Days 021-040.

Project 365-2015: Day 040 – Summer.

Day 039 – Laying Eggs is Thirsty Work.

The chickens love drinking out of the dogs’ bucket. It’s also one good thing about Pedro being so old and mellow now- if the chickens come out in the yard while I fill up their water dispenser Pedro doesn’t do anything, just watches them.
I liked this photo because it shows the way they have to throw their heads back to drink, and the way his feathers are wet and you can see the water droplets.

Day 038 – Style.
Say what you will, but you can’t deny Jericho’s flamboyant style!

Day 037 – Perfect Creation.
I’m back with the bees today. I keep thinking one day I’ll get bored of photographing them, but I never do. Every time I get a close up look at them I am just more and more fascinated- I mean look at all those tiny hairs on his body and the hard, shiny jointed legs and the fragile wings! Not to mention the giant black eyes and the way they go so busily about their little bee lives.

Day 036 – The Way Home.
We’re really back into the school routine now, which for me includes driving between our house and the school four times a day. I have to say that I don’t mind it though- not when I get things like this to look at on the way.

Day 035 – Pink.
I love the colour of these flowers, but I have to say that they smell pretty horrible!

Day 034 – Unfolding.
This was in our neighbour’s yard, and the yellow caught my eye on a fairly nondescript kind of morning. When I looked closer though I just loved the way the petals are all rolled up into little scrolls in the centre, waiting for a bit more sun to open up to.

Day 033 – La la LA!

Nemesis, with a song in his little cat heart.
And I know, I said just yesterday that it wasn’t going to be 365 photos of my pets! But ‘singing’ Nemesis was too funny to ignore.

Day 031 – Yea River.
The Yea River, which is pretty unimpressive actually. Maybe it’s bigger somewhere else along the line? Although there were some delicious blackberries growing beside it, so there was that.

Day 030 – Hunter.
Ootchy Mootchy cat, looking menacing.

Day 029 – Summer Snowflake.
These are growing everywhere on the sides of the road this year. They’re probably some kind of noxious weed or something, but I think they look so pretty, especially in close up like this.

Day 028 – Golden Afternoon.

Day 027 – The Doctor Will See You Now.
Luna dog, looking very scholarly and all ready for you to share your troubles and listen to her words of wisdom.

Day 026 – Licking His Chops.

I love this one! It’s Godzilla, enjoying some delicious catfood. Grapes were also on the menu, but clearly didn’t tempt him this afternoon. His tongue is amazing- I’ve only ever seen it come out at the front, which is how he tastes the air, and I had no idea it wasn’t as narrow as it appears then. Watching him eat today we could all see it’s surprising big and flat and flexible. (And also a very similar colour to the blue of his food bowl, curse it, which makes it slight less impressive to see than it otherwise would be!)

Day 025 – Down by the dam in summer.

Day 024 – They Didn’t Stand a Chance.

Jericho and Soren’s game for the afternoon involved setting up the Playmobil knights and pirates, the Little People farmer with his horses and carts, and the True Heroes soldiers with their jeep and weapons…and then driving the remote control car full of power rangers through them and smashing it all to bits, lol. Just imagine the terror for all these tiny plastic people!

Day 023 – St. Patrick’s Cathedral.
I took this one this morning, walking through the city. I liked the different colours of the stones that it’s made from, and the way the sky is so blue and flat that it looks fake.

Day 022 – Out for Dinner.
I took this when Lee and I took a walk in Melbourne last night to find something to eat. I liked this giant pots with the trees and flowers in them.

Day 021 – Walking the dogs.
Ems, Soren and Jericho contemplating the pond while walking the dogs this morning. Emma has Luna (who is nearly hidden by some reeds) and Nicholai and Pedro were lagging behind.

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