Forvanian History by Nicholai

The Førvanian National Press
The History of Førvania
First Anniversary Edition
Nicholai Fredriksson, Emperor of Førvania



Dedicated to the late Paddy Roy Bates, a.k.a. Prince Roy of Sealand.

If not for you, I would never have gone down the rabbit hole into the crazy, wonderful world of micronationalism. Rest in peace.

Also dedicated to my parents, for raising me and putting up with me and my small empire. Thanks for everything, both of you.





Introduction by His Royal Highness, Emperor Nicholai I of Førvania.. 2

Chapter I: Precursors to Førvania.. 3

Chapter II: The Founding of Førvania.. 5

Chapter III: The Early Days of Chaos. 6

Chapter IV: Independence!. 8

Chapter V: Post-Independence. 10

Chapter VI: The Rebellion.. 12

Chapter VII: The New Førvania.. 14

Chapter VIII: The Election.. 17

Chapter IX: The End Stages of 2015.. 18

Chapter X: A New Year, New Beginnings. 20

Chapter XI: The Last Month of the First Year. 22

Epilogue. 23

Photo Section.. 24

Appendices. 29

Timeline. 29

Førvanian Facts & Statistics. 31

Succession to the Throne of Førvania.. 32

Systems of Government and Organisation in Førvania.. 32

Internet Links. 33

Copyright. 34




Introduction by His Royal Highness, Emperor Nicholai I of Førvania

Sealand. Molossia. Hutt River. Those three are the best known examples of what’s a hobby for some people, a protest for others, and a life for a few: micronations. And for the last year, I’ve been privileged enough to lead my own.

The Empire of Førvania was founded by me and some friends in a geography class on the 10th of March, 2015. Over the past year, it’s grown, shrunk, and grown again. It’s had battles, rebellions, elections, and all the things you’d expect a nation to do. I’ve joined the community of micronations on behalf of it, and I’ve met some great people.

Now, on the first anniversary of the nation, I’m very proud to release this comprehensive history book, which can serve as the most complete record of Førvanian history. And I see this introduction as the perfect way to answer a question which anyone who’s encountered a micronation has wondered:

Why are you a micronationalist?

One of the reasons is that it’s fun and gives you something to do. It’s always entertaining going around, doing royal duties, planning things for the good of Førvania.

Another reason is that there’s a great community for it. The guys on the forum and in Skype are great people, who are always happy to have a discussion about just about anything, however strange it may be. They’ll also help you if ever you’re in trouble.

However, I think the main reason is that it gives you a sense of freedom and adventure. Going off into uncharted territories, where you reign supreme; being able to make laws, and do whatever you want; and having the time of your life.

Micronationalism is amazing, and it’s been one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life. I hope you read this history, and enjoy my story.


Royal Førvanian Embassy to Australia

March 2016

Note: All information in this book is accurate to February 25, 2016.

Chapter I: Precursors to Førvania

The history of Førvania is a long and winding path, with many false starts and sidetracks. Due to this, it is nearly impossible to decide what the crucial event in setting the nation on its current trajectory was. However, there is one notable occurrence that, had it not happened, there is nearly no doubt that Førvania would not exist today.

On July 3, 2009, a seven year old named Nicholai Fredriksson[1], along with his family, moved to his current house. The town was smaller than the previous one they had lived in, but was closer to Fredriksson’s primary school. And, most significantly of all, outside the town’s supermarket, there were three lakes, two of them containing islands.

Fredriksson had been born on February 27, 2002 in a Melbourne hospital. He lived in a small house[2] with himself and his parents until 2003, when they moved to a larger property in a larger town, at which house his three younger siblings were born. He began attending primary school in February 2008.

No further thought was given to the islands over the next two years. This changed in the latter half of 2011. On September 7, 2011, Fredriksson and a friend started a website called NMR: Kings of Random.[3] This website, which is no longer active, was a place for Fredriksson and his friends to have a creative outlet, through small articles and uploading YouTube videos they liked. The website, however, lapsed into inactivity and abandonment.

It was through this website that the precursors of Førvania began. Fredriksson noticed one of the island’s near the local supermarket, and hatched a plan to travel to it with his friends. The island was named Tallulah Island as a joke. Due to parental concerns, the island was never travelled to.

In 2012 at his primary school, Fredriksson read about the Principality of Sealand[4]. Easily the most well-known micronation, Sealand was founded in 1967 by Paddy Roy Bates, a British pirate radio broadcaster. Bates planned to broadcast pirate radio from HM Fort Roughs, a Maunsell sea fort built during the Second World War. However, he then started his Principality with himself as Prince Roy I. When attempting to service Fort Roughs, two British workers entered Sealand’s territorial waters, and Prince Roy fired warning shots at them. He was due to be summoned to a British court, but since Sealand was outside of territorial waters, the case could not be bought forward. Since then, Sealand had gone from strength to strength, making headlines around the world. Since Prince Roy died in October 2012, his son Michael has been running the nation.

The discovery of Sealand had a profound effect on the then ten year old, so much that it inspired him to create his own nation. When it came to the land to claim for the micronation, that was also clear: Tallulah Island! It was nearby, it was reasonably easy to get to, and it was of a decent size.

Over the next few years, Fredriksson planned names, flags, and systems of government. However, none of these ever eventuated to anything. Flag ideas included one with ‘barber-shop stripes’ of red, white, and blue, and another had orange and red checkerboards with a yellow Nordic cross on it. During this period of time, the name Forvania emerged. It was based off ‘förvåna’, the Swedish word for amaze. The ø was added later.

An example of one of these ‘concept micronations’ Fredriksson came up with was Epitur. This micronation was a hybrid of ideas between Fredriksson and a kid named Harrison, a friend of his at his primary school. Fredriksson was aiming to recruit Harrison for the nation, and then he came up with his own ideas. One of them was to call the nation ‘Flaming Hot Turkey’[5], which Fredriksson immediately said no to. The compromise was to call the nation Epitur. The flag was divided into quarters of red, yellow, blue, and green, with a cartoon turkey on it. Epitur’s system of government was a constitutional monarchy, featuring Fredriksson as Prime Minister and Harrison as King. Two of Harrison’s friends were adopted by him to be next in line, despite one of them being older than he was.

So, that was very much the style of Fredriksson’s early days in micronationalism. However, the biggest change would happen in early 2015, when Fredriksson began at high school.



Chapter II: The Founding of Førvania

Fredriksson’s first day of high school was on Friday, January 30, 2015. He had had an orientation day seven weeks earlier, on December 9, 2014. At that point, he struck up a friendship with a kid named Alec, who bought him a potato cake from the school canteen at lunch.

Over the first month of high school, Fredriksson made friends with several members of his class, including Alec, Nicholas[6] and Stuart. And then, on March 10, 2015, the nation was founded.

