Project 365: 001-020

020- January 20. Nemesis climbing in the tree in the front corner of the yard. You can’t really tell in this photo but he climbed up very high and was crawling around up there after birds, with his crazy cat eyes wide open.

019- January 19. Emma had her hair cut today…she was very happy with the straightened, shiny and beautiful result!

018- January 18. Playing Lego with Soren.

017- It was so hot today- you can almost see the heat reflecting off the road. I took this while driving home after taking Nicholai to a sleepover this afternoon. It’s hard to imagine, looking at this, that almost three years ago this whole place was just blackened trees and drifts of dead and burned leaves after the fires.

016- One of our chickens. Definitely worth all the long drawn out effort of building the coop and preparing for them! We’re getting three or four eggs a day at the moment. Although they’re starting to look a bit mangy because they’re rubbing the feathers off their necks by poking their heads through the wire.

015- A half blown off dandelion with a little bug on it searching for something…I love this one!

014- Four kids= lots of hand-me-down clothes. Friends who pass along their outgrown clothes add to the pile, and keeping track of who wears what, who has grown out of what, and what needs to be put away for who to grow into it can be a very complicated task. Today I pulled everything out and sorted it out. Took ages but I’ve finished up with four labelled plastic tubs, a garbage bag of cothes to go out, and a second garbage bag of clothes to put in the donation bit.

013- I had a day out at Ikea with Jericho today. I wish my house could be as functional and full of storage and gadgets as an Ikea store!

012- Ootchy Mootchy cat.

011- Jericho drawing me a ‘warning picture’. It’s a bomb with a sad person who is going to be blown up and a smiling villain who is happy that his plot is working! I love the way all his drawings have such complex stories associated with them.

010- It seems to be a rule of childhood that kids just love spinning. It also seems to be a sad fact of adulthood that you lose your stomach for it. Today’s photo is from a trip that the kids and I took to the park.

009- Soren playing with Play-doh.

008- This photo really sums up my day…organising the kids’ bedrooms! Nicholai has switched from this room and now shares with Emma, and Jericho and Soren are going to try sharing this back room. All the new clothes in the wardrobe, all this little (big!) shoes lined up, the bunks and the new chest of drawers just visible on the right side. I’d really love to paint this room, I hate the kind of lime green colour it is, but that’s going to have to wait.

007- This wasp was building a nest right outside our back door today! All the photos I took had its head inside the clay nest because I was too scared to stick around when it took its head back out. When it was gone we broke the nest up and found a pile of green caterpillars and a witchetty grub trapped inside- it was both fascinating and creepily disgusting.

006- Troy and the kids at the Sanctuary.

005- We have two plum trees in our back yard. A yellow plum tree that flowered and fruited and is now finished, and the tree that is currently loaded with red plums. I feel like we’re fighting a losing battle against the birds and the dog (who adores plums) to actually eat any thought!

004- Jericho playing with the Harry Potter Knight Bus Lego that Santa brought him for Christmas.

003- These blossoms are on the tree out on our nature strip, which is looking beautiful this year. From the street side anyway, the side next to the house is where half the tree broke off and is kind of bare and twiggy!

002- My three year old, beautiful Soren!

001.- New Year’s Eve/Morning, sitting outside with Mum, Dad, Troy and Rhiannon and talking in the candlelight.

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