Days 181-200

Project 365-2015: Day 200 – Say Cheese!
My Scooby, showing me his brand new gap now that his front tooth has finally fallen out- he’s much happier about it than he looks in this photo! I’m happy for him, but also kind of floundering at the idea of it, because growing big teeth really changes a kid’s face shape. Losing the front teeth is kind of the last of the ‘little’ kid milestones and he’s my baby…when did they all get so big?

Project 365-2015: Day 199 – A good day for hockey.
Unexpected sunshine made watching hockey a pleasure this morning!

Project 365-2015: Day 198 – Luna’s Favourite Spot.
What better spot for a little dog on a cold winter’s day than curled up around the heating vent by the window? It’s Luna’s favourite place to be, and you can even see her tail wafting in the breeze.

Project 365-2015: Day 197 – Gold.
The wattles are starting to bloom. I took this photo looking up at one growing near school today, because I really liked the colours of the wattle, the cypress next to it, and the blue sky all mixed together.

Project 365-2015: day 196 – Winter
A winter river on a winter walk today. The water is up quite high after all the recent rain, but I don’t think it will flood in the imminent future.

Project 365-2015: Day 195 – Teaching. Well, preparing to teach more like it. This is where I spent a lot of time today- printing, colouring, cutting, laminating and cutting again while I either watched X-Files or listened to music. Right now my hands are killing me and I’m about halfway to having a fun game of paper dolls with which to teach the children Indonesian words for clothes. Excuse me…pakaian. This is a pretty uninspiring photo, but it wasn’t the most inspiring of days. Project 365-2015: Day 194 – Back to School. The kids went back to school today, after the mid-year break, so it’s back into the car to drive twice a day. And as you can see, today we had rain for the drive. Project 365-2015: Day 193 – Before My beautiful library is in such a mess. Troy and I made a start on putting it back together and improving it today (I’m alphabetising it again) and as you can see, it badly needs some attention. Project 365-2015: Day 192 – Oh, What a Tangled Web. I dyed this yarn blue a week or so ago- mostly because it was white and I couldn’t think of what else I might do with white yarn and I was dying something blue and thought I should make use of the dye while I had it. While I love the denim look that has resulted, I DID NOT love the hours I spent today untangling a ball and a half of tangled yarn and rewinding it! Project 365-2015: Day 191 – Jericho Jericho the animal-whisperer, hanging out with Luna and enjoying the cosiness of lying beside the heating vent! (And giving me a genuine smile, which can be hard to get out of him these days!) Project 365-2015: Day 190 – Green Thumb. Actually, I don’t have a particularly green thumb. My gardening efforts are pretty mediocre at best. But the succulents growing in the little pots on the study windowsill have been flourishing despite me, and so I had to repot them today. Project 365-2015: Day 189 – Construction Project 365-2015: Day 188 – Coming Soon: Lemonade My lemon tree is finally starting to really thrive. Six months ago it grew us a single lemon about the size of a peanut, now it’s growing several lemons about as large as plums, and has lots of groups of buds on it as well. I can’t wait until we grow a lemon we can actually pick and use. Project 365-2015: Day 187 – Cookie and Friends Luna found herself a cosy friend to snuggle up with on the heating vent today. Cookie looks a little bit less than impressed though. (And that Cookie Monster was given to Nicholai for his first birthday, twelve years ago, and still works as well as it ever did. His longevity is astounding, given the treatment he has received! Project 365-2015: Day 186 – Babylove. I’m preparing for some upcoming babies in the family by making some knitted and crocheted things, and today I finally finished the little knitted overalls. Yay! They’re very cute, in a very rustic, homemade way. I really wish I’d been able to knit and crochet when my ones were little! Project 365-2015: Day 185 – Rainy Day I love photos of dandelions, but I wasn’t going to take any more because I’ve done so many of them before. However, today it poured with rain and this one had lovely little round diamond drops of water on it, and I couldn’t resist the prettiness. Project 365-2015: Day 184 – Upside Down. Jericho, showing off some style on the jumping pillow today. Project 365-2015: Day 183 – Half-way point! I’ve reached the half way point of this project now, so here I am on day 183 with a beautiful golden flower and a sense of accomplishment. 182 days completed and 182 days ahead! Project 365-2015: Day 182 – Yum! One of the lovely, friendly little deer at the Halls Gap Zoo eating out of Jericho’s hand on today’s trip. He continues to be the animal whisperer of our family. Project 365-2015: Day 181 – Holiday morning. All the kids just hanging out and reading. I love that everyone in my family loves reading, and it’s such a joy to see Soren beginning to be able to join in and read independently too.

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