The day was a Tuesday, meaning that the Year 7 class had geography in the third period. Rather than being held in the class form in Room 37, it was going to be held in Room M2[7], which was conveniently next door to the room they had ICT in in the next period.

The teacher told them that they would be making climate graphs featuring the average maximum temperature, minimum temperature, and rainfall of their home town. They then sat at a computer, with Fredriksson between Nicholas and Stuart. However, there was a problem involved with this. For some unknown reason, Fredriksson’s computer was unable to start. Since there were no other computers available, he sat there thinking stuff over.

Then, at this point, micronationalism came into his head. It’s unclear why it did, but it did, and out of boredom, Fredriksson began talking with his neighbours about it. One of the two, most likely Stuart, said, “Why don’t you start your own?” and Fredriksson enthusiastically replied, “Yeah, I will! Do you guys want to be in it?” The answer to that was a yes in both cases.

The nation was named the Principality of Førvania, with Fredriksson appointed as Emperor Nicholai I[8]. The land claimed was Tallulah Island, and the other island in the lakes outside the supermarket[9]. A small start, but one that would grow into much bigger things.



Chapter III: The Early Days of Chaos

The nation expanded rapidly over the next few days, with several citizens joining. One of them, Samuel, said he would join if he was able to become Prime Minister. Emperor Nicholai agreed, thus cementing the Principality’s position as a constitutional monarchy. At that point, it was technically speaking an absolute monarchy, but no laws had been passed at all, meaning that it may as well have been an anarchy. Samuel started a political party, named the Nicholai is Awesome Party, and was told that he would be Prime Minister until another party was founded.

At this time, the lineage to the throne started to be calculated, but it was messy. Nicholas was first in line, so he became Crown Prince Nicholas, followed by Stuart and Alec. The list expanded onwards, with anyone who joined taking a spot in the lineage to the throne.

The party that was founded, and destroyed the NIA’s monopoly, was the Noodle Party[10], founded by Crown Prince Nicholas and another new citizen, Austin. The Crown Prince began as leader, but then stood down when he realised he was going to be running for Prime Minster. Samuel beat Austin in the election, which was held on March 24, 12 votes to 1.

However, just two days after the election, Samuel left the country, to start his own: the Kingdom of Nørthcrëst. This nation was a spur of the moment thing, with the flag simply being a photo of NBA player Russel Westbrook with the word ‘Nørthcrëst’ on it. The first act of the nation was to declare war on Førvania, however, Nørthcrëst was shortlived and the war went to Førvania by default.

This was not the first nation started as a response to Førvania, however, due to the nation’s rather questionable name, no more will be spoken of it. Let it be said that the nation has fallen into inactivity, and no longer has any effect towards the Empire.

After Samuel left, the question was who would become Prime Minister? That went to Alec, the third in line to the throne of the nation. He proved to be a capable Prime Minister, however, the Battle of Phillip Island changed this.

The battle, which occurred on April 13, 2015, took place during a school camp to Phillip Island, which nearly the entire population of Førvania took part in. After setting up at a school accommodation site in Cowes, the campers, who consisted of seven Year 7 classes and a squad of teachers, went to a nearby beach on the north coast of the island, Erewhon Point. During this excursion, Alec and Stuart began throwing wet sand at Emperor Nicholai. In the heat of the moment, Nicholai declared war on them, despite the obvious redundancy of this, and began throwing wet sand of his own. He was clearly losing the battle, and he then recruited the help of Austin, who had by now left the nation, and an accomplice from the other micronation. A group of Australians were caught in the crossfire, and sand was flying everywhere. In the end, after one Australian lost her glasses, a ceasefire was called.

Samuel had by this point rejoined Førvania, and was installed as Acting Prime Minster until they returned from Phillip Island. At this point, he was replaced by Jake, the only remaining member of the Nicholai is Awesome Party.

Jake left the country within a week, however, meaning Alec was able to take back the title of Prime Minister. So, in the space of a little over a month, Førvania had had three Prime Ministers and a minor battle.



Chapter IV: Independence!

The Principality’s two islands finally had names on April 16. A call was made to citizens for naming suggestions for the islands and lakes, and only two responded. One of them, Prime Minister Alec, said:

“Colossal and modest

Obviously colossal for the small one 

Psst. (I’m kidding)”

-Alec, 2nd Prime Minister of Førvania (via email)


Nonetheless, this suggestion was upheld, and the larger island was named Modest Island. The other response featured four rather unusual suggestions, such as Lake TheGirlsOf[class number]AreWayBetterThanTheBoys, MandragoraIsAReallyBoringBook Island[11] and AvacadoCrossontsAndBilbysAreAwesome Island. One suggestion that was chosen was Lake MrsKasparIsAwesome, named after the science teacher of the class. Since the other island had no name, it was instead installed as the island name, and thus, Tallulah Island had a new name: Mrs Kaspar is Awesome Island.

Mrs Kaspar would have another role in Førvanian history; during her science class on May 15, the Prime Minister of the nation was changed. A small stuffed shark by the name of Willis emerged during the lesson, which caused a large amount of discussion amongst the class. At one point, someone yelled, “Willis for Prime Minister of Førvania!” Emperor Nicholai agreed to this, and Willis was declared Prime Minister. However, due to his inability to communicate, he was a puppet leader, with Alec still running the nation.

About a month later, the nation changed from a Principality to an Empire. On the forum, James Frisch of Beacon City pointed out the inconsistency in a Principality being run by an Emperor. After discussion with Alec, Emperor Nicholai officially changed the name of the nation the next day.

The biggest event in the nation’s short history occurred within a week of this happening, though: Førvania declaring independence from Australia. On the Emperor’s school bus, he was talking with Stuart about declaring independence, which he said was a good idea. At 3.34pm that day, Emperor Nicholai sent a message to his mother, asking if he could go to the post office to buy stamps. She agreed, and he printed off three copies of the Førvanian Declaration of Independence. The Declaration read:

Ourselves, the proud nation of the Principality of Førvania,[12] hereby, on this day, the 16th of June, 2015, declare independence from the Commonwealth of Australia. This declaration shall result in the secession of two small islands within the wetlands of ————, Victoria, henceforth known of as Modest Island (the northernmost) and Mrs Kaspar is Awesome Island (the southernmost). We hold it to be self-evident that all nations are created equal, and that they are endowed upon certain unalienable rights; amongst these including the right to independence. Førvania has been mercilessly oppressed by the citizens of Australia, and yet has suffered quietly. Throughout history, nations have been oppressed before declaring independence: the United States of Murica! from the British Empire, Finland from the Russian Empire, and Australia itself from the British Empire. All of these nations have thus become independent, so why must Førvania be any different? We have just as much of a right to declare independence as they did. As such, the Australian rule over the previously mentioned islands shall end, and the reign of Førvania will begin!

