Thursday 31 August 2017

One thing I don’t really understand in this suburban estate landscape I now live in is the obsession with car washing. Every time there is even a hint of sunshine, all these people appear and start scrubbing and polishing their cars in the driveway. It’s not even like your car gets that dirty driving around these streets!

It’s probably obvious, but it was a lovely sunny day today. When I walked to school in the afternoon to pick up the children I didn’t even have to wear my jumper, which I don’t think has happened since we moved here. The day did start with a lot of ice though, when I went looking for Soren to tell him to put his school shoes on and grab his bag ready to go this morning he was out the front eating a chunk of ice he’d broken off the car window.

I made lemonade scones today, after someone recommended them – perhaps Ellen? I can’t remember. Anyway, I was very glad I tried them because they were amazingly light and fluffy. They tasted fine too, although I admit the scone is basically a jam and cream delivery system to me…it was good jam and real cream though, so basically the whole enterprise was a success. (Except for Nicholai, who is a bizarre creature who doesn’t like scones, so he had Turkish bread and cheese instead).

I also learned at tea time that Nicholai doesn’t like the movie Edward Scissorhands. I was looking at the options he has for his gothic literature assignment, and one of them he had circled was comparing and contrasting Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Edward Scissorhands – I asked how he could do that if he had never seen Edward Scissorhands and he said that he was doing something different, because although the class had watched Edward Scissorhands he had sat out. This made no sense to me, but when pressed Nicholai looked genuinely ill and said he just couldn’t handle watching it! So everyone else watched it while he sat out in the corridor and read a book! He is squeamish about the strangest things.

Although when I told this story to Troy (who got back later, he was at the office today) he pointed out that the one other movie that freaked Nicholai out beyond reason was Coraline, so apparently Tim Burton is channelling Nicholai’s nightmares.

As well as the scones I also baked a banana cake today, so I was really rather domestic.

The kids and I also went shopping for a fathers’ day present for Troy this afternoon. They were really great actually, we had fun getting a gift and then spent ages reading all the jokey fathers’ day cards and laughing. Sometimes it’s really just fun to hang out with them – I like this age.