Monday 25 September 2017

As soon as I woke up today (which was late, I slept in) Jericho was jumping up and down to show me his surprise. He led me out to the back living room, where he had cleaned the whole thing, entirely voluntarily, and completely by himself. I was amazed, both that he’d just gone and done it and that he did such a great job! I mean, it was a disaster out there, it hadn’t really been organised and tidied properly for a couple of months. Jericho put all the Lego back in the Trofast boxes, picked up and reshelved a whole bunch of books, and arranged all the consoles and games away in the cupboards and on the shelf. I took advantage of this sudden stage of neatness and went and vacuumed in there, so it’s really looking pretty nice.

The rest of the day went pretty smoothly. I think the kids were probably in to Troy a little more than would be ideal, but it’s also probably less distracting than having co-workers coming in to ask him things and needing his help? Maybe?

I made chocolate chip cookies earlier, and they worked out so well – they rose and cooked evenly and tasted delicious. It makes such a difference having a good oven.

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