I remain, yours in all honesty,

His Awesomeness Nicholai I

Emperor of Førvania

After buying the stamps from the post office, Nicholai then travelled to the nearby offices of the local MP in State Parliament, Cindy McLeish. He showed the Declaration to the receptionist, who then invited him inside to a meeting room. After a few minutes, Mrs McLeish came into the room. They greeted each other, then Nicholai showed her the Declaration. She then asked him a few questions, about whether other micronationalists had had control of the land they claimed, and then they departed, without dismissing the declaration out of hand.

The reaction to this amongst the forum was generally one of praise, with many members of the community impressed that Nicholai had gone through with it. Nonetheless, the nation’s argument for independence has not gone any further.



Chapter V: Post-Independence

Shortly after the Empire declared independence, it had to change its Prime Minister. It emerged that rather than being owned by Mrs Kaspar, Willis was owned by another member of the class, but one that wasn’t a Førvanian citizen. She was given until 9pm on June 22nd to rejoin the nation. She did not, meaning an election was hastily arranged, between Alec (Nicholai is Awesome Party), Kaitlin (The Purples), and Nicholas (independent). Alec won the election easily.

Two new areas were annexed from Australia, and claimed for the Empire, during June and July. The first of these, the Central Allambi Territory, is a small area of land based at Emperor Nicholai’s grandparent’s property, and holds the distinction of being the northernmost land in the Empire. The grandparents, Stephen and Jean, were declared Duke and Duchess of the area when it was claimed on June 27. However, there was a minor issue with this. Emperor Nicholai’s brother overhead this, and asked to claim his own land as part of a new micronation, which he called the Allambi Republic. This land was close by, and contained a trench that he and his cousins had made. They then declared war on Førvania. The next day, Nicholai’s family were at their grandparent’s property. Nicholai marked out the border of the CAT with twine, and then grabbed a cricket bat and a golf club to defend against the Allambians. These were not intended to harm, but to drive them away. There was a short dispute, which involved the twine marking the border out being taken down, and then they had to go inside. The battle was resolved on July 11, when a peace treaty was signed.[13]

The other territory annexed had none of these problems. West Victoria Island, a large island based in Lake Hamilton, Victoria, Australia, became the latest territory of Førvania in early July. The territory would be run by Nicholai’s aunt, Lee, who lived nearby.

On July 29, the Empire was reorganised by Emperor Nicholai to, in his words, ‘make it more like an Empire and less like a gathering of enclaves.’ The new model, which appeared to be based on that of Austenasia, divided the Empire’s land claims into two tiers: territories, which could more or less stand on their own two feet, and crown dependencies, which needed the support of territories to survive. This was notable because Emperor Nicholai bought it in, despite the fact that Parliament voted against it. For more on the various systems of government and organisational systems that have happened in Førvania, see the appendix.

The flag of Førvania was changed on August 1, 2015, after a two-day period. The flag of Førvania had been designed by Nicholai using an online flag generator, but this method of flag design was universally condemned by fellow members of the micronation forum. Nicholai then designed three alternative flags with the colours of red, yellow, and sky blue, and got his fellow countrymen to decide. They voted on the Nordic cross out of the group, and as such didn’t change the flag by much. The flag chosen is the version still in usage today, but with a minor change on December 16, 2015.

So, the nation was on a platform of stability, however, it would be rocked to its core in the month of August.



Chapter VI: The Rebellion

On August 3, 2015, as part of his high school English class, Emperor Nicholai went to a grammar school in Melbourne for a literary festival. The day looked like it was going to be excellent, but it set off a trail of events that nearly led to the collapse of Førvania.

During the day, Nicholai went to the tuck shop of the school with his group, and discovered that he had lost his myki partway through. This was a problem, as he needed a myki to use public transport so he could make his way home.

Fortunately, the teacher leading the group had a spare myki, and he was able to use that to get home. However, the journey took longer than expected, after the group was pushed off a tram by a group of students[14]. After a tram and train journey, the Emperor arrived at the train station, where his family was waiting for him in the car. He sat down in his seat and began playing on his iPad. Then his siblings, who had no devices of their own, started telling him to ‘stop playing on it, because we can’t’. This caused a major annoyance to the Emperor, and he travelled the rest of the journey in misery.

The next day didn’t go much better. During a PE lesson when the class was playing soccer, Nicholai mishit a shot and the ball went out of play. A minor annoyance, but Nicholai was feeling very stressed at the time, and so he decided to invoke the 28-day rule he had introduced several days earlier. This rule said that, in times of immense stress or trouble, the Emperor could take leave of the throne for up to 28 days, with the next in line being Prince or Princess Regent for the time being. If he did not return to the throne within 28 days, he would be unable to become Emperor again.

At 2.57pm on Tuesday, August 4, 2015, Emperor Nicholai took leave of the throne, and Crown Prince Nicholas became Prince Regent.[15]

This did turn out to be a problem, however. There were plans for a rebellion afoot, and Nicholas was involved in them. Other participants in this included Alec, the Prime Minister at the time, Stuart, and a friend of theirs named Will.

It is unclear what the plans for the rebellion were, but they mostly involved overthrowing Nicholai from the throne. There was a section of the constitution saying that if the entirety of Parliament, and 90% of the general population, agreed that the current Monarch was unfit to rule and should be replaced, then they would be.

During Drama class on the next day, the first without Nicholai as monarch, he ‘arrested’ Alec on the grounds of planning a rebellion. Alec then claimed it was all Stuart’s idea, and that he would arrest him. Nicholai made a deal that, if Alec arrested Stuart, then all charges against him would be waived.

After lunch, Alec claimed to have done this in the school library, but that seemed unlikely. So, that evening, Alec was removed from the post of Prime Minister, and Kaitlin held the role, the first female to do so.

On Thursday morning, Nicholai took back the throne from Nicholas, with the message, “Nick, I’m taking back the throne. I’ve got a rebellion to crush.”

He planned to ask Stuart if Alec had detained him in the library, but he was absent. He was there the next day, and he confirmed that he had. At this point, the rebellion seemed to be over.

This said, there were still plans for the rebellion. An email account that Alec and Stuart had set up was added to a Førvanian iMessage group, trying to introduce a rebellion. They claimed to have gotten a yes vote from everyone in Parliament, and most of the population, then they showed the ‘evidence’ to Emperor Nicholai, trying to persuade him to abdicate. Nicholai asked one of the MPs, Kealy, on whether she had said yes. She said she had, but only because she didn’t really know what she was voting for.

Finally, on August 24, the country was effectively reset. The citizenship of all Førvanians in the class was revoked, except for Alec’s[16], and the rebellion was, finally, over.

However, it would live on, in a slightly different form.



