Sunday 3rd September 2017

Happy father’s day to Troy! We gave him a giant soup pot for a gift, and went out to La Porchetta for lunch. It was really good, but my god our kids can eat these days!

I finished knitting the Rosalie scarf today. I pinned it out onto the ironing board and steam blocked it to try and make it lay flat, which was mostly successful. It took ages though – the scarf is probably about three metres long. I wanted it long since Triauna is six foot tall, so I made it long on me and then just added a whole lot more. I shall have to try and post it, and then I guess I can go back and keep knitting my green socks.

Troy got the drill out today and mounted the dock for the stick vacuum, and also mounted a rail inside the laundry cupboard that has clips for all the brooms/ mops/ dusters etc. It’s going to keep things so much neater and more accessible. I do want to get in there and reorganise the laundry soon though – when we moved in I just shoved everything laundry-related in there and it’s a bit of a mess. Troy hanging up all the cleaning things today will help that, but there’s a whole lot of other junk that could be arranged in a more user friendly way.

We also need to arrange our pantry too, but we’ve been putting that off since the light in the pantry doesn’t work. However we have arranged to have an electrician come on Friday, so we can get that light fixed, more lights put in (maybe? I do find this living room a little bit dark) and some data points and cabling done for our internet. I’m looking forward to that for sure – at the moment the modem and router is in our bedroom, so my internet in the living room is choppy and it’s worse than that out in the kids’ bedrooms. Once we’ve had the electrical work done our internet should be better, although honestly I’m still just hanging out for the NBN to reach us.

We’re also having a plumber come out on Tuesday to take a look at our stove, since we can smell gas when it’s off if we’re standing near it and that’s obviously not a good thing!

I still want to paint. Rather than getting used to the beige walls of this house, I hate them more the longer I live here. I am just waiting for it to get a little warmer, so that when I do it we can open the doors and windows and air the place out. So many plans…but it all makes it feel more like ours, and more like home.


Jericho and Soren had crazy hair day on Friday, so I did this before I drove down to Melbourne.