Friday 13 July 2018

I took the three boys to get their hair cut this morning. Ugh, that’s an experience that’s not fun. None of them actually want to get their hair cut, and none of them can really describe what they actually want their hair to look like either – saying “I don’t want X” is of very limited help really when they’re sitting there in front of someone with scissors! So they all wind up with haircuts they don’t really like and no one is happy. In the end it has to b done – I’m happy for them to choose their own style (in fact I wish they would!) but I don’t want them looking unkempt and neglected and so until they start doing whatever it takes to style it and having an actual positive opinion of what they want, I’m going to keep dragging them to the hairdresser and getting them to neaten it up.

We went to the walk-in haircut place that we’ve used before, but the wait was crazy today. The hair cuts are good though, and it’s cheap. When we were finally done we went to Kmart and bought Nicholai some more t-shirts and went to the supermarket for lunch and dinner things, and by the time we got home the morning was gone.

I’ve finished crocheting the llama head. So far mine looks a bit goofier and more hilarious than the adorable one in the pattern, but I’m hoping it comes together a bit more once it has ears and a neck.

We finished watching The Inbetweeners show with Emma and Nicholai tonight – Emma appreciated her introduction and found it all kind of funny, so it was really fun to watch together.