Thursday 11 July 2019

Nicholai had some friends over tonight. They had fish and chips for tea and hung around outside around the fire pit – it looked quite good actually. He was also lucky with the weather in the end. It’s freezing cold, but after raining most of last night and nearly all day today at least it cleared up and no one got wet.

I’m glad Nicholai at least arranged a fun activity for himself. These haven’t been the most exciting of school holidays for the children. Me being at work makes it difficult actually – I can’t do anything when on days when I work, and there are a lot of things that have to be done on the two days when I don’t. So organising fun activities kind of falls off the priority list. I took them to the Mill Market on Tuesday (which was fun – we bought a couple of dvds and had fun finding every single weird and interesting item they had for sale there) but we had to do grocery shopping and I had to do all the housework that I didn’t do last week because we were at mum and dad’s place. Emma had a psychiatrist appointment smack in the middle of the other day, which was hard to work anything else in around. But Nicholai had his friends over tonight, and Jericho had Naomi over and went to a different friend’s house another day, and Soren had his basketball, so it’s not all hopeless. And we did go to Hamilton last week.

I suppose I just have to comfort myself with the idea that next school holidays we’ll actually be going on holidays, so it will be full of activities! Although we didn’t realise when we planned this holiday that we were going to Uluru right before the climb is closed (no one will be allowed to climb after October, we will be there in the last week of September/ first week of October) Apparently there has been a marked increase in tourist numbers as people rush to go while they can still do it –literal queues of people on the climb up the rock. Madness.