Wednesday 27 September 2017

We’re having some lovely weather for these holidays. Admittedly the kids spend every moment that they’re allowed to inside in front of screens, but at least they can go outside on the trampoline when they’re done.

We went to the central Ballarat library yesterday, and all got library cards. It’s such a nice library! I love libraries, I didn’t even borrow but just kind of walking around in there made me happy. They have quite a lot of activities, one of which is a book club for Emma and another one that Soren and Jericho might like to do with robotic Legos, so that could be something that we try and do next term.

I texted Jericho’s and Soren’s friends’ parents today and have arranged to have two extra kids here tomorrow. That’s going to mean an extremely loud day (primary school aged kids are NOT quiet), but it also means that they will both be occupied with a friend and no one will be pushing in someone’s else’s friend time.

Although Nicholai won’t be here tomorrow. I’m driving him to the train station, as he’s going to Steve and Jean’s house to clean out their gutters and watch the grand final. Not that he’s particularly problematic on the holidays – basically he spend the whole day skulking about in his room and comes out five times a day for meals and snacks (where he also takes the opportunity to needle the others, but I won’t go there now).

I baked some Anzac biscuits today, but they were a sad disappointment. Some of them were very overcooked, and even the ones that were cooked okay weren’t that good. I think I’ll try again with a different recipe next time.

I don’t know what else is going on. Not much really- I’ve been kind of blah so it’s everything seems very dull and bland.

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