Project 365: 021-040

040- February 9. Isn’t this moth beautiful? I know it looks a bit like a dead things pinned on a specimen board, but it’s very much alive. I found it on the outside of the kitchen windows, so it’s the sheer white curtains that are behind it. I just think it’s got the most amazing patterns on its wings…I always think of moths as being drab and plain, but when I really look at one I’m always amazed by how intricate the patterns are and how pretty they really are even with the muted colours. I guess it’s like a lot of things really…there’s usually more to it than first meets the eye.

039- February 8. This is Soren looking out the eighth floor window of the Austin hospital where he and I were visiting Alyssa with her broken leg. With a view that just seemed to go on forever the hospital actually seemed like it would be a pretty relaxing place to just hang out in bed for a few days…I think Alyssa, with her leg screwed or nailed (or something) together might disagree with this though!

038- February 7. I’m not sure that I’m not breaking my own Project 365 rules here, by taking a photo of an x ray (That was also taken yesterday!) but that’s what I’ve done. I’m going to count it though, because I want to! Also I did photoshop it all together into one image, which meant I had to actually utilise things in Photoshop that I haven’t used up until now. Since improving my photo editing was also part of this challenge, I suppose it all counts. Anyway, after all that justification, here are Nicholai and Emma’s teeth. I think it’s so cool the way you can see all the adult teeth growing up underneath the baby teeth!

037- February 6. The cattleyards across from the cemetary. They look quite rickety in this photo but they’re actually quite sturdy and functional. I really do love photos of farm things. I still think nostalgically about the farm that Troy and I lived on when we first got married.

036- February 5. Jericho found this little pinecone and gave it to me, and I thought it might make an interesting photo. However as soon as I put it down Nemesis decided it made a better cat toy than photographic object! Although I actually like this photo anyway, with the different textures of the scratchy pinecone and the soft kitty fur.

035 – February 4. Nicholai and Emma playing on this swing at the park.

034- February 3. I love my dog Pedro. We joke that he’s like the stereotypical supermodel of the dog world- tall, blonde and pretty, but not too bright! This photo is particularly hilarious because I caught him in mid-jump, but he looks like he’s leaping into attack which is so far from his natural personality it’s beyond ridiculous.

033- February 2. Back to school. Today was Jericho’s first day of school, and when we went into his classroom all the chairs had the kids’ names on them. He’s so happy to be going to school like the big kids, and I’m so proud of him but I really can’t believe my moonbaby is actually old enough to be a schoolboy!

032- February 1. I love driving past this farm. There are horses and donkeys there all year round, and every year they foal and there are beautiful sweet babies to look at!

031- January 31. I wasn’t feeling too inspired today, but I went for a walk through the yard to see what I could find. These blackberries made a nice photo, but they are not meant to be there! Guess I’ll have to get out there with the secaturs and get rid of them soon before they take over the deck.

030- January 30.

I’m trying for these 365 photos to be different things and not all of the cats, but how could I resist this picture I took of Nemesis today? He’s just so relaxed and slinky, and looks as fed up with the heat as I felt too!

And I will also add that to take this photo I had to lie flat on my belly on the driveway full of pointy, scratchy, uncomfortable stones, so i am obviously becoming more dedicated to getting a good picture!

029- January 29.

I really love where we live. I always jokingly mock our area as ‘pretend country’ and laugh about it being full of pretentious yuppies, but I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else..This is what the kids see over the fence at school every day and I don’t think they could really ask for much more.

028- January 28.

We went to a nursery today, and I took this photo in the fernery. I love how green it is, and the way Soren looks so small under such a high roof. I also like the way the little path curves around beside him. Although he does appear to be wearing all the same colour and look like he’s on safari!

027- January 27.

This a photo of the eggs in our fridge. We have four hens and between them they lay an average of three eggs a day. I don’t always draw the faces on them but I quite often do, especially since the kids have certain ones they always request, like a Harry Potter egg, or a cat egg, or a pirate egg. Other times I will draw a face on that shows how I feel- hence the crying egg that I collected the other day!

026- January 26. Lying in wait. This spider was in the web it had made in the grass. The web was angled backwards so I could only see the underside of the spider, but I thought that was pretty neat. I don’t think this spider is going to go hungry either, as there were quite a lot of little bugs trapped in the web.

025- January 25. Colour. I saw this tree when I dropped Emma off at a party today. It just stood out so much with its bright yellow and lime green leaves, in the sea of dark green and olive green trees around it. I love these trees anyway, they always remind me of my wedding because one of my favourite wedding photos was taken with Troy and I standing underneath one! 

024- January 24. Summer holidays. This was my view from the couch, as we all just hang out in front of the air conditioner on a hot day.

023- January 23.Scary spider I found living out on the kids’ cubby house! Unlike the praying mantis I didn’t pick this one up, so I couldn’t take it to a better lit place, just had to snap him where he was.

022- January 22. I went out to lunch today with Anna, and this was the view. Beautiful!

021- January 21. I found this little guy out in the garden so used him to practise on today. It’s a Praying Mantis, which are such quirky, funny looking insects. I love the way they move about and wave their legs, I love their bright green colour, and I love their enormous eyes! I also love the way it looks like he’s sticking his tongue out in this picture.

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