Chapter VII: The New Førvania

Before the reset, Emperor Nicholai had been coronated outside Modest Island, in the presence of Crown Prince Nicholas. This included him wearing the crown, holding a stake, and swearing to be a fair, responsible Emperor. There was then a singing of the national anthem, where Nicholai’s crown fell off, multiple times. All in all, it was a great event[17].

On August 23, the day before the reset, West Victoria Island became a Crown Dependency, affiliated with Modest Island, and a new territory was annexed: Holesberg. Based at Nicholai’s uncle’s property in Ballarat, Holesberg is a large hole, one of many in a forest there.

Two days after the reset, a new country was founded: the Moleland Republic, by Alec, Stuart, Jake, and Will. As these nations were inclined to do, they immediately declared war on Førvania. This was a problem for Alec, as he was the Prime Minister of both nations. The problem resolved itself when Emperor Nicholai introduced a referendum.

This referendum would have had Parliament abolished. Anyone would be free to propose laws, which would then go up to the Emperor, and he would have jurisdiction over it. During this time, there was no Prime Minister, so Alec was free to leave the nation. The referendum failed to pass, and Kealy was chosen as Prime Minister on the 5th of September, the nation’s sixth in six months.

September the 1st led to some discussions between Emperor Nicholai and Will, now the President of the Moleland Republic. His initial proposal was for Førvania to be absorbed into the Republic as an autonomous territory. The Emperor refused, and there were then several minutes of discussions, mostly led by Stuart, the ‘advisor’ to the President. No consensus was achived.

On September 4, Førvania claimed some new land, Quadpap. This was a small area surrounded by a low fence at Emperor Nicholai’s high school, and was so named because it contained four paperbark trees. However, this area ended up causing more trouble than it was worth.

The next day, more land was claimed; this time a large rock on Nicholai’s walk to the bus stop. The rock was named NR Rock, with the N and R standing for the two people who were declared Count of it. It was not Nicholai and the R from NMR, it was two different people on Nicholai’s cricket team.

September 10 bought the first patch of conflict based on Quadpap. Nicholai had printed off a sign marking out the border, also stating that it was an offense to trespass on Førvanian territory without valid reason, and had taped it to a nearby pole. Within seconds it gathered the attention of two Australians, who then threatened to enter the area and tear the border sign down. Nicholai then spent much of recess trying to prevent them from doing this. The bell rang, meaning it was nearly time for class, so Nicholai left the area. Turning around shortly after leaving, he noticed the sign had already been torn down. No further action was taken.

On September 16, Kit McCarthy, president of the Republic of Mcarthia, asked Nicholai if Førvania would like to join the Nollandish Confederacy, a multinational organisation led by the Tsardom of Nolland. The organisation, according to its MicroWiki article, is a community of sovereign states and entities united under the auspices of Nolland to promote and maintain peace, human rights and a rule of law amongst micronations. Emperor Nicholai accepted this, but had to wait until October 3 before Førvania was added to the Confederacy. Due to an unknown technical glitch, Nicholai’s account on the Nollandish forum is unable to post.

Førvania took a bold step forward on October 2, starting its first embassy to a foreign nation. The embassy to Australia was founded, and based in Emperor Nicholai’s bedroom. This enabled Førvania to claim a permanent citizen. Under international law, it is illegal for a citizen of the host nation to enter an embassy of the visiting nation without permission, even to put out a fire, so Nicholai has been able to detain his siblings in the embassy for trespassing in his room, a common issue.

The second conflict involving Quadpap, and by far the most serious, was the Skirmish of Quadpap, which occurred on October 6 between Førvania, who had a group of Australian citizens on their side, and the Moleland Republic[18],[19]. Not giving up on trying to consolidate the nation’s claim on the area, Nicholai had printed off an A3 sheet with the flag of Førvania on it[20]. He then went to a nearby staffroom to get tape, and the teacher who provided it wished him luck with this endeavour.

He then proceeded in attempting to tape the flag up to two of the trees. At this moment, the Molelanders, who were playing downball nearby, began berating Emperor Nicholai for ‘trying to claim the school’. The group of Australian citizens came along at this time, and asked what was happening. Nicholai explained that they were trying to take down the flag, which was part of his micronation, and so he asked them to help stop it. He then granted them temporary citizenship, so they could stay and defend while he returned the sticky tape.

That the Australians did, and the skirmish began at this point. Jake, a Moleland citizen and former Prime Minister of Førvania, charged at the area and succeeded in dislodging one of the three bits of sticky tape. He then left, before Stuart went to attack. Nicholai yelled, “Stop him, he’s a known terrorist!”, and despite the best efforts, he removed the flag, causing much celebration to the Molelanders. Nicholai then took the flag away, placed it in his schoolbag, and took it home, where it is now attached to the wall of the embassy to Australia. That evening, the Førvanian claim to Quadpap was rescinded, meaning it was essentially a Moleland victory.

In October, Emperor Nicholai became the owner of some micronational souvenirs from the Principality of Hutt River, a micronation based in Western Australia[21]. These included an envelope, a postcard, a series of stamps and a pamphlet showing ‘The Full Heraldic Achievement of His Royal Highness Prince Leonard I’. Nicholai then became inspired to create Førvanian souvenirs and miscellanea. To find out more, see Chapter X.

Førvania’s population became more stable around this time. Before the reset, Førvania’s population was constantly changing, with people leaving and joining near-daily. From the reset point onwards, however, it was stable, with few ever leaving.



Chapter VIII: The Election

The system for how elections would take place in Førvania had been well calculated by October. Citizens would be asked if they wished to stand for it in the month of October. During November, state elections would be held, deciding who the MPs would be for the next Parliamentary year. Then, in February, the Prime Minister would be decided after a vote from the entire nation[22].

On October 11, Kealy, who had been Prime Minister for a month, was told that she would have to make a difficult choice. She was the representative for Quadpap, but, due to it no longer being a part of the nation, she would have to become a citizen of Paaoma[23], Mrs Kaspar is Awesome Island, or the Central Allambi Territory. She then said that she would rather not stand for election in 2016, for undisclosed reasons. This meant the election would be bought forward to November, in order to get a new Prime Minister as quickly as possible.

All of the citizens had been asked, and elections would be necessary in Mrs Kaspar is Awesome Island and the Central Allambi Territory (only one candidate, Princess Lee, stood in Paaoma).

The Central Allambi Territorian election was between Crown Prince Stephen, the current MP, and Cameron, the new candidate. Cameron gained 3 votes, and a 100% majority, meaning he would stand for a chance at becoming MP.

For Mrs Kaspar is Awesome Island, there were three candidates: Aaron, Daniel, and Dale. Amongst the four voters, Aaron got two votes, with Dale and Daniel receiving one vote each.

