Tuesday 12 September 2017

I had an appointment with a doctor here in Ballarat today. I was pretty stressed about it, but it went okay. I overcame my sense of embarrassment about my many ailments and wrote out a list of current diagnoses and medications and just handed it over at the start of the appointment. When I get stressed I get flustered, so having a list meant I wasn’t going to forget anything. Anyway, the doctor seemed pretty nice, listened to everything and organised transfer of my records from both the GP clinic and Dr deSilva, and wrote out orders for blood tests of thyroid/ liver/ metabolic markers etc. After that is done I’ll make another appointment to talk about the results and decide where we’re going from here, in terms of psychiatrist treatment and meds. So although I was dreading the appointment, it was not horrible and since I did it it’s not hanging over my head any longer.

Although she weighed me, and I’ve gained weight. Fuck everything.

Other appointment of the day was the orthodontist for Emma. This orthodontist seems very nice, but the appointment seemed to take forever! I mean, she took photos which they obviously don’t do at a usual appointment, but even just her setting everything up and fiddling around with Emma’s mouth seemed to take a long time.

I think we must have been spoiled with the other orthodontist, whose aim was to get as many school kids with regular tightening/ rebanding appointments through in as short a time as possible. They did appointments from 8.30 and it was like a dental assembly line. He had two chairs in the big treatment room and the assistant set everything up so one kid was being attended to and one kid was being set up for, and the orthodontist had a little stool on wheels and just skated from one patient to the next, flinging gloves in the bin as he went.

Today would have been a fairly glum day, but Benita dropped in for a visit with the little kids and that was quite cheering. Alby is as cute as ever, possibly even cuter as he’s now getting quite smiley and responsive. And Dempsey…he’s like a ninja at getting in to trouble, but he is so adorable and there’s just something about him that gets to me. I was thinking about it today, and I think it’s the way his cheery little independence reminds me of toddler Soren, and my Scooby baby was a treasure. I gave Winnie a little toybox with Emma’s Monster High dolls and Barbie stuff and little mermaid dolls to play with, so she had fun with that. She’s so smart – it surprises me when I remember that she’s still only in three year old kinder.

Nicholai had cricket training tonight. He’s going to play for Ballarat-Redan cricket club, and it was their first training/ registration today. They train on the oval next to the boys’ primary school, so it’s an easy walk for Nicholai to get there and back under his own steam which is nice.