Sunday 15 July 2018

We were back at Sovereign Hill when they opened this morning, and had a much better visit with a more manageable crowd. There seemed to be a few other people going in with tickets for a second day, so maybe we were not the only ones who found last night a bit out of control.

We went straight down to the creek for some gold panning, although it was about 4 degrees and so it didn’t last very long before people’s fingers started freezing. We went on the mine tour after that, which is something that I’d never done – you can’t do it with toddlers or babies in carriers, and I guess for a number of previous visits we’ve had both. Anyway, it was pretty well done with the voice overs so I’m glad we did even (even though the older kids have done it when they went there on camp). After that we went to the lolly shop and then sat in the theatre to watch a pantomime and eat lollies. We met Mum and Dad after that and did a bit more wandering around through the shops and the bowling saloon, and then realised that time was getting away from us and it was time to go so we could make it to Alby’s birthday.

Troy and I took the kids to Maccas on the way, and then spent an hour or two out at the Martin house for Alby’s first birthday party – I can’t believe that little baby is already a year old. I don’t know, between big baby Alby and little baby Rosie (who I got to snuggle while she was asleep for a little bit) I was all just like “Babies!!!” and heart eyes.

However then I came home and my own children all made their own dinner without needing any help from me, so perhaps I’m better off at the stage we’re in now.

I could never have another baby anyway. Even if I had a million dollars and a different physical body I do not have the emotional fortitude to do that again. I don’t even have the emotional fortitude to cope with leaving my house the way I have done this weekend – when trips to Sovereign Hill and first birthday afternoon teas are difficult I think I may as well just give up, honestly.