholai was just a wee one, and still go for meals occasionally. I can see Troy and I hanging out there on a weekend afternoon, reading and sharing a bottle of wine, once the children are old enough to take care of themselves…probably still a few years away yet, unfortunately!

188- July 6. Homeward bound. On the road back home! This was taken about half an hour from mum and dad’s place actually, I wanted to make sure I at least took one photo before I got too frazzled to think about it!

187- July 5. Portrait of Mummy using a light sabre. Drawing by Soren, using the medium of chalk on a driveway.

186 – July 4. Found diamonds. I love water droplets on plants. Which is a good thing this winter, considering how rainy it has been!

185 – July 3. Out in the gardens. This is Emma and Nicholai and my mum- I just liked the different depths of field in this photo, the way the plants are in the foreground and then the people and then the blurred background of the house.

184- July 2. Hello stranger. I wanted to take a photo of this ostrich at the zoo today, but he seemed a lot more interested in my camera than I wanted him to be!

183- July 1. Family! Well, some family anyway…Troy, Soren, Emmanuella, Nicholai, me, Jericho, Mum, Dad, Benita and Sullivan.

182- June 30. Cup of tea, guv’nor? Jericho and Emma set up a cafe out in mum and dad’s backyard, and Jericho kept trying to sell us al cups of tea. I just loved how he did it wearing his black shirt and fingerless gloves and a pink floral teapot and teacups!

181- June 29. On the road.Lovely sunset on the long drive up to mum and dad’s house.

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