Thursday 28 September 2017

I woke up early today so I could take Nicholai to catch a 9.18am train, but I’m glad I was up anyway because the doorbell rang at 8.30 with a courier service delivering a rug for Troy’s office. At least this way I was already showered and dressed.

The rug is a pretty traditional looking design, but slightly more turquoise than I thought it would be – I was expecting something of a duller blue. I don’t know, I suppose I have to hope that it either fades a bit or else I just get used to it!

I took Nicholai to the train without any drama, and then came home and hung out with Jericho and Soren for a bit. They helped me unroll the new rug and we all lay on it for a while to help flatten it out while we talked. Then they kept going through the photos on my phone (which is something we started the other day) until they got back to the first photo, which was of a long haired Soren in 2014.

Their friends arrived within ten minutes of each other, and they both trotted away to show off their rooms and pets and whatever else. Soren and his friend played chess, which Soren won – I guess all his practising by himself paid off. I made lunch and they all ate and then spent the rest of the afternoon rotating through the computer, the Wii, the DS and the trampoline.

It went really well, which kind of surprised me, since I was basically braced for al whole lot of banshee screaming and arguing…perhaps they’re old enough now that it just works better? It is probably also partly due to having the space we have here in this house, because they’re just not on top of each other. Either way, it was actually a really nice, easy afternoon watching them have fun and occasionally handing out food and drinks, and I would be happy for them to come back anytime. It shouldn’t be hard either, because they don’t live far away. Soren’s friend is within walking distance (it’s between our house and the school), and Jericho’s friend would be a long walk, but probably okay to do on a bike or scooter.

You know, once we get our kids riding bikes…I swear to god, this is such an issue. Looking back I don’t see how we could have actually got them learning when they were little (we gave it a good try at one point, but not so much success) but living here bikes would be SO useful for them, and yet they’re all rather ambivalent about the whole concept.

We got a little metal pet playpen today, so the guinea pigs spent the afternoon outside eating grass and enjoying a bit of sun and breeze. It will be good for them to have some space and outside time, because they live in a pretty small cage indoors, and they can keep the grass down.