Saturday 23 September 2017

Troy bought a car today! It’s a Hyundai i40, and to be honest I don’t even know what that is, but he is happy with it. It was one of the types he had on his list from the start, so he found one online and then went down today to check it out. He liked it and it fit in the budget, so he signed the papers and came home to transfer the money online. I think he said it will be ready to collect around Tuesday, so we’ll have to drive down and get it in a few days. I’m really happy he got something he likes.

I slept for twelve hours straight without even stirring last night– I didn’t even wake up with the 4am alarm for my thyroid medication, which has never happened – and woke up feeling so much better. Of course I then had to spend a while doing catch up with the laundry and general mess that got ignored during the last couple of sick days, but it got done and it’s nice to feel back to normal again.

I finished putting together all the Ikea dining chairs today, which I am relieved about as I was totally sick of dealing with them and having pieces of them spread all over the deck. Stylistically they don’t really match the table, but the colour match of the stain turned out better than I expected, so overall I’m happy with them.

We are enjoying better internet throughout the house now, after the electrician came on Friday morning and re-connected the phone line to the point in the kitchen. It had been connected, but just come loose so it was a really easy fix. Unfortunately it turns out that the kids’ computer in the back living room is actually kind of broken, and even better internet can’t fix that. We’ll have to work out what we want to do about that – we’re a year away from 3 out of 4 kids having their own laptop (Jericho will get one for high school) so I don’t know if that will change what we want in a communal computer. Although I have to give props to the computer, we bought it from Aldi and the passcode on it is 2010, so we’ve had it for at least seven years…I think we’ve probably got our money’s worth out of that one.


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