Wednesday 20 September 2017

I spent a lot of time staining chair pieces today. It’s very hard to do it smoothly and not have any drips or uneven patches – I don’t think that furniture finishing is really a likely career option for me. But the pieces that have the recommended three coats on them look reasonably close to the colour of the table, so that’s good.

Jericho took the lizard to school this morning to show his class. The other kids thought it was great, they all asked questions and wanted to look at him and touch him. It was funny actually, it’s the first thing that’s made me really notice the difference between this new suburban school and our old country school. While the kids at our old school all loved to see animals, they were a bit more blasé about things like blue tongues since they all saw them around occasionally. I mean, there was one living under the deck by the prep room for a couple of years that was always out sunbaking on the asphalt! Here there were quite a lot of kids who had never seen one so close up, since they don’t really hang out in suburbia.

I went to the doctor today, to talk about my blood tests. I have wondered if my recent tiredness could be because I needed an increase in the thyroid meds, but in fact the opposite is true – I am taking too much and have to reduce it. So I’ll do that for the next month and then retest and see where I’m at.

I really hate going to the doctor. It’s always something. At least this time it’s pretty minor I guess.