Project 365: 101-120

120- April 29. Nice day for a game. I took this at the football today. Such a perfect day for a game, sunny with a little wind and trees shedding autumn leaves, and then Nicholai won.

119- April 28. Bursting into bloom. I wanted to take some flower pictures today, but there’s really not that much out in the yard at the moment. This bottlebrush is starting to flower though, and I thought this one, with the buds just opening up, was lovely.

118- April 27. Sick. Not much inspiration for photographs today, and not much time to go looking for any with Soren being sick, so here is my boy having a rest. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of looking at those eyelashes. Feel better soon my baby little one.

117 – April 26. My brave boy. Jericho waiting to go down to surgery for his ear tubes today at the Eye and Ear Hospital.

116 – April 25. Happy birthday Great Nana!

115 – April 24. This is my life now- paint and brushes and ladders and rags and sugar soap and crappy old clothes to paint in!

114 – April 23. Rainbow. How beautiful is this…I was driving to pick the kids up from school and there it was. It was a full, bright rainbow with a much paler second one behind it- just gorgeous.

113 – April 22. Orchard in autumn. Drove past this on the way to footy today and thought it was beautiful. Had a mad desire to jump out of the car and run through all the trees but restrained myself once I saw people in there picking fruit, ha ha ha!

112 – April 21. Adorable has four legs. We drove past the same field of ponies that I took photos in two days ago, but today there was this sweet little thing with them! It must be only about two days old and was just so tiny and beautiful. The mare is only a small pony, so this foal probably went up to about my knees. Too cute I say.

111- April 20th. Unexpected flamboyance. This is a passionfruit flower- I had no idea they looked so cool! These things are amazing! It was growing on the fence at Soren’s daycare, I’ll have to keep my eyes open for the fruit later on.

110 – April 19. Soren and I stopped to say hello to a group of ponies today and found this pretty baby in amongst them. So sweet with those gangly legs and spiky mane, and such unusual colouring.

109 – April 18. Autumn in the valley. I took this at the top of the school drive this morning. All the vine leaves are beginning to turn and the balloons were up this morning too, so it really is seeming more and more like autumn. (Apart from the way it’s still getting quite hot in the afternoons!)

108 – April 17. Fly. I love to watch my babies fly.

107 – April 16. Changes. I love to watch the leaves turn in autumn. Where I grew up there were mostly native evergreen trees and autumn wasn’t as noticeable, but around here there are acres of vineyards with leaves changing colours and dropping, as well as al the oak trees planted around town, and I love it.

106 – April 15. Triumph. Nicholai played in his first football game today, and his team won. I took this photo as he came running back to us once the match was over, overjoyed to share in the win. I love that he is airborne here, because I know that he was certainly feeling like he was walking on air!

105 – April 14. I am not amused. The sneering look of disdain this seal seems to be giving us was hilarious. Check out those whiskers!

104 – Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. We had to go in to East Melbourne today for an appointment for Jericho at the Eye and Ear hospital. It was a glorious day, and this church was across the road, looking rather splendid and impressive. Melbourne in autumn is beautiful.

103 – April 12. Night driving. I’m not out at night by myself that often, but I was tonight so I took this picture. I love the colours, and the streak of light from the car.

102 – April 11. Tiny Treasures. One of Soren’s shells from his endless ‘collection’. This is my favourite kind of shell, we call them unicorn horns and the kids found lots of tiny ones at the beach last week.

101- April 10. Zen Gardening for Children. This is a collection of rocks and stones collected on our holiday, that Emma keeps rearranging into different fairy homes- it reminded me of those Zen rock gardens that businesspeople keep on their desks.

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