Project 365: 061-080.

079 – March 19. Jericho and I found this spider sitting on a giant egg sac in the tree by the fence today. She was reluctant to move off the eggs for her portrait, and then pretty much refused to unscrunch herself, but I did think it was kind of interesting the way she was holding her front legs out, and her giant abdomen completely overshadowed her head. Once again, I love the multiple shiny eyes and am both creeped out and fascinated by that spiky looking hair!

078- Happy Saint Patrick’s Day for yesterday. This photo really illustrates my belief that just because you CAN turn something green doesn’t mean you SHOULD do it! It’s green Turkish bread for St Pat’s day that my mother in law bought us…really, I’ve never seen anything so incredibly unappetizing, it looks like play doh! However I did eat it for lunch today, and at least with my eyes closed it tasted just like normal.

Would you eat them in a house?
Would you eat them with a mouse?
I will not eat them here or there,
I will not eat them anywhere!
I do not like them Sam-I-Am,
I do not like green eggs and ham!

077 – March 17. Roar. We went to the museum today and found this impressive specimen looming over us…love dinosaur skeletons.

076 – March 16. Nature is bizarre. These blooms are growing on a tree in the front corner of our neighbour’s yard, hanging over our letterbox. I like them because they’re bright red and from a distance look like small fireworks, and also because not much else is flowering at the moment in our yard. When I got up close to them today though I was pretty amazed by the symmetry of them when you look from the top, I hadn’t realised they were like that.

075 – March 15. Ootchy Mootchy. Not the most elegant of poses for my Ootchy cat, but it made me laugh.

074 – Clouds. I took this on the way to the library today because I thought the sky looked amazing with all those clouds.

And although you can’t see it all that clearly in this picture, there are two birds in the topmost branches of that tree and, using my extensive bird knowledge gained at the Sanctuary (ha!) I’m pretty sure they’re black kites, which are a kind of hawk. So after I took this photo Soren and I watched them fly around. I’m so grateful sometimes that I took this project on, because it’s given me some wonderful moments like this, of just watching and wondering at the world around me.

073- March 13. Marble run. We bought this for Nicholai ages ago, but the kids have recently rediscovered it…it’s amazing the marble runs you can make with all the little pieces, and it’s completely hypnotic watching the marbles zoom through it once you’re done.

072 – 12 March. This little beast popped out from the behind the curtains when I was pulling them back this morning- I screamed and jumped about a foot in the air. It’s only a cricket though, so once the shock of a leaping black bug wore off I decided to take his picture. Although looking at him in close up like this makes him look a whole lot more menacing and creepy, so I don’t actually think I’ll ever touch one again.

071 – March 11. It’s me! Well, sort of…when I started this project 365 I had plans for a few self portraits in here, but it hasn’t really happened. So although I was being silly when I took this photo today I thought I’d include it, and here’s my reflection in Troy’s glasses.

070 – March 10. Joyful Jericho. I love to watch the exuberance of the children when they’re playing in water!

069 March 9. I had a very quiet day at home that really left me not very inspired for photography… so here is a photo of my work in progress, the knitted bag that I’m now about to attempt to decorate with crocheted flowers.

068- March 8. I took this out in the backyard this afternoon. I am fascinated by how my perception of these garden things changes when I take the time to look at them up close. Like this, which is really just a weedy thing that is currently growing rampant all over our desperately-needs-to-be-mowed yard, but when I was studying it to take this picture I see the lovely pink on it, and how beautifully it all fits together.

Of course that won’t stop it being mowed into oblivion on the weekend, but I just thought it was interesting.

067- March 7. This pretty girl was very friendly when Soren and I went to the Sanctuary this morning, and both of us got to have a pat and give her a scratch behind those giant ears! I was really pleased, there are two kind of kangaroos in that enclosure and these grey ones are usually quite shy and don’t let you get too close so this was pretty special today. Soren loved her, although he eventually scared her away by laughing hysterically when she sneezed.

066- March 6. Emma had to have a tooth extracted today, so here she is holding it up in a jar…it’s pretty gross looking in all honesty, but she’s deservedly proud of how bravely she endured the experience of haviing it pulled out!

065 – I love this picture. I think it’s amazing the way the stamens look like cupped hands when you look so closely.

064 – March 4. This is what I see out of my kitchen window, while I’m standing at the sink doing dishes. The tree on the left is the willow in our yard, the horizontal line is our shed with the chicken coop on teh left, and the sloped roof is the shed belonging to our neighbours over the back fence. I love the way I can see a tiny glimpse of mountain between the trees.

063- March 3. It was wet today and I was feeling quite uninspired honestly. With the cooler weather though we’ve had to pull out the winter pyjamas and this year all four kids have grown and needed new ones, so I thought I’d take a photo of all of them in their new (or new to them, at least, we do love the hand-me-downs around here!) pyjamas…yeah, well you can see how well that worked out!

Okay, this is their version of a ‘silly face’ photo, but it’s honestly not all that much different to their ‘sit up and smile nicely’ photo from today, because they were all acting like chimpanzees.

062- March 2. Jericho and I took the dog down to the oval for a walk and a swim in the river today, and there was this funny pony in a paddock right nearby so we went to say hello to him. He was quite happy to hang out by the fence getting pats from Jericho- it’s crazy how animals always love that boy! I love this photo because it is Jericho the animal whisperer at work, and because it really shows that beautiful early autumn weather we’re having.

061- March 1. Soren and Jericho are both very keen to help me find things to photograph each day. It’s so cute to have them pointing out things that they think would make a nice photo! It’s also cute the way they think that nothing makes quite as nice a picture as a photograph of THEM! Oh well, I think I’d rather look at my two little boys than scenery anyway.

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