Saturday 2nd September 2017

Yesterday I drove back to Melbourne to help Jean and Steve finish packing up Nana’s unit, since she’s gone into permanent care. She has the things she needs at her new place, so it was mostly a case of packing up/ claiming/ donating/ trashing everything else. After having to pack up and move our whole house not that long ago, packing up Nana’s unit (with half of the things gone already) was not really all that daunting a task.

It felt strange though, packing up someone’s life like that, and seeing the things that have been kept. It makes me wonder what will matter to me by the time I’m ninety years old, in the unlikely event that I live that long.

I left Ballarat around 8.30 on Friday morning, so Jean and Steve had already done quite a bit by the time I got there. I boxed up Nana’s clothes, which was quick, and then bubble wrapped and boxed up the million teensy ornaments that were in the china cabinet, which took quite a long time. After that it was a lot of random things in op shop boxes and out in the skip. The only things left once we were done was the furniture, which will be going into storage for a couple of months – Jay might be able to use it or, if no one else wants it, it will all be donated once the three months are up.

We’re going to take the cupboard that I packed up, and I’m going to put my nativity sets in there. I feel like having a display cabinet with a collection of ornaments in it officially makes me a persnickety old lady, but here I am. (And honestly, I have nowhere else to put my nativities, even at Christmas – we do not have a mantelpiece here, nor do we have the cube tv unit…actually, my whole Christmas décor thing will be in complete disarray here).

We’d finished by mid-afternoon, but since I hadn’t known how long we would take I had planned to stay for the night. It was lovely – I spent over an hour in the spa and had tea cooked for me and was able to chat with Jean and catch up on all the goss. I miss her a lot since we’ve moved. She and Steve really are a second set of parents to me, and the kids love them – the loss of that regular contact with them is one of the biggest downsides of our move.

I came back this morning. There was a lot of traffic, but the weather was nice and it’s not a bad drive. Troy and the kids manage as well on their own as they would if I were at home, so I just got back and the day went on like normal.