The election took place over several days, ending on November 10. People were asked for their first and second candidates. The person with the most first votes would win, unless they were tied, then the person with the most second preferences out of the two would become Prime Minister. Eight votes were cast, with Aaron and Lee receiving 3 votes, Cameron receiving the other two.

Out of the second preferences, Aaron had 4 to Lee’s 3, meaning Aaron became the seventh Prime Minister of Førvania. He was sworn in as Prime Minister by Emperor Nicholai the next evening, at the pair’s game of local cricket.



Chapter IX: The End Stages of 2015

The conflict with the Allambi Republic flared up again on November 1, 2015. Emperor Nicholai’s extended family were at a ‘wilderness village’ in the alpine region of Victoria, where they had gone the two years previous.

At this occurrence, the war was bought up, with the Allambian War Chief, Nicholai’s cousin William, saying that the war was still on. Nicholai then said that a peace treaty had been signed, before the War Chief said that since he didn’t sign it, it was invalid. Peace talks began again.

There was a discussion on a rope net at an obstacle course nearby, which featured the War Chief armed, and Nicholai and his brother unarmed. Nicholai was representing Førvania, the other two the Allambi Republic. A series of unrealistic demands were made from the Allambians, which culminated in Nicholai running away from the meeting before he was shot with Nerf bullets.

On his run to the cabin, he had a struggle with his brother twice, and both times Nicholai managed to escape. He hid in the cabin for a small period, before emerging. The War Chief asked him for his notebook, so he could write a peace treaty for it. The peace treaty finished up being more like a list of demands, including the absolute surrender of Førvania to the Allambi Republic, and Førvania was referred to as ‘Filadelfia’ throughout. Nicholai refused to sign the treaty, and in the end it was ripped apart. At this point, another one of Nicholai’s cousins, Zachary, joined the Empire. The war technically never finished, but there was no conflict.

On November 6, Førvania joined the United Micronations (2014)[24]. It immediately regretted this decision, when there was a dispute between the founding nation, Hashima, and the Democratic Republic of Belia[25]. After gathering 1 vote in an election for the UM presidency on November 11, they left the next day after a rant from Hashima.

On November 15, 2015, a new Førvanian territory was claimed, the Crown Realm of New South Leinster, named after the Irish region of Leinster[26]. This region is a small grassy area between two buildings on the main street of Emperor Nicholai’s town.

Towards the end of November, two Acts were passed, enabling the Monarch to dismiss any Member of Parliament and making sure that each State would have a deputy MP.

Parliament closed for the summer at the end of December, because the Emperor would be unable to reach two of the MPs for that period. At a Christmas party, Emperor Nicholai asked Lee if West Victoria Island would be interested in becoming a State, rather than a Territory. She declined.

Emperor Nicholai announced that he was considering adopting an isolationist policy for Førvania on the micronation forum in December, but upon further consideration, decided to tone it down. The nation would only be militarilary isolationist, but economically and diplomatically, it would remain with its current policy.

On December 22, the Førvanian Postal Service was founded, with Nicholai as Postmaster-General. This offered free delivery of letters between Førvanian citizens[27]. No letters have ever been sent using the system, however.

On December24, Førvania nearly fell to the Allambi Republic, again. At a Christmas party, war broke out, despite the best efforts of Førvania to stop it. The Allambi Republic collapsed, and was quickly replaced by the New Allambi Republic, with the Allambian War Chief holding onto his job, and the cousin of Nicholai’s that had been a Førvanian citizen as Overlord. Nicholai was offered the position of ‘Middlelord’, were he to give Førvania to the New Allambi Republic[28]. He considered this offer, but in the end, declined.

So, at the conclusion of 2015, Førvania was a small nation, but with a strong leader with big ideas, and preparation to make 2016 a great one for Førvania.



Chapter X: A New Year, New Beginnings

The early days of 2016 bought some significant events to Førvania. The National Treasury was founded on the 2nd of January. Emperor Nicholai took $10[29] from his moneybox and placed it in a box on his desk, as well as a sheet of paper with which to track incomes and expenses.

Two days later, Førvania began relations with the Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco, a micronation based in New Zealand. Sirocco had previously included Førvania in a historical Sirocco Times[30] front page, and this meant that feelings between the nations were good.

During January, the New Allambi Republic finished as a nation. At a Big Bash League game on January 9, the Allambian War Chief said he would like to join Førvania, and he became Prince William. The site of the Allambi and New Allambi Republics became the East Allambi Military Base. The two citizens of the New Allambi Republic, Nicholai’s broth ers, were left. On January 24, Nicholai’s brother joined, before leaving at some unspecified point in the next month. The other brother never did.

On January 24th, the Førvanian Nobility was remade, as a result of Nicholai’s younger brother asking to join the nation if he had a high rank. The ranks of nobility went as such:

  1. Emperor/Empress
  2. Duke/Duchess, the leader of a State
    • Duke/Duchess of Paaoma[31]
    • Duke/Duchess of Mrs Kaspar is Awesome Island
    • Duke/Duchess of the Central Allambi Territory
  3. Count/Countess, the leader of a Territory
    • Count/Countess of West Victoria Island
    • Count/Countess of Holesberg
    • Count/Countess of NR Rock
  4. Marquess/Marchioness
    • A noble from the House of Fredriksson
    • A descendant of a Duke, Duchess, Count, or Countess
  5. Viscount/Viscountess
    • Another noble
    • A descendant of a Marquess or Marchioness
  6. Baron/Baroness, a descendant of a Viscount or Viscountess

This caused something of a dilemma, as in the traditional peerage of the United Kingdom, a Marquess or Marchioness would be higher ranked than a Count/Countess. Several ideas were thrown up, but in the end, it all settled down to a vote of the Territory leaders. After asking Noah and Rory, the Counts of NR Rock, on the opinion, it was officially changed on January 28. This order of Nobility would be marked down permanently in the Titles & Nobility Act 2016.

On January 26th, Emperor Nicholai launched a project to revamp the website of Førvania. The website was updated very infrequently, and was missing a lot of information which could have helped any viewers. The aim of the project was to have detail on nearly all facets of Førvanian politics, history, and culture, in a format similar to Sirocco’s website.

Also on January 26, which is Australia Day, Emperor Nicholai made a speech to the people of Australia. The reason for his speech was that Australia still has a very large influence on the nation. The speech read:

To the people of Australia,

Today is my first Australia Day as a citizen of Førvania. In this situation, you would not expect this to be celebrated within the nation, and yet it is.

Førvania’s bond with Australia is special. All of our citizens were born in Australia, and all of our land was Australian previously. Despite our secession, we still look up to Australia.

We have spent several months on our own as a nation, and most Australians look upon us with humour, some with annoyance, some with scorn. We feel completely that this doesn’t have to be the case, and that our nations can exist side by side, without conflict.

