October books

66. World War Z – Max Brooks
Story – Zombies take over the world.
Thoughts – This book was really good. Told in a series of ‘interviews’ with people who were involved in all aspects of the zombie takeover and the human fightback. It was amazingly believable and really fascinating. It was totally different to the movie though (although I also enjoyed that).

65. It Sucked and Then I Cried – Heather Armstrong
Story – Heather Armstrong is a blogger, who was one of the most well-known mommy bloggers. On her blog, and then in this book, she shared with honesty and openness her journey through post-natal depression after the birth of her daughter Leta.
Thoughts – “It sucked and then I cried” is a pretty good description of depression really. I identified with this book a lot, and I’ve always quite enjoyed Heather’s writing so it was good.

64. The Time Traveller’s Guide to Medieval England – Ian Mortimer
Non fiction book that, as the title says, reading like a travel guide to medieval England. Talks you through the set up of a town, about getting around, about manners and clothes and general way of life.
Thoughts –
Fascinating and easy read about medieval England. Really love the way it’s been done as a time traveller’s guide, it’s a neat hook to bring in the reader and make it really relateable.

63. Voyager – Diana Gabaldon
Story – Third book in the Outlander series and Claire, now knowing that Jamie survived Culloden, dares a third trip through the stones to find him. Find him she does, but this begins a cascade of events and adventures that takes them from Edinburgh to Lallybroch to the Carribean and then beyond.
Thoughts – These books get more ridiculous, but I still love them. I love the love affair between Claire and Jamie, the historical detail and all the kind of crazy adventures that unfold. It’s completely unrealistic, but who cares?

62. Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined – Stephenie Meyer
Story – A Twilight genderswap, where Beau Swan moves to the sleepy, rainy little town of Forks and meets the mysterious Edythe Cullen and her enigmatic family.
Thoughts – As soon as I heard about this, I had to get my hands on it. I couldn’t even believe it was for real – it’s so fanfic! And yes, it was in the end like reading fanfic and, it has to be said, fanfic that’s not the very best either. Stephenie Meyer really isn’t a great writer. But having said that, this is a fun addition to Twilight canon, and I’ll be interested to see the fanfic response to it. Recommend for Twilight fans only.

61. Furiously Happy – Jenny Lawson
Story – Essays and blog posts by Jenny Lawson, a humour blogger who also suffers from severe depression and anxiety.
Thoughts – Funny and relatable book. I wish her well.