Wednesday 3rd July 2019

Troy just got home from the office – I really love the way all the kids are so happy to see him and all want to go and talk to him. He’s a bit early tonight too, which is a nice surprise.

The kids and I go back from mum and dad’s place earlier this afternoon, after driving up there on Monday morning. Troy couldn’t come (start of the financial year – he’s got too many responsibilities) so he left for Yarra Glen at the crack of dawn and the kids and I left for Hamilton at a more civilised hour (which was about 9.30) and arrived in time for lunch.

We didn’t do much while we were there, but that was fine with me. Just hanging out with Mum, and having a little bit of visiting with Lee and Rhiannon. I let Mum pick through my ebook library and download a bunch onto her Kindle, and this morning when Rhiannon came over she bought Landon’s new Kindle (he got it for his birthday on Sunday) and I gave him a collection too.

It’s Dad’s final week of work before his retirement, so he had to be at his office. He also had a work function Tuesday night, so I didn’t see too much of him, although we did go down the street and have coffee on Tuesday and he came home for lunch today before we left. It’s actually kind of funny and cute how excited he is about retiring. We were all encouraging him to steal stationery, and I may or may not have come home with a delightful collection of Greater Hamilton reusable shopping bags.

Actually though, the funniest and best part of the week ended up being Jericho’s shenanigans with a Styrofoam head. We went to Lincraft while they were down the street (they had 40% off everything and I was thinking about the yarn I’m going to need for crocheting a blanket on our Central Australia holiday) and Jericho found this head, tucked it into his hoodie and zipped this up over his face…it was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. He danced around the store, and then when I caved and bought it for him (it was 40% off, and really we have already had more than $7.20 worth of laughter out of this caper) he wore it around Safeway and continued to amuse us with it during the evening and then again today. It’s just crazy how funny it is, I have no idea why it’s so hilarious.

It’s back to work for me tomorrow. The new financial year means I can now start all over again with the superfunds I’ve already done (closed the year/ done the tax return) so after a slack week or two I’ll be busy again. I still feel kind of sick with anxiety when I think about my job – I’m really hoping that being back to dealing with some uncomplicated funds might help cement some of my knowledge and maybe increase my confidence a bit. Or else I suppose I will officially have to acknowledge that I’m hopeless and give up? I don’t know. I also have to do a staff review and go down to the office again soon which I’m dreading but have to do. Although the recent increase in minimum wage means I get a tiny pay raise, so that’s good!


This is what Jericho was doing – the true hilarity of it really only comes out in motion, but i can’t upload a video unfortunately so you’ll just have to imagine it.