Project 365: 161- 180.

180- June 28. Seeking the Sun. I felt like this little flower today, holding my face up to absorb some of the lovely winter sunshine.

179 – June 27. Morning in the valley. I just thought this was beautiful this morning when I was driving to the shops from school. The clouds were so grey and the sun so bright behind them, and the way the hills were standing out above the low lying clouds. It was so lovely, and such a nice drive.

178 – June 26. My happy place… My library is finished and it’s beautiful! I want to live in it, I really do. As it is I don’t know how many sunny afternoons I’m going to spend lying out on the bed reading and listening to all my old cassette tapes.

177 – June 25. Winter. The river has well and truly broken its banks over the weekend. This is the dog off-lead area near the oval where Nicholai plays football…you can see why they’ve had to move the match for next weekend!

176 – June 24. The Shortest Lunch. Each year, on the weekend closest to the winter solstice, the smaller wineries in the valley run an event involving lots of lovely food and wine. This is the eleventh year in a row that Troy and I have gone to this, and this is the winery and dish I choose every single year- fresh apple pies with cream. So, so delicious!

175 – June 23. Flight…or something like it!

174 – June 22. The flower umbrella. I took this in the creche carpark today, from a vantage point below the flower. All the water droplets you can see are sitting on top of the petals, and the weight of them was bowing the flower down towards the ground.

173 – June 21. Summer memories. The children have maintained what I always think of as their little zen children’s garden out on the front porch. They periodically rearrange the rocks and shells and add some leaves and flowers…this arrangment made me feel a bit nostalgic for summer today, as it sat there in the rain and cold!

172 – June 20. He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother. Two baby dragons at the Sanctuary today, and despite that lovely sentiment I assume what is really going on here is that the little one on the top is just standing on his brother’s back to get closer to the heat lamp and try and warm himself up on this freezing winter day!

171 – June 19. Who said white men can’t jump? Jericho, showing his style at the basketball throw at today’s sports day.

170 – June 18. Winter gold. Some beautiful (if a bit waterlogged) flowers that caught my attention today.

169-June 17. Concentration. This is my Emmanuella, constructing a fairy house at the football today. Such beautiful, crazy curly hair she had today!

168 – June 16. Chatterbox. Do you remember these? I haven’t seen one in years, but I remember when we were little we used to make them all the time! Emma came home from school with it and has been telling our fortunes from it all evening. Her fortunes are all nice things though, like ‘you will be famous!’ and ‘you will live in a mansion!’…I remember we always used to write things like ‘you smell!’ and ‘you have warts!’

167 – June 15. Winter vines. I took this photo in the school yard this afternoon. I love the way the paddocks here look so opposite in winter and summer. In winter the grass is very green and the vines are all leafless and brown and dead looking. In summer the grass goes all yellow and dried, and the vines grow masses of dark green leaves.

166- June 14. Winter twilight. A pretty grim and uninviting sky to do footy training under really, but that’s why I was out at this time of evening tonight…for Nicholai to do footy training, not me of course!

165 – June 13. Mud Brothers. They had so much fun…got so messy. I love them both so much.

164 – June 12. Little boy in a great big world. Don’t be afraid baby little one…it’s all yours.

163 – June 11. Promises. There’s not much happening in hte garden at the moment, but this little plant seems to be starting to bloom…it’s a new one, planted just last year I think, so I don’t know what it’s going to do, but these curled up little red fronds seem to indicate that something is going to happen soon!

162 – June 10. Baby Skyla. Aww, how beautiful is my niece Skyla? Nothing so cute as a smiley chubby baby, and this little precious one must be the most laid back and happy baby girl I’ve ever come across!

161 – June 9. Happy fish. I’m so happy with the way Jericho is going with his swimming lessons at the moment. As you can tell, he is pretty happy with himself too!

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