February books

15. A Game of Thrones – George R. R. Martin
Story – This is the first book in a fantasy epic that at the moment has five published books and is about to air the fifth season of the tv adaptation. Very medieval in nature, although with the addition of a bit of fantasy in the form of dragons.
Thoughts – I’m enjoying this a lot. I saw the tv show before I read the book (Troy did the opposite) and it’s an interesting way to come at it. Quite different to the way I would normally do it, anyway. The book is good- I love all the drama and the basically medieval setting. The book gives a much greater sense of time than the show- in the show it’s like things happen on the weekend when in the book it actually took several months. The downside of this is sometimes the book can be frustrating when it cuts from a chapter focussing on a particular character to something completely different and then you don’t get back to the character you were invested in for another hundred pages or so.

14. 13 ½ – Nevada Barr
Story – An abused girl runs away from home. A family is massacred in their house with the only survivors a brother and the boy accused. Years later three adults meet and their lives intertwine, but the darkness of the past threatens to return.
Thoughts – I have really mixed thoughts about this book. I liked the relationship between Dylan and Rich and the whole premise of the murder and who bore responsibility for it, both then and in to adulthood. Polly I didn’t like, her dialogue was written in a way that just seemed so jarringly out of place. The ending was pretty predictable, but it was still a good read.

13. The Confession – John Grisham
Story – For nine years, Donte Drum has maintained his innocence in the matter of the crime that sent him to death row. With only four days left until his final walk to the death chamber, Donte and his lawyers are facing the thought that there may be nothing they can do. But then, states away, a recently paroled felon walks into a church and begins to talk to a preacher. He has a murder on his conscience, and if he doesn’t get the innocent man accused of it released, he may end up with a second death on his conscience…
– I enjoyed this book. Classic, straightforward John Grisham legal thriller with a fast paced, compelling storyline and some good characters. It’s an interesting read about the nature and culture of the death penalty, and makes me glad that it is no longer a method of justice here.

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