Wednesday 4th July 2018

I increased my run speed this morning and did three kilometres at 6.8km/h, which took (I think) about 27 minutes. I’m getting there. At that speed it will apparently take me about 45 minutes to run 5km, which was the original goal of all this running…I think I’ve still got a way to go.

We’re just doing the usual school holiday stuff. We did some more shoe shopping (actually got what we needed this time), and then we’re just hanging out at home. It’s been freezing cold, so that’s not all that inspiring. Jericho is continuing to work on his Lego town – the museum is completed and now he’s building the bar and arcade, as well as a garage. It’s nice to see him relaxed and happy.

We went to the library today, although they were having a teddy bears’ picnic event and after we’d been there about ten minutes the whole place was overrun with pre-schoolers. Soren must have really enjoyed looking through the cookbook that Troy borrowed last time, because he asked me to help him find the recipe section and borrowed another cookbook. He picked a book that is basically a super fancy baking book – all the recipes seem to involve forty-five steps and six hundred ingredients, so god knows how we’re going to get on when he wants to bake something out of it.

Troy was at the office Monday and Tuesday, and will be going down again tomorrow, so that’s not fun. He’s busy with all the start of financial year stuff, which is annoying but unavoidable. At least this year we haven’t just moved in, and I’m not struggling to unpack on my own while Troy keeps disappearing two and a half hours away to the office.

My stomach keeps hurting. I decided to just wait and see the doctor next week rather than try and make an appointment somewhere else, but frankly I’m kind of regretting it.