Australia, you are a great nation, and you shall always be a shining light to Førvania. I wish you all a happy Australia Day.[32]

January 26 was a busy day for Førvania, as the nation began developing souvenirs for the first time. Emperor Nicholai developed some postcards on the 26th and 27th, featuring the national flag, Paaoma, Mrs Kaspar is Awesome Island, and the Central Allambi Territory.

On January 31, Nicholai accessed his iCloud from his laptop, meaning that several Acts from Førvanian history could be uploaded to the national website as part of the renovation project.

Chapter XI: The Last Month of the First Year

On February 1, 2016, Emperor Nicholai returned to his high school for Year 8. He marked this with the reopening of Parliament. This was the first time that a deputy MP had had to serve in Parliament. The Hon. Sir Riley, Deputy MP for Paaoma[33], began representing the capital in Parliament after Princess Lee took a break for health reasons. Also, Parliament’s Acts moved to Google Docs to avoid the problems caused by Pages.

The first act passed led to the creation of a new branch of subjects, the United Foreign Subjects of Førvania. This enabled foreigners to help have a say in how Førvania was governed and potentially raise its profile.

The 2nd of February set into motion a chain of events that could have removed Aaron from the job of Prime Minister. An Act was introduced that would introduce a referendum, on whether to introduce a preferential voting system in Førvania, instead of a first past the post system. It also said that if the referendum passed, that would cause a by-election in Mrs Kaspar is Awesome Island, followed by a federal election. It was passed in Parliament, and then Emperor Nicholai began gathering the results for the referendum. After gathering the results from Mrs Kaspar is Awesome Island and NR Rock, it was 3 to 1 in favour of yes.

However, Emperor Nicholai realised this was a mistake, and as such, on February 7, he issued a press release calling off the referendum. The reasoning behind this decision is that having four elections in the space of a year was clearly far too many, and that Aaron, the Prime Minister, had had no say in it whatsoever.[34]

Nonetheless, there were still plenty of things to do. A potential design for a calendar system was thrown up to the micronational world. Designed by Emperor Nicholai while the family was on holiday in Anglesea, it was made up of six sixty-day months: Summerslun (December 22-February 19), Faering (February 20-April 20), Hovess (April 22-June 20), Winterslun (June 22-August 20), Jaemn (August 22-October 20), and Powahl (October 21-December 19). There were five extra days to make up the year: Summersday (December 21), 1st Nomanad (April 21), Wintersday (June 21), 2nd Nomanad (August 21), and New Year’s Eve (December 20), plus an additional one (June 20) in leap years.

Also in February, Emperor Nicholai founded the Micronational Checkers Association, where competitive games of checkers between micronationalists could be played. At the founding of the organisation, there were three members: Førvania, Mcarthia, and the Federal Republic of Whestcorea. The Democratic Republic of Cinnamon Creek joined later.

On the 21st of February, the role of the Royal Førvanian Embassy to Australia was defined. A document outlining the goals and legislative status of it was written by Emperor Nicholai, before being signed by himself and the Deputy Chief Inspector on the 25th.




On February 27, 2016, Nicholai Fredriksson celebrated his fourteenth birthday. This was his first since the founding of the Empire of Førvania, and held some significance.

A main hallmark of Nicholai’s creative projects was that they were typically never finished. He would envisage some grand, large book, start writing it, before eventually forgetting about it before even finishing chapter one.

On the day this is published, Førvania will be one year old. This micronation, which started out as a small project by someone who only recently went to high school, has become one of the most active members of the micronational community, and a source of inspiration to the people around it.

There are still big plans for Førvania. These include setting up sporting teams, gathering a larger population, and possibly gaining overseas territories. However, it is still a sizeable nation, one with a fair standing amongst other micronations.

Førvania is still unknown outside of the micronational sphere, and Emperor Nicholai aims to change that over 2016. There is one thing to say on this: if the second year of Førvania’s existence is anything like the first year, then it will be a good year indeed.

Photo Section

Note: unless otherwise indicated, all images were taken or designed by the author.

Paaoma (August 2015)

Mrs Kaspar is Awesome Island (August 2015)

Central Allambi Territory (August 2015)

NR Rock (September 2015)

Quadpap (September 2015)

The flag of Førvania (December 2015)

The State Ensign of Førvania (December 2015, top). It is also used as the base for the Imperial Ensign (bottom-left) and the Prime Minister’s Ensign (bottom-right).

The Coat of Arms of Førvania (July 2015). Designed by His Royal Majesty, the King of the Ruthenians.

His Royal Highness Emperor Nicholai I of Førvania (December 2015)



