Monday 5 August 2019

Troy has been called for jury duty. I can’t believe it, I’d never known anyone who had been called from the time I turned eighteen, and then in the two years since we’ve been here both Troy and I have had letters. Anyway, he can’t really do it with work (as the owner of a small business, also if he is away at jury duty basically I can’t work either) so he’s applied to be excused. It’s too bad it was him instead of me – I was nervous when I was called but I also thought it could be interesting and then I didn’t even have to go.

I still don’t feel great, but at least it’s no worse I suppose? I have started coughing a bit, so Troy took Soren to basketball training tonight so I would just be sitting there coughing in the cold air. Instead I stayed home with the heater on and watched the Brady Bunch episodes where they go to the Grand Canyon and get locked in the ghost town jail, ha ha ha – a true classic.


Sunday 4 August 2019

I am so tired. I know, me complaining about being tired is like complaining that water is wet – I am always tired. It’s just worse at the moment because I haven’t been sleeping well lately (taking hours to fall asleep) and I’ve spent the past few days struggling with a cold. Today I feel like it’s hovering on the edge and could go either way though, so I’m hoping I wake up tomorrow and it’s better rather than being significantly worse.

Since I didn’t feel well today was really quiet. More watching of the Brady Bunch, more watching of UFC, more fiddling about on the internet and wasting time generally.

Back to work and school tomorrow. I can’t believe it’s August – what is this year.

And just so I keep it, here is the poem Benita wrote for Dad’s retirement – she did such a brilliant job, I am deeply impressed!


An Ode to Peter

Start a job finish a job, that’s what he’d say
And now the job’s finished, he’s had his last day.
A wonderful provider, a worker so rare,
Now its time to rest and provide lots of grandchild-care.
He started at a bank, a luscious locked lad,
Fresh out of uni, that was our dad.
A Bachelor degree hung on the wall
His career just started, he was standing tall
Next was tax, a respectable place
He was working hard, could he handle the pace?
Children soon followed, but he kept up his work
He had so many children they almost sent him berserk
A simpler life, he dreamed of then,
So they packed up their things, headed off to The Glen
Johnson’s Emporium had a nice ring
We all looked forward to the riches it would bring.
The shop was immense, with an old tin roof,
Great glass windows, a small wooden stoop.
Shelves full of goodies, magazines to read,
The rude ones were funniest, we all definitely agreed.
The shop would’ve flourished, a sight to behold,
But us kids ate the profits, stealing lollies untold.
He worked all day, from dawn until dusk,
Serving the customers, sweeping endless dust
The freezer broke, the day was hot,
How much icecream could we eat – the answer: a lot!
The years went by, the kids needed to eat
He needed some more work to make ends meet
A cleaner, a mailman, doing the books
If it needed doing he would give it a look.
A man about town, he was loved by many
Especially old ladies, who baked him cakes a-plenty
The years went by, he’d had enough
It was time for a change, time to make some real cash
So an era was done, the door locked with care,
No one could have run the shop with more flair.
The big city beckoned, a change was to come
Goodbye Glenthompson, you sure had been fun
Hamilton life suited dad to a tee,
He could still walk to work, and go out for lots of coffee
He said he worked hard, I don’t think it’s a lie,
But if I called him he often seemed to be heating a party pie
Gambling at work was an excellent game
The Punters Club just wont be the same
Always with a smile, a great man to know
You have made your mark wherever you go
Our family is shaped by the person you are
Our wonderful leader, our dad, our pa.
We can’t thank you enough, for your work each day
So three cheers for Pete, hip hip hooray!
And now as you finally retire
We hope you relax, in front of this fire (*fire pit ceremoniously bought in)

Saturday 3 August 2019

I’ve been watching The Brady Bunch and I have completely hooked the children on to it too. Even Nicholai likes it, although he would never admit it! But it is a show that has truly stood the test of time, it’s so fun to watch it again. There really are some funny moments and binge watching half a season at a time and making the kids watch with me was really time well spent today.

Soren had another somewhat demoralising loss at basketball today, although they only had four players so they were definitely on the back foot from the beginning. I know I say it every week, but it really sucks that they had to get moved up a grade and go from winning by a reasonable amount to being slaughtered every week. I really do have to give the kids credit though, they just keep running the whole game and keep on trying – they are losing by a lot (they scored 14 today, the other team got 48 I think) but their skills are improving and they are doing some good play despite the scoring massacre.

I was expecting my work to get busier as soon as the new financial year began, but this hasn’t really happened. Any superfund that has investments in trusts needs to wait until the next lot of distribution statements are released, so I’ve started quite doing quite a few funds and then had to stop because I found they had trusts. So I’m just plodding along, trying to figure out the parts of the process that have changed slightly, and wishing everyone invested their superannuation only in term deposits and Australian shares…it might not be the best return on their investment, but it would make my job easier.

Wednesday 31 July 2019

It’s sometimes funny the quirky little activities you end up sharing with one or other of your kids. I follow an Instagram account called Cheap Old Houses that is just real estate listings of (unsurprisingly) cheap old houses. I love it – the houses are anything from basically liveable to complete wrecks, but they’re always old and historically and/or architecturally interesting. Somehow Soren has ended up also being interested in this with me, and so he’ll squish into my armchair with me and we scroll through their feed and decide on the houses we like. Then we’ll google map the address and check out where it is, what sort of stuff the town has, how far we are from a city or place he’s heard of, and find what school he’d go to and how he’d get there. We’ve been doing this for months and it’s just such a weird, funny little thing to be doing with him, I really love it.

