Day 001-020

Day 020 – A Touch of Zen.
Just spending some time with the rocks and shells and flowers.

Day 019 – Flight of the Bumblebee.
Look at that! I got it! After all my time photographing bees I finally got one of them in flight and in focus! Woohoo! And I have to say, I promise this isn’t going to be 365 days of bee photos, but they probably will be a bit of a theme during summer. Basically, I like taking photos of bees. I like flowers and I like bees and I like them together. I also like the fact that when I’m taking photos of bees I just have to sit down and wait patiently for them to do their little bee thing in front of me…it’s very relaxing. (Apart from one time I went to break a leaf off so I could see them more clearly and I shook the whole tree and they rose up in a wild, buzzing cloud that for a moment made me terrified that they were going to swarm me or something. But apart from that…relaxing.)

Day 019 – Emmanuella. 

Day 016 – Playing Fetch.
Luna enjoying her new pig squeaky. I love her ears flying behind her!

Day 015 – Country Victoria.
I took this on the way to Mum and Dad’s house. This is what I always picture in my mind when I hear anything about country Victoria- yellow paddocks with giant eucalyptus trees and the Grampians in the background.

Day 014 – Zebby Zebra.
I finished crocheting this zebra today. It’s a present for Remi’s first birthday, so I hope she likes it…I think it’s really adorable.

Day 013 – A Break in the Weather.
It rained most of the day today, and in the brief break in the rain I went outside to find the bees all madly collecting their daily quota from the bottlebrush tree.

Day 012 – Blue Tongue Lizard.
I rescued this little guy from the dog this morning, after he’d somehow managed to get him out of the woodpile. The children have named him Godzilla.

Day 011 – Sleepytime.
Luna was extremely uninterested in being my model today. Still, it was probably easier to take her picture when she was asleep than having her awake and running away from me.

Day 010 – Sharing a Drink.
The chickens were so thirsty today that three of them were perching on the edge of the bucket and sharing some water- all very nice until one of them fell in, ha ha ha!

Day 009 – Driving Home.
I took this one driving home from the supermarket today. It always surprises me how green the vineyards are compared to the paddocks, and it was especially nice to see it all wet with rain in today’s beautifully cooler weather.

Day 008 – Anyone for Lemonade?
Our lemon tree is actually starting to flourish, and today we realised it had grown us this tiny lemon!

Day 007 – Funky Flowers.
This flower, which I now know is a passionfruit flower, is blooming on a vine that doesn’t produce fruit and defies any attempt we make to kill it! At least these crazy flowers are nice!

Day 006 – Pounce.
It seems like Ootchy Mootchy cat isn’t too old to play- this is his paw trying to catch the stick i was using to tease him with.

Day 005 – Not So Zen.
Remember the rocks and shells that live out on the front porch, that the children and I used to rearrange and add flowers and things to? I called it their Zen garden, because it made me think of those Japanese rock and sand gardens that people have for relaxation. I always found it relaxing when I played with it! However when i was out there today I realised it was a whole lot less tranquil, since Jericho’s soldiers have taken it over as a battleground!

Day 004 – Haying Time.
I took this on the way home from shopping today, just outside town. All that long grass is really a fire hazard at this time of year, but it’s also quite pretty in a rustic, rural way.

Day 003 – Summer.
Jericho playing on the slip and slide in the backyard this morning- the only good thing about the hot summer weather in my opinion!

Day 002 – Six.
So today, Scooby turned six. My sunshine baby is now my big sunshine boy!

Day 001 – Happy New Year!
I’ve decided to give the project 365 another try. I succeeded with it in 2012 and failed miserably in 2014, so we’ll see how we go this year.
For my first photo of the year I took this one of the children’s glow sticks, discarded as four exhausted kids fell into bed after midnight. We had a great night, and I’m looking forward to 2015 being a better year.

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