Saturday 30 September 2017

Richmond won the football grand final today. While I hardly even watched any of it and am not generally interested in football anyway, I always associate Richmond with Grandpa and so I felt like I was happy on his behalf that they won.

Without Nicholai at home (he’s still at Steve and Jean’s house) we didn’t actually have anyone who was super keen to watch the football, so we went out during it. In our suburban estate the streets were kind of packed with parked cars at various houses where people were obviously having grand final parties, but down town was practically deserted.

We went to the library so that Emma could change over the books she borrowed the other day. Jericho borrowed a couple of extra and so did Soren, Troy and I just sat in library chairs and talked and played word games on my phone and enjoyed the lovely peaceful library atmosphere.

Bunnings was our next stop, for tent pegs to peg down the guinea pig’s outside playpen and a long extension cord that will allow the electric hedge trimmer to reach the hedges out the front.

We also looked at paint, since I am thinking that once the kids go back to school I should start in on painting our house. I really want it to be done, but it’s going to take forever – if I start at the beginning of fourth term I might be done by Christmas. I’m slightly nervous about having so much wall space to paint though. I like painting, but I don’t know if I’ll like having to do that much of it! I’m also worried about how my wrists and elbows will stand up to the work, since the last time I painted (the bathroom and the kitchen wall, just before we moved) was pretty painful, but I haven’t really been having trouble with them recently so perhaps that was just a flare and I’ll be okay.

Emma, Jericho and Soren were with us, and they looked at paint for their rooms too. Emma wants the exact same purple that she had in her old room, Jericho wants green, and Soren wants blue. I’ll do their rooms last, so they’ve still got a while to change their minds if they want to.

After that we went to JB hi fi so Troy could buy a magnet thing to mount his phone in his new car (he uses google maps on his commute, to avoid traffic), and then to the supermarket and then home.

Troy and I are watching UFC through their website tonight, we’ve signed up for a free trial. We watched the first ever one last week, and now we’re on to #2. It’s so weird to see them wearing the outfits from their various disciplines, and doing stuff that’s now against the rules like hair pulling and kicking downed opponents and hanging off the cage! The clothes are actually pretty funny, the last dude was wearing karate pants and while they were grappling the ref had to keep running over and pulling them up over the guy’s ass so that he wasn’t showing his bare butt to the crowd.

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