Not too much else going on at the moment. Troy’s been down at the office for the past two days and is back tonight. I think he’s glad for it – he stays with his mum and dad when he’s there but they’re away at the moment so their house would have been extremely cold and gloomy and lonely by the time he got there last night. Which was pretty late – they’re busy at the moment with the new tax season. They’re also looking for a new accountant, so I’ve had an interesting time looking at resumes although I’m no good at selection – I don’t know enough about the skills involved to know if their resume boasting is actually impressive or not.

Benita came to visit yesterday with Dempsey and Alby. Alby just turned two and it’s so funny to see him getting some attitude. He’s always just been a pure little sunbeam! He’s still super smiley, but I have to say it was pretty hilarious when he was so mad about being given his cheese and bacon balls on the table instead of in the bowl (after he and Dempsey fought about who could hold the bowl) that, even after Benita warned him, he threw them down on the floor with a look of furious rage. Of course rage soon turned to tragic tears as Luna just snaffled them up immediately – she’d been happy to have them visit every day I think. Dempsey was his usual chaotic self. I really love how much he loves all the animals and gets so excited to hold the guinea pigs and the lizards.

I had a terrifying moment with the lizards the other day. They’re both in the same enclosure inside, as the heat lamp burned out in one of them, but they seem to have no problem co-existing peacefully. Anyway, I was feeding them some dog food and Mr Raditch came shooting over to eat some, only he didn’t just wait for me to spoon it in…he lunged out of the enclosure with his jaws wide open and his little front legs stretched out like tiny t-rex arms to seize some prey. The only reason he didn’t tumble straight down to the floor (and potential death) was that his gaping mouth managed to clamp down on the spoon full of dog food and I used that to shove him back in where he belongs. It was just such an unexpected move I was completely freaked out, but it was also hilarious. Much like the time I was spooning food into him and burst through the paper he was hiding underneath like Jaws rearing up from the sea.

Monday 29 July 2019


Happy birthday Jericho!


He’s thirteen. The moonbaby is thirteen…how can this be real? I keep thinking one day it won’t surprise me, the way time moves. One day they’ll have a birthday and I won’t feel my heart crack wide open remembering what it was like the day they came into the world and I first saw their face. One day I won’t be surprised by the way I love them. Today is not that day.

So happy birthday to my Jericho. And I’m writing it here because it would embarrass him for me to say it straight to him, but I love you. I wanted you so badly and welcomed you with such love, and that has never changed. I love you, and all I wish for you in the world is to be happy.


Sunday 28 July 2019

Another weekend over. It was mostly about Jericho’s birthday really, even though that isn’t until tomorrow! He had three friends over yesterday afternoon, and they all spent a couple of hours eating snacks and playing video games in the back living room. Not for the first time since we moved here I really appreciated having that extra living space.

Today mum and dad came for lunch for Jericho’s birthday. They gave him an EB Games giftcard, which is basically exactly what he wants – he is obsessed with video games and basically keeps a running list of all the things he would buy if he had money. Which, since we are stingy with pocket money, he hardly ever has, so birthday/Christmas giftcards always make him extremely happy.

It was good having visitors. I made cupcakes, which sank miserably in the middle and were something of an embarrassing failure really. However I also made scones for lunch and they were very good, so hopefully that redeemed me a bit. We talked a bit, and Jericho gave a small saxophone concert which (despite what he would have said) went quite well. He hardly every practises, but he’s surprisingly good for having only been doing it for six months. Mum and Dad even drove Nicholai to work when they left, which was great because it meant we only had to go out to pick him up.

Nicholai has worked for three days in a row – he did Friday 4.30 to 7.30, Saturday 10 to 3, and then today was 3-7. He’s still saving up for Germany, and I guess all these hours will help him on his way. Considering he isn’t planning on going until he finishes school next year, I think he’s going to have more than enough to get to and from Germany and probably around a little bit of Europe while he’s there. Since he’ll have the money I’m encouraging him to think about visiting some other places – even if all he does is take a train from where he’s staying with Anne to some other place for a one night stay and a walking exploration of the city I think it would be worth it. He wasn’t necessarily all that keen the first time or two we brought this up as a possibility, but he’s really come round and is talking quite a bit now about other places he might consider.

Really though, Nicholai is growing up and obviously becoming more confident – he’s starting to talk about moving out of home. He’s quite keen on the idea of living in a share house or perhaps uni accommodation once he’s finished school. Honestly, this surprises me – just shows you can never be sure of how the kids will react. Of course actually being able to afford to move out is another story altogether, but at least he’s starting to think about it.

Soren lost another game of basketball yesterday. I didn’t go (I was staying home to supervise Jericho and co.) but he told me “they quadrupled our score!” with such a look of surprise on his face it was quite hard not to laugh.

Wednesday 24 July 2019

I went back to the doctor today for the results of my tests, which were basically good. I’ve got no parasites or bacteria or inflammatory markers, and my liver, kidneys, thyroid, blood sugar etc were all normal. My iron levels were right on the borderline – this shouldn’t really be an issue since I’m already taking iron supplements, but since it is I have to increase them. This could be nothing, or it could be a hint that there’s a malabsorption issue – at this point who knows. Anyway, it’s good that all these results were fine but it also means that I still don’t know what’s causing my problems, so she’s referred me to a gastroenterologist.

I knew figuring this out was likely to be a longer process of elimination so today’s appointment was not really unexpected. But I suppose I was hoping it would be something simple, and it sucks to not know and not be able to do anything.

The rest of the day was quiet and cold and somewhat glum – I’m a bit over winter I think.