Saturday September 9, 2017

Way back in April, when we put the Yarra Glen house on the market, we moved the guinea pigs’ cage out to the deck. To keep them warm I made them a little house out of an ice cream container, which was just the right size for both of them to squeeze into and keep each other cosy. It has taken until now, five months later, for one of the guinea pigs to realise that he can climb on top of this little house. Charles has spent the whole day sitting up there, surveying what’s going on in the living room and headbutting Amadeus every time he looks like he wants to see what it’s like up there too. He’s hilarious.

I was hoping to sleep in today but the dog ruined that idea. It was okay though, Troy came back in and we spent the next hour just lying in bed and talking about all kinds of stuff. I eventually got up and had a shower and had breakfast, and then just after lunch time Troy and I took Jericho to the cinema for the movie birthday party he was going to. It was weird dropping him off at a party where I didn’t know the other parents and kids- since I knew everyone at their last school it was never an issue.

Troy and I went to Bunnings after that. We didn’t have that many things that we needed, but we seemed to spend hours just strolling around and trying to find stuff. I don’t ever really mind though- he’s my favourite person to just hang out with, whether that’s going out on a date or sitting on the couch at home or going shopping. After Bunnings we went to Aldi where someone was busking wearing a full coverage Elmo suit and playing a trumpet, which is something you don’t see every day.