Days 201-220

Project 365-2015: Day 220 – Emma.
Today’s photo is Emma, walking over to the fence at half-time in her game and looking rather grown up and capable and sporty! Unfortunately her team didn’t win, but they played a good game and there’s still a couple more weeks in the season.

Project 365-2015: Day 219 – First.
The first blossom on the yellow plum tree outside my window! This was the only one when I went out after lunch, but another one popped open in the afternoon sunshine. Spring is on the way.

Project 365-2015: Day 218 – When Life Gives You Lemons…
After taking a photo of the first, peanut sized lemon from our lemon tree way back on day 008 of this photo challenge, look at the lemon I’ve got today! It’s still small (maybe about 7cm end to end), we’re not exactly picking it off the tree and juicing it up for lemonade, but it’s a beautiful yellow and still growing.

Project 365-2015: Day 217 – All I Want For Christmas…
My beautiful Scooby showing off his new front teeth gap! I can’t believe that soon even my baby is going to have big teeth!

Project 365-2015: Day 216 – Walking the Trail.
Luna, enjoying the freedom of her retractable leash on the Warburton trail today. Less than 10km to go!

Project 365-2015: Day 215 – The Cat in the Hat
The children helped with today’s photo, so here you go- Nemesis in a cowboy hat. Because that’s what we all needed today.

Project 365-2015: Day 214 – Echidna
I love echidnas. Most of the time they’re just spiky balls half buried in the ground, but when they come out and do stuff they’re hilariously adorable. They trundle along with their spikes all over the place, and sometimes they sit up and scratch their fat little bellies, and today this one even climbed over a log. Perhaps I’m just easily impressed, but it was so cute!

Project 365-2015: Day 213 – Action!
Jericho in action on the hockey field during his warm up today! He complains about training a lot, but he really does have some talent and his team is getting better every week.

Project 365-2015: Day 212 – And Again
It feels like winter has only just begun, but already there are signs of spring beginning to show themselves. I took this photo in the backyard, where the yellow plum tree is already getting itself ready for the warmer weather.

Project 365-2015: Day 211 – Daffodils

Project 365-2015: Day 210 – Happy 9th Birthday Jericho!

Project 365-2015: Day 209 – Reflections
More from the Warburton rail trail today. There was a lot of water around (there were ducks swimming in this ditch further along) but I liked the way it reflected the sky here.

Project 365-2015: Day 208 – Going Exploring.
Look, photographic proof that Luna (the laziest dog in the world) actually gets up off her couch or heating vent! She and I went for a walk down at the ponds this morning, which she liked. This new retractable lead we’re using is great- she can roam a little bit, and it’s also giving her lots of practice in responding to her name and coming back to me when I call her, which was always a weak spot. She’s such a good little dog.

Project 365-2015: Day 207 – Little Dragon
Well, it’s not exactly a dragon and I’m not exactly Daenerys Targaryen, mother of dragons! It’s just a little skink that Troy found while he was doing the mowing, but which was looking rather dragon-like as it stalked about on my hand and glared at the camera today.

Project 365-2015: Day 206 – Selfie Time
Soren, having finally been allowed to get his hands on a phone (my dad’s) had a brilliant time taking selfies of his own smiling, toothless little face.

Project 365-2015: Day 205 – Rainbow
This was just so beautiful today. The weather went from being windy and sunny, to being grey and dismal and raining, and then the sun came out and gave us this. I love the rainbow and the light and the colours.

Project 365-2015: Day 204 – Driving Home.
I took this one driving home late this afternoon- I just wanted to get these amazingly bright and bold cloud colours as the sun went down.

Project 365-2015: Day 203 – Pony Pals
I stopped to take photos of some cute ponies today, and I loved these two. The whole time I was watching them they were standing together, scratching each other and it was adorable. Scruffy, fuzzy ponies are really sweet.

Project 365-2015: Day 202 – Clouds
I took this photo on my Warburton trail walk today, and just loved the way the clouds were stretched across the sky. Beautiful day.

Project 365-2015: Day 201 – Frost Fingers
We’ve had a few very cold and clear nights lately that have resulted in some beautiful frost in the yard- makes me glad we never mow our lawn because the frosty grass and weeds are so pretty!

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