Project 365: 141-160

160 – June 8. Road to relaxation. I took this on the way to the spa where I had my massage today. It was well up in the hills and very beautiful, in a wet and rainy sort of way.

159 – June 7. Juicy. We don’t have many flowers in our garden at the moment but one of the bushes I planted last year (I think it’s a variety of lillypilly) is covered in bunches of these berries. They’re about the size of a marble, and have just been discovered by a pair of rosellas. I’m hoping they don’t destroy the bush in their efforts to eat them all.

158- June 6. Pedro. I love the way the proportions are so crazy in this photo, which his big head and tiny toes. Although he does look like he’s smirking here, the big doof.

157 – June 5. Blooming in the rain. I took this at school today, because there are almost no flowers in my yard at the moment. I think I need to plant some things that will flower throughout autumn and winter, because I miss them.

156 – June 4. Head in the clouds. I just had to stop and take a photo of this for today- it just looked so amazing driving the kids over to the camp drop off this morning, with the clouds low over the hills and then the sun coming out and making everything shine…it was just beautiful. I would love to live in that house and have that view out my window every morning!

155- June 3. Determination. I am not a sports person and not in the least bit interested in football, but I love what playing has done for Nicholai. I love the way he is learning determination and team work and rising to the physical challenges of this sport.

154 – June 2. Swirl. Since I still have to paint my library, I decided to mix the leftover lazy lavendar paint with the leftover china white so I’d have enough paint. When I poured it together though it made this beautiful swirly colour patter…paint is so fun.

153 – June 1. Welcome winter! It’s the first day of winter, and after a cold morning we were blessed with an afternoon of absolutely beautiful and very welcome sunshine!

152- May 31. Cats in clover. Or cats in flowers. Ootchy found a nice spot to curl up in some very welcome sunshine today.

151- May 30. Intricacies. Spider webs are so beautiful on foggy mornings. It’s kind of amazing to look at something so perfect and know that spiders make them purely from instinct.

150 – May 29. Going to school. This photo is quite grey really, but that’s the reality of driving to school in the mornings lately- lots of low lying cloud today and grey sky.

149 – May 28. Autumn Rain. I really love the colours in this photo, and the way that they just smear into a lovely autumn shaded background. I am also feeling blessed by all the rain- I lived in drought long enough to appreciate a wet autumn, and this particular recent bout of rain means that the handyman has a few free days and can come and build me a library floor, ha ha ha.

148 – May 27. Tiny perfect. These little flowers are just starting to come out on the bush by the driveway. They are tiny, and white with just a streak of colour that you only see if you get up close. It was hard to photograph because it was so small that every movement I made with the camera just resulted in a hopeless blur, but I liked how this one turned out. I like the way it looks like it’s coming out of dark water.

147 – May 26. One day it will be done…

146 – May 25. Wake me when it’s tomorrow. No one does I-don’t-give-a-fuck like cats do.

145 – May 24. Bush fireworks. This is the only thing blooming in our yard at the moment, and it’s nice to see some bright colour on the grey days.

144- May 23. Moo x 2. You can thank Soren for today’s photo, as he was the one who got so excited by this herd of cows in a paddock as we drove along that he insisted we stop and take photos of them! I love the way the kids all like to help with this Project 365 by suggesting photos for me to take- I hope that they’re learning to appreciate beauty and interest all around them.

143- May 22. Leprechaun’s slide. Saw this gorgeous rainbow on the way to and from school this morning- it was so huge! As I drove along with Soren we saw the other end of it and eventually we made it to a place where the two ends actually met and it was a full rainbow…I wish my camera could capture something that big!

142- May 21. In a galaxy far, far away…and in a Little People Farm much closer to home… Soren playing with his little Star Wars figures. These have been the best toys ever, in terms of time spent playing with them!

141- May 20. Afternoon sun. I took this down at the dam this afternoon, while I was watching the dogs play. I love the colours in it with the blue sky and the golden leaves in the afternoon sun.

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