  • February 27, 2002: Nicholai Fredriksson is born in Melbourne, Australia.
  • July 3, 2009: Fredriksson and his family move to their current residence.
  • September 7, 2011: Fredriksson and a friend set up the website NMR: Kings of Random.
  • 2012: At his primary school, Fredriksson reads about the Principality of Sealand, and decides to make his own micronation.
  • December 9, 2014: Fredriksson attends an orientation day at his high school, where he makes friends with a boy named Alec.
  • January 30, 2015: Fredriksson’s first day at high school.
  • March 10, 2015: The Principality of Førvania is founded, with Fredriksson as Emperor. Nicholas, Stuart, Alec form the rest of the nation and the royal family.
  • March 12, 2015: Samuel is installed as the first Prime Minister of Førvania, making the country a constitutional monarchy.
  • March 24, 2015: The Nicholai is Awesome Party beats the Noodle Party in an election, 12 votes to 1. Samuel remains Prime Minister.
  • March 26, 2015: Samuel leaves the nation. Alec is installed as Prime Minister.
  • April 13, 2015: The Battle of Phillip Island occurs. Alec sacked as Prime Minister and has his citizenship revoked, as does Stuart. Samuel installed as caretaker Prime Minister until return from Phillip Island.
  • April 15, 2015: Jake installed as Prime Minister upon return from Phillip Island.
  • April 16, 2015: The islands are named Modest Island and Mrs Kaspar is Awesome Island.
  • April 22, 2015: Jake leaves the Principality; Alec is reinstalled as Prime Minister.
  • May 15, 2015: Willis is declared Prime Minister, Alec becomes the leader behind the scenes.
  • June 8, 2015: James Frisch of Beacon City points out the inconsistency of a Principality run by an Emperor.
  • June 9, 2015: Førvania officially becomes an Empire.
  • June 16, 2015: Førvania declares independence. The Declaration is bought to local MP Cindy McLeish, who has a discussion with Emperor Nicholai about it.
  • June 22, 2015: Willis is dismissed as Prime Minister after it becomes apparent he is not owned by a Førvanian. Alec installed as Prime Minister for the third time. Shortly afterwards, he wins the election.
  • June 27, 2015: The Central Allambi Territory is annexed. Stephen and Jean, the grandparents of Emperor Nicholai, are declared Duke and Duchess.
  • June 28, 2015: The Allambi Republic is formed and declares war on Førvania. Emperor Nicholai defends the nation.
  • July 2015: West Victoria Island, led by Big Cheese Lee, Nicholai’s aunt, is annexed.
  • July 29, 2015: The Empire is reorganised by Emperor Nicholai
  • August 1, 2015: The flag of Førvania is changed.
  • August 3, 2015: Emperor Nicholai goes to a grammar school in Melbourne for a literary festival. He loses his myki, is pushed off a tram, and gets harassed by his siblings, making for a very stressful day.
  • August 4, 2015: Nicholai misses a shot in soccer, and due to extreme stress, activates the 28-day rule. Crown Prince Nicholas is installed as Prince Regent.
  • August 5, 2015: Alec is arrested on the grounds of planning a rebellion, but makes a deal with Emperor Nicholai to arrest Stuart. Alec claims to apprehend Stuart in the library, but is dismissed as Prime Minister, replaced by Kaitlin.
  • August 6, 2015: Nicholai takes the throne back from Nicholas.
  • August 7, 2015: Stuart confirms he was arrested by Alec. Alec is reinstated as Prime Minister.
  • August 10, 2015: Emperor Nicholai is coronated outside Modest Island, in the presence of Crown Prince Nicholas.
  • August 23: The territory of Holesberg is annexed, and West Victoria Island becomes a Crown Dependency.
  • August 24, 2015: Due to continued attempts to rebel, the country is effectively reset, with all Førvanians in the class having their citizenship revoked.
  • August 26, 2015: The Moleland Republic is founded, with the entire citizenship being made up of former Førvanians. They declare war on Førvania.
  • September 1, 2015: A referendum is called that could have abolished Parliament, temporarily getting rid of the post of Prime Minister. A meeting is called between Førvania and the Moleland Republic, in regards with how to stop the war.
  • September 4, 2015: A new territory is claimed, Quadpap.
  • September 5, 2015: The referendum is defeated; Kealy is installed as the new Prime Minister. NR Rock is claimed.
  • September 10, 2015: A sign marking the border between Førvania and Australia is torn down.
  • September 16, 2015: Kit McCarthy, president of Mcarthia, asks Førvania to join the Nollandish Confederacy. They agree.
  • October 2, 2015: The Førvanian embassy to Australia is opened.
  • October 3, 2015: Førvania is added to the Nollandish Confederacy.
  • October 6, 2015: The Skirmish of Quadpap occurs; Førvania rescinds its claim to Quadpap.
  • October 11, 2015: Kealy announces she would rather not stand for election in 2016, meaning that the election occurs in November.
  • October 14, 2015: Cameron becomes an MP, winning the votes in the Central Allambi Territory unanimously. In the coming days, Aaron wins election for Mrs Kaspar is Awesome Island.
  • November 1, 2015: Hostilities between Førvania and the Allambi Republic resume at a wilderness village in Victoria’s alpine regions.
  • November 6, 2015: Førvania joins the United Micronations (2014).
  • November 10, 2015: Aaron wins the election to become the seventh Prime Minister of Førvania.
  • November 11, 2015: Aaron is sworn in as Prime Minister.
  • November 12, 2015: Førvania leaves the United Micronations.
  • November 15, 2015: The Crown Realm of New South Leinster is claimed.
  • December 16, 2015: The flag of Førvania is slightly modified.
  • December 17, 2015: Parliament closes for the summer.
  • December 22, 2015: The Førvanian Postal Service is founded.
  • December 24, 2015: The Allambi Republic tries to take over Førvania. It fails, implodes, and becomes the New Allambi Republic, attempting to merge with Førvania.
  • January 2, 2016: The National Treasury is founded.
  • January 4, 2016: Førvania begins relations with the Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco.
  • January 9, 2016: The Allambian War Chief, William, indicates he would like to join Førvania.
  • January 24, 2016: Nicholai’s younger brother Jericho joins Førvania.
  • January 26, 2016: Emperor Nicholai makes a speech to the people of Australia to celebrate Australia Day; a project to renovate the national website is begun.
  • January 31, 2016: Plans for a Førvanian currency are drawn up; historical Acts are uploaded to the national website.
  • February 1, 2016: Parliament reopens for 2016.
  • February 2, 2016: An Act to introduce a preferential voting system is bought before Parliament.
  • February 4, 2016: A referendum that could lead to Aaron being removed from the post as Prime Minister occurs.
  • February 7, 2016: The referendum is called off by Emperor Nicholai.
  • February 21, 2016: The Royal Førvanian Embassy to Australia document is drafted.
  • February 25, 2016: The Royal Førvanian Embassy to Australia document is signed off by Emperor Nicholai and the Deputy Chief Inspector.

Førvanian Facts & Statistics

  • Short name: Førvania
  • Long name: Empire of Førvania
  • Motto: Small, but Proud and Glorious
  • Anthem: O Glorious Førvania[35]
  • Capital: Paaoma[36]
  • Largest city: Central Allambi Territory
  • Official Languages: English
  • Demonym: Førvanian
  • Government: Constitutional monarchy
    • Monarch: Emperor Nicholai I
    • Prime Minister: Sir Aaron, 7th Prime Minister of Førvania
  • Legislature: Parliament
  • Founding: March 10th, 2015
  • Independence from Australia declared: June 16th, 2015
  • Area
    • Total: 5,700m2
    • Water: 0%
  • Population: 19
  • National Budget: AU$10
  • Currency: Australian dollar (AUD)
  • Time zone: AEST (UTC+10), AEDT (UTC+11) for daylight savings

Succession to the Throne of Førvania

The succession to the throne of Førvania is based on absolute primogeniture. The oldest child of someone, and their lines, will be earlier in the succession than the youngest child. However, there are several caveats:

  • Anyone who is a Førvanian citizen will appear before a non-Førvanian.
  • Anyone who is below the age of 12 is unable to become Monarch.
  • Due to Emperor Nicholai I having no children at the time of the nation being founded, it would go from him, to his oldest living ancestor on his father’s side, then down the line, then to his oldest living ancestor on his mother’s side.
  • The reason his father’s side is held above his mother’s is because the first family members to join Førvania were his father’s parents.
  • If two Førvanian citizens are married, they will ascend to the throne together.

The Line of Succession to the Throne of Førvania

  • HRH Emperor Nicholai I of Førvania (2002-)
  • On his father’s side:
    • HRH Crown Prince Stephen, Duke of the Central Allambi Territory (1947-) & HRH Crown Princess Jean, Duchess of the Central Allambi Territory (1950-)
      • HRH Prince Zachary (2006-)
      • HRH Prince William (2003-)
    • On his mother’s side:
      • HRH Princess Lee, Countess of West Victoria Island (1976-)
        • HRH Princess Samira (2011-)
      • HRH Princess Ellen (1979-) & HRH Prince Craig (19??-)

His Royal Highness, Prince Cameron, Count of Holesberg (19??-) is also in line to the throne, however, as this is by marriage and not by blood, he is counted as an Australian citizen in terms of his place in line to the throne. This means he is currently 11th in line.

