Project 365: 081-100

100 – April 9. Dandelion wishes. Day 100, yay! Can’t believe I’ve been doing this for 100 days in a row now. My wish on this dandelion is that the next 100 days are just as fun!

099 – April 8th. Sparklers. Doesn’t everyone love sparklers? We had a bonfire tonight and the kids played with them after dinner, while I played with long exposures on my camera…this was Jericho’s sparkler movements. I like it a lot!

098 – April 7. Home sweet home. After taking 800 photos on holidays (well, actually much more than that, there’s 800 left after I deleted everything rubbishy, yikes) I really wasn’t feeling any photography enthusiasm today, so the camera didn’t come out until late tonight. Even so, this is a picture that really says home to me, because what’s more homey than a smoochy snoozy kitty?

097 – April 6. Water, water everywhere, And all of it to drink. We stopped to view the Thomson Dam on the way home from our holiday today. It’s the main source of Melbourne water and it was completely enormous, and utterly fantastic.

096 – April 5. The edge of the world. This is the view of the beach we went to today, from the lookout at the top of the bluff. It was beautiful beach weather, and there is something so stunning about an almost deserted beach. I would love to live here!

095- April 5th. Welcome to wonderland. This was at the entry to Royal Cave at Buchan Caves today. Such magic!

094 – April 3. Reflections.

093 – April 2. Lakes Entrance. I love holidays!

092- April 1. Peaceful. Today was the first day that I’ve been too frazzled and overwhelmed with other stuff to even think about my Project 365. 92 days in to though, so that’s still not too bad! As an antidote to my stressed out state I lit this lovely scented candle that is melting down in a totally bizarre way, so there’s the story of today’s photo.

091- March 31. Rainbow lorikeet. I took this over at Troy’s mum and dad’s place, where a small flock of these birds were fighting over the seed ring. They’re gorgeous, we have them at our house quite often but I don’t usually get as close as this since here they just perch in the top of the trees, well out of the way of marauding cats!

090- March 30. Autumn flower. I ate my lunch in the park today, sitting under a tree on grass sprinkled with these small flowers. It was lovely. I especially liked this flower because I can see the yellow pollen spotting the white petals- I think a bee has probably been by for a meal.

089 – March 29. Football player. Nicholai wearing all his new footy gear, including his number 1 jumper!

088 – March 28. Pony girl. Soren thought some ponies in a paddock near home would make a good photo for today. This gorgeous girl seemed quite happy to come ambling over and investigate the two of us (and my camera!) through her rather luxuriant mane. I do love ponies, and this one seemed like a real sweetheart.

087 – March 27. Bees. There are not very many blossoms around at the moment, so when there’s a flowering shrub and a little bit of sunshine there are LOTS of bees. I love taking photos of them. I love the way they buzz, and the way they dive headfirst into the flowers and have such a busy, self important sort of attitude about them!

086 – March 26. Emma walking the dog.

085 – March 25. Flip. Nicholai on the trampoline, doing flips- this photo made me laugh because he kind of looks like he’s hanging in space with no bones.

084- March 24. Skink. It’s a cute creature today! I found this little guy out in the library, hiding under a bit of slot car race track. Not sure what he was doing in there, although as Troy pointed it the room is full of bugs and is cat proof so it’s probably not a bad home for a skink. I showed him to the kids who had a little play with him, and then rehomed him in a ‘bug house’ they build out of bark and grass by the garden gnome.

083 – 23 March. Harvest. I took this one on the way to school this afternoon. Looks like these grapes are just about ready to be picked. They’re not very big, but there’s a lot of them and they’re quite dark. They’ll be made in to wine, but I don’t know what sort!

082 – March 22. Beautiful sunshine.

081 – March 21. The Letterland magnets arrived yesterday, and the kids have been enjoying them a lot, mostly either spelling out their names (Jericho and Soren) or writing insults to each other (Nicholai and Emma).

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