Thursday 18 July 2019

There have been no more eggs from our chickens. I’m more confused than ever – after about five months we suddenly get two eggs, and then nothing?

I went to the doctor yesterday, finally. While this is all very gross and probably more than anyone wants to know, I’ve been having chronic diarrhoea and bloating stomach issues for over a year. While extremely unpleasant and inconvenient I’ve just been living with it because (and I realise how ridiculous this sounds) stomach issues are so unspecific and I couldn’t face the thought of having to go to the doctor and start the process of trying to figure out what the actual problem is. However it’s been getting worse, and when I realised that part of the reason I’m anxious about our holiday is because six hour car rides without immediate access to a toilet is potentially a horrible problem for me, I thought I should probably do something about it. I’ve also been having some pain in my upper right abdomen which might indicate something going on with my liver again (I had been blaming this tenderness on my gall bladder but that’s obviously not the cause now that it’s no longer there) and I thought that I probably shouldn’t continue to ignore that.

Anyway, who knows what the problem is. Stomach issues can be any one of a million different things, and half of them have no specific or easy test to diagnose them anyway. Even the doctor admitted that figuring out what’s going on is likely to just be a process of elimination. So I have given them vials of blood and made an appointment to go back next week and get the results and work out where I go from here.

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