Systems of Government and Organisation in Førvania

In the year that Førvania has existed, the nation has had a lot of various systems of government. The first one, which held for the first month or so of existence, was essentially a system of absolute monarchy, with Emperor Nicholai introducing any laws he felt like.

This changed around late April, when an iMessage group was formed out of the MPs, and laws were voted on in there. The system for how MPs became MPs was erratic, and Nicholai cannot remember how they were chosen.

The introduction of different divisions of land in July 2015 made it clearer. There were territories, which could essentially stand on their own two feet, and crown dependencies, who needed the support of territories to survive.

As for how MPs worked, the election a week previous had set it up so that there were 4 MPs equivalent to the number of land holdings. However, this didn’t mean that there was one MP per land holding.

In October/November 2015, it was split up into four categories: States, Territories, Crown Realms and Crown Dependencies. The differences between these were:

  • A state is a region of Førvania with an MP.
  • A territory is a region of Førvania that is affiliated with a state and does not have an MP. However, citizens of a territory can become MPs for the affiliated state.
  • A crown realm is a region of Førvania where absolute power is vested in the Monarch, and legislation does not apply unless the crown realm is explicitly mentioned.
  • A crown dependency is a region of Førvania that is like a crown realm, but due to the Monarch being unable to control it themselves, they appoint a Governor-General to do that role for them.

MPs are voted in by their States, and then the entire nation votes amongst them for who the Prime Minister is.

The category of Crown Realms was removed in February 2016.

Internet Links

One of our most important resources is our MicroWiki article, where all sorts of stuff on the nation is: Also, this link to our navbox is very useful, it has links to all of our articles:

The official website of the nation is at We plan to fully set it up in the coming months, so it will contain news, information, and all sorts of Førvanian stuff.

Our nation has a YouTube channel, which will have news, sports, and productions made within the nation. Click the link here:

I’m active on the micronation forum, which you can see at

And last, but not least, I have a Twitter account: I mostly tweet about sports, but I’ll increase my coverage of Førvanian events in 2016.





Published in Førvania and Australia by

The Førvanian National Press


First published by The Førvanian National Press in 2016

Ebook version first published by The Førvanian National Press in 2016

Copyright ©2016 Nicholai Fredriksson


All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the publishers and copyright holders.


[1] This is a pseudonym, used for privacy reasons.

[2] That house was destroyed in the Black Saturday bushfires in February 2009.

[3] The NMR stood for the first letter of the names of the three people.

[4] This was actually not the first time that Fredriksson and found out about Sealand. It featured in the 2008 edition of Guinness World Records, as the holder of ‘smallest area to lay claim to nation status’.

[5] This was not a one-off occurrence. During frequent games of lunchtime Australian Rules football, the friend’s suggestion for a team name was ‘Boom Boom Shakalaka Boom Boom Flaming Hot Turkeys’.

[6] Both preferred to be called Nick, which meant that during the first few weeks of the school year, whenever the teacher called for Nick, both boys would say, ‘Yes?’.

[7] The M in this case stands for Media, with it being in the media section of the school.

[8] The contradiction of a Principality run by an Emperor wasn’t noticed until James Frisch of Beacon City pointed it out on the forum. The nation was then changed to an empire.

[9] This was named Fork Island originally by a girl from the Emperor’s primary school, back in the days of Tallulah Island.

[10] The name of the party was Nicholas’s idea. He has made several random outbursts like ‘noodle cow burger’, and has frequently referred to ‘noickens’, which he says are ‘noodles crossed with chickens’.

[11] At the time, the class was reading the book Mandragora, by David McRobbie.

[12] Although the nation had changed to an Empire by then, the Declaration still carried the name of Principality.

[13] The peace treaty, however, was claimed to have not counted, as the Allambian War Chief, Nicholai’s cousin, had not signed it. This led to the Second Allambi War, see Chapter IX.

[14] Not actually pushed off, but the group was unable to get onto the tram due to the large crowd.

[15] His speech in regards to this can be seen on YouTube:

[16] This was Emperor Nicholai’s choice.

[17] A video of it can be seen on YouTube:

[18] The Molelanders claimed to be doing this on behalf of Australia.

[19] It is worth noting that not all of the Moleland Republic was taking part in this. Alec, for his part, remained playing downball while the others rushed off to battle in the conflict.

[20] This cost 60c of his print credit that he had been allocated at the start of the school year.

[21] This micronation was founded in 1970 by Australian farmer Leonard Casley, as a protest against the Western Australian government’s wheat production qoutas. There was then a series of battles with the WA Government, the Governor-General of Australia, and the Prime Minister. During correspondence with the Governor-General, he was referred to as the ‘Ambassador of Hutt River Province’, and claimed this as diplomatic recognition. He then styled himself as monarch and declared independence. Under Australian law, they had two years to challenge this secession. They did not, and Hutt River claimed de facto independence in April 1972. Prince Leonard I still rules the micronation at the age of 90, although his wife, Princess Shirley, died in 2013. For more information, visit the Hutt River website ( or the Wikipedia page (


[22] Citizens under 12 were unable to vote, however, since there was only one at the time of the election, this didn’t affect the outcome much.

[23] Modest Island had had its name changed to Paaoma in September, for reasons that ‘it was improper to have the name of our Capital derived from a joke’.

[24] There are several organisations named the United Micronations. This one was founded in 2014 by the Principality/People’s Republic of Hashima.

[25] This dispute has been well covered in several micronational channels.

[26] Emperor Nicholai’s family has a significant Irish heritage.

[27] Foreigners could use the mail service as well, but it would cost them AU$0.05.

[28] The New Allambi Republicans seemed to be unaware that the Central Allambi Territory was not the only Førvanian territory. Emperor Nicholai considered granting them sovereignty over the CAT, but keeping the other territories.

[29] Australian dollars; Førvania has no currency of its own.

[30] This project, as made by the Premier of Sirocco, is a series of period-accurate newspaper front pages, rewriting history from a micronational perspective.

[31] This title was held by the Monarch as well.

[32] To see the speech, click this link:

[33] Formerly the Archduke of Quadpap.

[34] To see the full text, click this link:

[35] The lyrics to the anthem are:


O glorious Førvania,

We are supreme to all,

Our nation will stand tall,



O glorious Førvania,

We will last forever long,

And our nation shall stand strong!

[36] De jure. De facto, the Førvanian embassy to Australia is the seat of government.