Sunday 10 September 2017

Troy spent the first part of the day in Melbourne, moving furniture from Great Nana’s old unit to a storage unit. He came home with a china cabinet, so we shuffled some furniture around in his office and put it in there, and tomorrow I shall fill it up with nativity sets and we can have Christmas all year.

Today was the last thing that had to be done to finish moving Nana completely, and have her unit ready for refurbishment and selling to the next old person. Although having seen the breakdown of costs associated in the retirement village taking back the unit, redoing it and then re-selling it, I am thinking that this kind of set up is a complete rip-off.

I didn’t do much today really. The kids are driving me bananas with their whining and arguing and sniping at each other. Well, not so much Emma to be fair – she spends most of her life with her headphones on, and today she spent most of her time in her room constructing a medieval cardboard castle. Nicholai moans when he’s asked to do something, but he was pretty good today, getting both his weekend job and his homework done without too much drama. Jericho and Soren though…oy.

I had to buy a new electric toothbrush today. Mine is no longer really holding any charge, and it’s stopped buzzing after two minutes to let me know that I can stop brushing. Since I read while I brush my teeth, this means that I’ve just been standing there reading and brushing and forgetting to stop until Troy comes in and asks me what on earth I’m still doing there.

I did get some writing done today, which was lovely. I haven’t been writing anything much for months, what with real estate stress and moving and all that, so hopefully this is a sign I’m getting my muse back.