Project 365: 121-140

140 – May 19. Raindrop. It was a very rainy day today. I do love the way these leaves capture the beads of water though.

139 – May 18. Rama and Sita. My Indo puppets, Rama and Sita from the Ramayana (except I don’t know which one is which! Slightly problematic!).

138 – May 17. Love. I was folding the laundry this afternoon, such a mundane chore, when Soren came in from the yard with this handful of dandelions and presented them to me. “Here is some boo-tiful flowers for you Mommy! I love you!” Oh, my heart, my sweet baby little one.

137- Foggy morning. Certainly had to use my lights on the way to school this morning!

136 – May 15th. The smallest room. Yes, okay, this is my toilet…so uninspired today, I took photos of my painting instead of thinking of anything better, sorry!

135 – May 14. Winter afternoon. It’s not even officially winter yet, but when I was driving to school this afternoon in the cold and saw this I thought it may as well be! Although in winter I guess I’ll have to be more careful about just pulling off the road to take pictures or else I’ll wind up getting bogged.

134 – May 13th. On the bench. Waiting to go on the field…this isn’t actually Nicholai (he wears black boots) but he does spend a bit of time on the sidelines. Although he is usually skipping around and earbashing the coach, not just standing here like this kid!

133 – May 12. My dad and my daughter. Or I suppose it could also be ‘my dad and me.2 because even I can look at this photo of Emma and know that she looks exactly like I used to!

132 – May 11. Bold. This is one of the flowers in a little bunch i was given as a starting teaching good luck gift- I need to be as bold and open as this flower.

131 – May 10. Morning magic. How pretty is this? I couldn’t resist going out the front and taking it this morning, just the sun and the fog and the trees…it was so lovely.

130 – May 9th. Wind. This was the weather this morning down at the pond. It seemed as though yesterday’s sunshine was going to be very short lived, although then the wind blew all those grey clouds away and it was a lovely afternoon. Crazy autumn weather.

129 – May 8th. Peaceful. I took this photo on the way to the library today. I love living out in the country, I love driving along in the sunshine and singing with all that space around me, and no people anywhere at all.

128 – May 7th. Ootchy Mootchy. I was feeling totally uninspired to take photographs today, so it’s nearly ten o’clock at night and I had to find something inside. I didn’t have to look far, since Ootchy is sitting on the couch beside me! And really, isn’t he a nice, handsome cat?

127 – May 6th. Score. Under 10’s football game today- unfortunately the score that resulted from this little pack was not a score for Nicholai’s team!

126 – May 5th. Little artiste. Today’s photo is more of Soren’s drawings than of Soren…apparently that is me on the far right, and Soren is the figure next to me, then Daddy and Jericho. I love kids’ art.

125- May 4th. Sometimes I feel like I spend half my life in the car.

124 – May 3rd. Fresh. A new coat of paint changes the whole room!

123 – May 3. Portrait in the rain. It was a rainy day today, so to get away from this endless painting and paint smell in my house I went outside to take photos of raindrops, since they were the most predominant thing! When I took this I realised I could see Soren, upside down in his stripey tshirt in the rain drop!

122 – 1st May. I’ve got a job! I’m going to be an Indonesian teacher…time to hit the books and do a bit of study I think!

this isn’t actually Nicholai (he wears black boots) but he does spend a bit of time on the sidelines. Although he is usually skipping around and earbashing the coach, not just standing here like this kid!</p><p><img title=”134″ src=”” alt=”” width=”500″ height=”333″ /></p>

121- April 30. Autumn Reflections. I took this on the way to school today. I love the way this dam reflects the vines and the sky so beautifully at that time of morning!

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