Friday 29 September 2017

Troy has allergies and was snoring like a chainsaw last night. I had to go and sleep on the couch – at this rate we will end up in separate bedrooms one day. I am so tired, and he’s still miserable and wiping his nose every five minutes, so I think tonight is going to be just as good. Yay.

Although we went and collected Troy’s new car this morning, so that was something to make him happy when he’s not feeling well! He and I drove to the dealership first thing this morning and signed the last bits of paperwork and picked up the keys, then Troy took me for a quick spin around the block so that I could appreciate it before he drove it back and I drove the van. It’s nice, it’s a white sedan (which is my basic car classification…Troy would be sad that I don’t notice the details!) and it’s going to make his long commute times a little easier on him.

It was the grand final public holiday today. I still think it’s the dumbest reason in the world to have a public holiday (it’s not even like they play the game today! This is just a day to go and buy pies and beer so you can watch it tomorrow) but I’m not going to complain about having Troy home and not working.

I sold the old washing machine on Gumtree today, after listing it a few days ago. That felt like a nice little bonus, and it will combine with the $150 cash back offer on the new washing machine to offset the cost of that a little bit. It was an easy sale, someone messaged to ask if it was still available and if I’d take $200. I countered with $230, they agreed and came and picked it up less than an hour later. They were nice – she told me her washing machine broke this morning, she has two teenage sons, so it was immediate replacement time.

It also means it is out of the garage, which is a plus. Troy drove the ute back here on Thursday and when his parents bring Nicholai back and visit on Sunday they will put the clothes dryer on the back of it and take it with them, so that will be gone too. That opens up a little space in the garage that we can then use to put some more order into that space…honestly, I can’t see how we can ever possibly clear it out enough to put even one car in there, but Troy has hopes and I’d like to get rid of more stuff, so we’ll see.

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