Sunday 7 July 2019

Holidays are half over. We had fun at Mum and Dad’s place, but it’s been kind of quiet since we got back. I worked Thursday and Friday. Troy drove down to the office Friday afternoon and stayed over so he could do computer installs and rollovers and updates, or whatever it is that he has to do at the beginning of a new financial year.

Soren played half time basketball last night at the Ballarat Miners vs Hobart Huskies game. The Phoenix under 12s were asked, so they were able to go and watch the actual game for free and play in the break. Troy said they got about eight minutes of game time. I wasn’t sure how Soren would go, as the game started at 8pm and he usually puts himself to bed at around 7.30pm, but he had fun played and enjoyed watching enough that he stayed for the whole time.

He’s not having the best school holidays since we came home. The older ones just spend all day glued to their phones and computers, and he’s at a bit of a loss. He keeps coming in and talking to us while we work – honestly, it’s the first time I’ve felt really guilty about working instead of being free for the kids. Soren was even so bored that he was inspired (?) to write a haiku about it on my work whiteboard. He really does make me laugh sometimes.

A kid was very bored
He was also annoyed
Holidays are long.

But since i never take any photos anymore, and my kids were once small and super cute, here are some photos from this day in 2013.